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UnicodeĀ® 9.0 Versioned Charts Index

New blocks are highlighted in yellow. Blocks containing no new characters, but with significant glyph updates are highlighted in violet and are starred. The "New Characters" column gives the number of new characters encoded in Unicode, Version 9.0 for previously existing blocks, or the total number of characters for new blocks. For more information about these charts, please see Character Code Charts Help and Links.

Block Name New
Arabic Extended-A 23
Kannada 1
Malayalam 14
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics* 0
Mongolian* 0
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended* 0
Cyrillic Extended-C 9
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement 1
Currency Symbols* 0
Miscellaneous Technical 4
Control Pictures* 0
Supplemental Punctuation 2
Latin Extended-D 1
Saurashtra 1
Ancient Greek Numbers 2
Osage 72
Sharada* 0
Khojki 1
Newa 92
Mongolian Supplement 13
Bhaiksuki 97
Marchen 68
Egyptian Hieroglyphs* 0
Miao* 0
Ideographic Symbols and Punctuation 1
Tangut 6125
Tangut Components 755
Glagolitic Supplement 38
Adlam 87
Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement 18
Enclosed Ideographic Supplement 1
Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs 2
Transport and Map Symbols 5
Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs 67