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Errata Fixed in Unicode 6.2.0

This page contains the definitive listing of all errata of record since the publication of The Unicode Standard, Version 6.1 and considered resolved by the release of Unicode Version 6.2. These errata are listed by date in the table below. For prior errata resolved in Unicode 6.1 and earlier, see Errata Fixed in Unicode 6.1.

For errata still pending subsequent to the release of Unicode 6.2.0, see the list of current Updates and Errata.

Date  Summary 
2012-August-20 In Unicode 6.1, there are some incorrect mappings for UTC sources, listed below. These mappings will be corrected in Unicode 6.2, and be reflected in charts and data.

UTC Source Incorrect Mapping Correct Mapping
UTC-00505 2A79A 2A798
UTC-00541 2A875 2A871
UTC-00646 2ABB8 2ABA1
UTC-00725 2B16C 2B13A

The image below shows these errors in the charts. In the fixed charts for Unicode 6.2, the corrected UTC source mappings will result in the source glyphs (boxed in red below) being moved to display in the correct rows. Note that the glyphs are correct -- they are simply being displayed in the wrong rows in the current charts because of the mapping errors.

u source errors image
2012-August-20 The glyph shown for U+11034 BRAHMI LETTER LLLA is incorrect and will be updated in a future version of the standard. The image below shows the current glyph as as it appears in the charts (on the left) and the revised glyph (on the right).
Brahmi error image
2012-August-20 Some signs involving SHIR should have been described by reference to NU11. The glyphs for two Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform characters, U+122D4 and U+1222D5, will be changed accordingly. Characters:
2012-June-28 In version 6.1 of the Unicode Standard, the following source glyphs are missing in the multi-column charts. They have been corrected in the code charts for Unicode 6.2 (beta and beyond). The newer charts may be consulted for the corrections.
Character Source
488C TF-2872
5DC7 HB2-F445
6501 HB2-EFD5
722C HB1-AAA6
73FA HB2-D673
9E01 HB2-F8E3
2012-June-28 In version 6.1 of the Unicode Standard, the source glyph UTC-00600 is associated with the wrong character (U+2A8AB). The following chart images show the incorrect versus correct association for UTC-0600 with character U+2A8A7.
utc source erratum image
2012-June-5 In Version 6.1 of the Unicode Character Database, the "@missing" line is incorrectly formatted in the file DerivedNumericValues.txt:

# @missing: 0000..10FFFF; ; NaN

It should be corrected to:

# @missing: 0000..10FFFF; NaN; ; NaN

2012-May-21 In Version 6.1 of the Unicode Character Database, there is a typo in the property value alias associated with ccc=132 in the file PropertyValueAliases.txt. The alias is mistakenly listed as "CCC133". This problem will be addressed in Version 6.2.
2012-May-2 In Version 6.1 of UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm, the values "shift-trimmed"and "ignoresp" were omitted from the options column for the "alternate" attribute in Table 14, Collation Parameters. Furthermore, the statement in the description column that "shifted" is the default for UTS #35, Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML), is no longer correct. That note should be updated to indicate that "ignoresp" (equivalent to the attribute value alternate=non-ignorable) is the default for UTS #35.
2012-March-22 The representative glyph for the UTC source of U+FA13, UTC-00846, is incorrect in the Unicode Version 6.1 code charts. The lower-right component is in error, and its representative glyph should match that of its J source, J4-2E79. The representative glyph was correct in the Unicode Version 6.0 code charts. The image below shows sections from the two charts, with the correct and incorrect glyphs marked:
 UFA13 erratum image
2012-March-06 In Version 6.1 of UAX #44, Unicode Character Database, the row for ScriptExtensions.txt should have been deleted from Table 5, Files in the UCD. Note that ScriptExtensions.txt is still a part of the UCD for Version 6.1. However, Table 5 lists data files in the UCD which do not define character properties. Because ScriptExtensions.txt now defines a provisional character property, its listing in Table 5 was in error. The caption for Table 5 will be improved in the next version to make the status of the listings clearer.
2012-March-05 In Version 6.1 of the Unicode Character Database, Takri (sc=Takr) was omitted from the list of scripts using the generic danda and double danda characters, U+0964/U+0965. The following entry in the property file ScriptExtensions.txt:

# Script_Extensions=Beng Deva Guru Orya

0964..0965    ; Beng Deva Guru Orya # Po   [2] DEVANAGARI DANDA..DEVANAGARI DOUBLE DANDA

should have been listed as:

# Script_Extensions=Beng Deva Guru Orya Takr

0964..0965    ; Beng Deva Guru Orya Takr # Po   [2] DEVANAGARI DANDA..DEVANAGARI DOUBLE DANDA