Letterlike Symbols

Letterlike symbols

Some of the letterlike symbols are intended to complete the set of mathematical alphanumeric symbols starting at 1D400.
2100 ℀ Account Of
  0061 a 002F / 0063 c
2101 ℁ Addressed To The Subject
  =aux soins (de)
  214D ⅍ aktieselskab
  0061 a 002F / 0073 s
2102 ℂ Double-Struck Capital C
  =the set of complex numbers
  <font> 0043 C latin capital letter c
2103 ℃ Degree Celsius
  =degrees centigrade
  00B0 ° 0043 C
2104 ℄ Centre Line Symbol
2105 ℅ Care Of
  0063 c 002F / 006F o
2106 ℆ Cada Una
  Spanish for "each one"
  0063 c 002F / 0075 u
2107 ℇ Euler Constant
  0045 E latin capital letter e
  0190 Ɛ latin capital letter open e
2108 ℈ Scruple
2109 ℉ Degree Fahrenheit
  00B0 ° 0046 F
210A ℊ Script Small G
  =real number symbol
  <font> 0067 g latin small letter g
210B ℋ Script Capital H
  =Hamiltonian operator
  <font> 0048 H latin capital letter h
210C ℌ Black-Letter Capital H
  =Hilbert space
  <font> 0048 H latin capital letter h
210D ℍ Double-Struck Capital H
  <font> 0048 H latin capital letter h
210E ℎ Planck Constant
  =height, specific enthalpy, ...
  simply a mathematical italic h; this character's name results from legacy usage
  <font> 0068 h latin small letter h
210F ℏ Planck Constant Over Two Pi
  =reduced Planck constant, Dirac constant
  045B ћ cyrillic small letter tshe
  <font> 0127 ħ latin small letter h with stroke
2110 ℐ Script Capital I
  <font> 0049 I latin capital letter i
2111 ℑ Black-Letter Capital I
  =imaginary part
  <font> 0049 I latin capital letter i
2112 ℒ Script Capital L
  =Laplace transform
  <font> 004C L latin capital letter l
2113 ℓ Script Small L
  =mathematical symbol 'ell'
  =liter (traditional symbol)
  despite its character name, this symbol is derived from a special italicized version of the small letter l
  the SI recommended symbol for liter is 006C l or 004C L
  1D4C1 𝓁 mathematical script small l
  <font> 006C l latin small letter l
2114 ℔ L B Bar Symbol
  0023 # number sign
2115 ℕ Double-Struck Capital N
  =natural number
  a glyph variant with doubled vertical strokes exists
  <font> 004E N latin capital letter n
2116 № Numero Sign
  0023 # number sign
  00BA º masculine ordinal indicator
  004E N 006F o
2117 ℗ Sound Recording Copyright
  =phonorecord sign
  00A9 © copyright sign
  24C5 Ⓟ circled latin capital letter p
2118 ℘ Script Capital P
  actually this has the form of a lowercase calligraphic p, despite its name
2119 ℙ Double-Struck Capital P
  <font> 0050 P latin capital letter p
211A ℚ Double-Struck Capital Q
  =the set of rational numbers
  <font> 0051 Q latin capital letter q
211B ℛ Script Capital R
  =Riemann Integral
  <font> 0052 R latin capital letter r
211C ℜ Black-Letter Capital R
  =real part
  <font> 0052 R latin capital letter r
211D ℝ Double-Struck Capital R
  =the set of real numbers
  <font> 0052 R latin capital letter r
211E ℞ Prescription Take
  =cross ratio
211F ℟ Response
2120 ℠ Service Mark
  <super> 0053 S 004D M
2121 ℡ Telephone Sign
  typical forms for this symbol may use lowercase, small caps or superscripted letter shapes
  260E ☎ black telephone
  2706 ✆ telephone location sign
  1F4DE 📞 telephone receiver
  0054 T 0045 E 004C L
2122 ™ Trade Mark Sign
  1F12E 🄮 circled wz
  <super> 0054 T 004D M
2123 ℣ Versicle
2124 ℤ Double-Struck Capital Z
  =the set of integers
  <font> 005A Z latin capital letter z
2125 ℥ Ounce Sign
  0292 ʒ latin small letter ezh
  1F773 🝳 alchemical symbol for half ounce
2126 Ω Ohm Sign
  SI unit of resistance, named after G. S. Ohm, German physicist
  preferred representation is 03A9 Ω
  260A ☊ ascending node
  03A9 Ω greek capital letter omega
  03C9 ω greek small letter omega
2127 ℧ Inverted Ohm Sign
  archaic unit of conductance (= the SI unit siemens)
  typographically a turned greek capital letter omega
  01B1 Ʊ latin capital letter upsilon
  03A9 Ω greek capital letter omega
  260B ☋ descending node
2128 ℨ Black-Letter Capital Z
  <font> 005A Z latin capital letter z
2129 ℩ Turned Greek Small Letter Iota
  unique element fulfilling a description (logic)
  03B9 ι greek small letter iota
212A K Kelvin Sign
  004B K latin capital letter k
  006B k latin small letter k
212B Å Angstrom Sign
  non SI length unit (=0.1 nm) named after A. J. Ångström, Swedish physicist
  preferred representation is 00C5 Å
  00C5 Å latin capital letter a with ring above
  00E5 å latin small letter a with ring above
  0041 A + 030A ◌̊
212C ℬ Script Capital B
  =Bernoulli function
  <font> 0042 B latin capital letter b
212D ℭ Black-Letter Capital C
  <font> 0043 C latin capital letter c
212E ℮ Estimated Symbol
  used in European packaging
  0065 e latin small letter e
212F ℯ Script Small E
  =natural exponent
  <font> 0065 e latin small letter e
2130 ℰ Script Capital E
  =emf (electromotive force)
  <font> 0045 E latin capital letter e
2131 ℱ Script Capital F
  =Fourier transform
  <font> 0046 F latin capital letter f
2132 Ⅎ Turned Capital F
  =Claudian digamma inversum
  lowercase is 214E ⅎ
  0046 F latin capital letter f
  03DC Ϝ greek letter digamma
  214E ⅎ turned small f
2133 ℳ Script Capital M
  =M-matrix (physics)
  =German Mark currency symbol, before WWII
  when used for the Mark symbol, the range of glyph variation is restricted
  20BB ₻ nordic mark sign
  <font> 004D M latin capital letter m
2134 ℴ Script Small O
  =order, of inferior order to
  <font> 006F o latin small letter o

Hebrew letterlike math symbols

These are left-to-right characters.
2135 ℵ Alef Symbol
  =first transfinite cardinal (countable)
  05D0 ‎א‎ hebrew letter alef
2136 ℶ Bet Symbol
  =second transfinite cardinal (the continuum)
  05D1 ‎ב‎ hebrew letter bet
2137 ℷ Gimel Symbol
  =third transfinite cardinal (functions of a real variable)
  05D2 ‎ג‎ hebrew letter gimel
2138 ℸ Dalet Symbol
  =fourth transfinite cardinal
  05D3 ‎ד‎ hebrew letter dalet

Additional letterlike symbols

2139 ℹ Information Source
  intended for use with 20DD ◌⃝
  1F6C8 🛈 circled information source
  <font> 0069 i latin small letter i
213A ℺ Rotated Capital Q
  a binding signature mark
213B ℻ Facsimile Sign
  typical forms for this symbol may use lowercase, small caps or superscripted letter shapes
  2121 ℡ telephone sign
  1F4E0 📠 fax machine
  0046 F 0041 A 0058 X
213C ℼ Double-Struck Small Pi
  <font> 03C0 π greek small letter pi
213D ℽ Double-Struck Small Gamma
  <font> 03B3 γ greek small letter gamma
213E ℾ Double-Struck Capital Gamma
  <font> 0393 Γ greek capital letter gamma
213F ℿ Double-Struck Capital Pi
  <font> 03A0 Π greek capital letter pi

Double-struck large operator

2140 ⅀ Double-Struck N-Ary Summation
  <font> 2211 ∑ n-ary summation

Additional letterlike symbols

2141 ⅁ Turned Sans-Serif Capital G
  A4E8 ꓨ lisu letter hha
2142 ⅂ Turned Sans-Serif Capital L
  A4F6 ꓶ lisu letter uh
2143 ⅃ Reversed Sans-Serif Capital L
2144 ⅄ Turned Sans-Serif Capital Y
  11FB0 𑾰 lisu letter yha

Double-struck italic math symbols

These stylized mathematical symbols are used in some documents to distinguish special mathematical usages from ordinary variables.
2145 ⅅ Double-Struck Italic Capital D
  sometimes used for the differential
  <font> 0044 D latin capital letter d
2146 ⅆ Double-Struck Italic Small D
  sometimes used for the differential
  <font> 0064 d latin small letter d
2147 ⅇ Double-Struck Italic Small E
  sometimes used for the natural exponent
  <font> 0065 e latin small letter e
2148 ⅈ Double-Struck Italic Small I
  sometimes used for the imaginary unit
  <font> 0069 i latin small letter i
2149 ⅉ Double-Struck Italic Small J
  sometimes used for the imaginary unit
  <font> 006A j latin small letter j

Additional letterlike symbols

214A ⅊ Property Line
214B ⅋ Turned Ampersand
  used in linear logic
  0026 & ampersand
214C ⅌ Per Sign
  abbreviates the word 'per'
214D ⅍ Aktieselskab
  2101 ℁ addressed to the subject

Lowercase Claudian letter

Claudian letters in inscriptions are uppercase, but may be transcribed by scholars in lowercase.
214E ⅎ Turned Small F
  uppercase is 2132 Ⅎ
  03DD ϝ greek small letter digamma
  2132 Ⅎ turned capital f

Biblical editorial symbol

214F ⅏ Symbol For Samaritan Source