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Errata Fixed in Unicode 13.0.0

This page contains the definitive listing of all errata of record since the publication of The Unicode Standard, Version 12.0 and considered resolved by the release of Unicode Version 13.0. These errata are listed by date in the table below. For prior errata resolved in Unicode 12.0 and earlier, see Errata Fixed in Unicode 12.0.

For errata still pending subsequent to the release of Unicode 13.0.0, see the list of current Updates and Errata.

Date  Summary 
2019-11-14 The emoji data files released for Version 12.1 contain errors in the calculation of emoji version values. These emoji version values are only in comment fields in the data and do not cause any problem for the actual emoji data. The erroneous emoji version values will be corrected in Emoji 13.0.
2019-05-15 The code chart for the Adlam script published in the Unicode Standard for Versions 9.0 through 12.0 used a preliminary font with a sub-optimal design for the script. This font for the Adlam script will be replaced in a future version of the standard with the Ebrima font, which uses an improved design that now has widespread acceptance in the Adlam user community. The original font is shown in the left partial chart below; the Ebrima font is shown on the right side below. Click on each graphic to see a full chart and names list display for each, respective font. The current code chart for Adlam will be updated as soon as feasible, without waiting until next year's publication of Unicode 13.0.

old Adlam chart image      new Adlam chart image
2019-03-08 The character count totals in Table D-5 in the Unicode 12.0 core specification (p. 954) are off by one for Unicode 11.0 and Unicode 12.0.
For the "Alphabetics, Symbols" row, the correct count is 37,159 (not 37,160) for Unicode 11.0 and 37,704 (not 37,705) for Unicode 12.0. This off by one value cascades down through the subtotals in those columns of the table.
The correct totals for the traditional Unicode character count should be 137,374 for Unicode 11.0 and 137,928 for Unicode 12.0.
These errors in Table D-5 will be corrected in the next update of the core specification.