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Errata Fixed in Unicode 6.3.0

This page contains the definitive listing of all errata of record since the publication of The Unicode Standard, Version 6.2 and considered resolved by the release of Unicode Version 6.3. These errata are listed by date in the table below. For prior errata resolved in Unicode 6.2 and earlier, see Errata Fixed in Unicode 6.2.

For errata still pending subsequent to the release of Unicode 6.3.0, see the list of current Updates and Errata.

Date  Summary 
2012-September-17 In Version 6.1 of the Unicode Character Database, in the file Unihan_Variants.txt from Unihan.zip, values for kCompatibilityVariant were omitted for two CJK compatibility ideographs: U+FA2E and U+FA2F. The corrected entries would be:
U+FA2E kCompatibilityVariant U+90DE
U+FA2F kCompatibilityVariant U+96B7