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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#8104 General data provenance information other unknown 04/22/14

Christian sent a few pointers on how this is done with w3c

http://www.w3.org/TR/prov-dm/ “Provenance is information about entities, activities, and people involved in producing a piece of data or thing, which can be used to form assessments about its quality, reliability or trustworthiness. PROV-DM is the conceptual data model that forms a basis for the W3Cprovenance (PROV) family of specifications. PROV-DM distinguishes core structures, forming the essence of provenance information, from extended structures catering for more specific uses of provenance. PROV-DM is organized in six components, respectively dealing with: (1) entities and activities, and the time at which they were created, used, or ended; (2) derivations of entities from entities; (3) agents bearing responsibility for entities that were generated and activities that happened; (4) a notion of bundle, a mechanism to support provenance of provenance; (5) properties to link entities that refer to the same thing; and, (6) collections forming a logical structure for its members.” http://www.w3.org/TR/its20/#provenance “The Provenance data category is used to communicate the identity of agents that have been involved in the translation of the content or the revision of the translated content. This allows translation and translation revision consumers, such as post-editors, translation quality reviewers, or localization workflow managers, to assess how the performance of these agents may impact the quality of the translation. Translation and translation revision agents can be identified as a person, a piece of software or an organization that has been involved in providing a translation that resulted in the selected content.”

#8105 Abbreviation in non-Latin environment other unknown 04/22/14

Current direction of the abbreviation is mainly for Latin based languages. We will need to look at what we do with the non-Latin languages, e.g. Korean or Arabic, with DBPedia team. Also should have some information about these languages even if it's going to indicate no abbreviation for completeness sake.

hchapman (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#7342 Add ULI Technical Doc describing characters to use for exception internal processing other Initial Release unknown 04/23/13

Add ULI Technical Doc describing characters to use for exception internal processing

srl (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#18347 Add/Update 99 more locales from DBPedia data Initial Release enhancement 08/18/14

Will go to CLDR in CldrBug:7794 Depends on CldrBug:7699 Mediawiki mapping

#7433 usage guidelines other task 01/28/14

usage guidelines for uli - mention interchange, transferring the CLDR version, etc

#7335 ulibreak demo- case sensitive? other unknown 04/11/13

assumptoin: no

#7336 uli xls to json processor needs work other unknown 04/11/13
  • require >50% occurence to make an exception
  • tie break by grouping: entry example -> full entry name -> English
  • assume all items with same 'entry example' plus an implied 'other' will add up to 100%
    • for now, calculate relative tiebreakers by groups given above even if >100%
  • print some annotated output explaining how things were calculated

#7344 Add ULI Technical DOc describing format of JSON files other unknown 04/23/13

Add ULI Technical DOc describing format of JSON files

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