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Errata Fixed in Unicode 8.0.0

This page contains the definitive listing of all errata of record since the publication of The Unicode Standard, Version 7.0 and considered resolved by the release of Unicode Version 8.0. These errata are listed by date in the table below. For prior errata resolved in Unicode 7.0 and earlier, see Errata Fixed in Unicode 7.0.

For errata still pending subsequent to the release of Unicode 8.0.0, see the list of current Updates and Errata.

Date  Summary 

In Version 7.0 of the Unicode Character Database, in the file ArabicShaping.txt, two entries for Joining_Type for Mandaic characters have their values inadvertently reversed. The two entries:

0847; MANDAIC IT; D; No_Joining_Group
084F; MANDAIC IN; R; No_Joining_Group

should have been recorded as:

0847; MANDAIC IT; R; No_Joining_Group
084F; MANDAIC IN; D; No_Joining_Group

These entries will be corrected in a future version of the Unicode Standard.

2014-October-6 The character U+301C WAVE DASH was encoded to represent JIS C 6226-1978 1-33. However, the representative glyph is inverted relative to the original source. The glyph will be modified in future editions to match the JIS source. The glyph shown below on the left is the incorrect glyph. The corrected glyph is shown on the right. (See document L2/14-198 for further context for this change.)
U+301C, wrong    U+301C, correct
2014-October-6 The representative glyph for the character U+3127 BOPOMOFO LETTER I in the Unicode 7.0 code charts (and all earlier versions) shows the upright (vertically standing) glyph which was traditionally used in Bopomofo typesetting in horizontal line layout contexts. However, in most contemporary fonts and layout, the horizontally-oriented glyph shown on the right is used in both horizontal and vertical line layout contexts. The representative glyph for U+3127 will be corrected to use the glyph on the right in future versions, to reflect current practice and to avoid confusion in the design of fonts for Bopomofo. (See document L2/14-189 for further context for this change.)
U+3127, Vertical Bar Form    U+3127, Horizontal Bar Form
2014-July-10 The originally published test data file IdnaTest.txt (http://unicode.org/Public/idna/7.0.0/archive/IdnaTestOriginal20140506.txt) was generated from the wrong version of the main data file IdnaMappingTable.txt, and is in error. In the erroneous test data file, some Unicode 7.0 characters are all disallowed when they should be allowed. The generation process has been revised to prevent this in the future, and the corrected test data file is now posted in (http://unicode.org/Public/idna/7.0.0/IdnaTest.txt). The generation problem did not affect the released version of IdnaMappingTable.txt for Version 7.0; only the test data file was incorrect.