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UnicodeĀ® 14.0 Versioned Charts Index

New blocks are highlighted in yellow in the Character Additions table. Blocks which also have significant glyph updates, as well as the character additions, are starred. The "New Characters" column gives the number of new characters encoded in Unicode, Version 14.0 for previously existing blocks, or the total number of characters for new blocks.

Blocks containing no new characters, but with significant glyph updates or changes to standardized variation sequences are highlighted in violet in the Glyph and Variation Sequence Changes table. That table lists specific characters or ranges of characters with glyph updates in the "Code Points" column. This convention makes it easier to find the relevant glyph changes in very large CJK ideograph code charts.

For more information about these charts, please see Character Code Charts Help and Links. These charts are also commonly referred to as delta charts, because they document the "delta", or changes, between this version of the code charts and the code charts of the prior version.

Character Additions

Block Name New
Arabic* 1
Arabic Extended-B 41
Arabic Extended-A 12
Telugu 2
Kannada 1
Tagalog 3
Mongolian 1
Combining Diacritical Marks Extended 14
Balinese 3
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement 1
Currency Symbols 1
Glagolitic 2
Supplemental Punctuation 11
CJK Unified Ideographs* 3
Latin Extended-D 13
Arabic Presentation Forms-A* 20
Vithkuqi 70
Latin Extended-F 57
Old Uyghur 26
Brahmi 6
Kaithi 1
Takri 1
Ahom 7
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended-A 16
Cypro-Minoan 99
Tangsa 89
Kana Extended-B 13
Kana Extended-A 4
Znamenny Musical Notation 185
Musical Symbols 2
Latin Extended-G 31
Toto 31
Ethiopic Extended-B 28
Transport and Map Symbols 3
Geometric Shapes Extended 1
Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs* 2
Symbols and Pictographs Extended-A 31
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B* 2
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C 4
Total 838


Glyph and Variation Sequence Changes

Block Name Code Points Count
Latin Extended-B 0184..0185 2
Arabic 0674..0678, 06C5, 06C7, 06FE 8
Letterlike Symbols 210B, 2110, 2112, 211B, 212C, 2130..2131, 2133 8
Enclosed Alphanumerics 2460..24FF 160
Dingbats 2776..2793 30
CJK Symbols and Punctuation 3001..3029, 3030..303D, 303F 56
CJK Strokes 31C0..31E3 36
Katakana Phonetic Extensions 31F0..31FF 16
Enclosed CJK Letters and Months 3200..321E, 3220..32FF 255
CJK Compatibiity 3300..33FF 256
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A 3777, 3B3F 2
CJK Unified Ideographs 5DD5, 652C, 6AC0 3
Arabic Presentation Forms-A FBD7..FBD8, FBDD, FBE0..FBE1 5
Vertical Forms FE10..FE19 10
CJK Compatibiity Forms FE30..FE4F 32
Small Form Variants FE50..FE52, FE54..FE66, FE68..FE6B 26
Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms FF01..FF9F, FFA1..FFBE, FFC2..FFC7, FFCA..FFCF, FFD2..FFD7, FFDA..FFDC, FFE0..FFE6, FFE8..FFEE 225
Egyptian Hieroglyphs 1300A, 13017, 1302D, 13032, 13034..13035, 13037..13038, 1303A..1303E, 1304E..1304F, 13055, 13057, 13068, 1309A, 130D2, 130D5, 130F6, 130FE, 13192, 1325F, 13267, 1326A, 13281, 13297, 1329E, 132B4, 132C1, 132E6, 13304, 1331F, 13378..1337B, 1337D..1337E, 133F3, 133FA..13403, 1340D, 13417, 1342B 55
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols 1D49C, 1D49E..1D49F, 1D4A2, 1D4A5..1D4A6, 1D4A9..1D4AC, 1D4AE..1D4B5 18
Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement 1F100..1F1AD, 1F1E6..1F1FF 200
Enclosed Ideographic Supplement 1F200..1F202, 1F210..1F23B, 1F240..1F248, 1F250..1F251, 1F260..1F265 64
Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs 1F930 1
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B 22ADC, 230F2, 25B27, 26F28 4
Total 1472