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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#7368 WIKIPedia data integration data Initial enhancement 09/13/13

Work with Sebastian Hellman to get WIKIPedia data in before YE 2013.

#7433 usage guidelines other task 01/28/14

usage guidelines for uli - mention interchange, transferring the CLDR version, etc

#7335 ulibreak demo- case sensitive? other unknown 04/11/13

assumptoin: no

#7336 uli xls to json processor needs work other unknown 04/11/13
  • require >50% occurence to make an exception
  • tie break by grouping: entry example -> full entry name -> English
  • assume all items with same 'entry example' plus an implied 'other' will add up to 100%
    • for now, calculate relative tiebreakers by groups given above even if >100%
  • print some annotated output explaining how things were calculated

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