C0 Controls and Basic Latin

C0 controls

Alias names are those for ISO/IEC 6429:1992. Commonly used alternative aliases are also shown.
0000  <Control>
0001  <Control>
  =Start Of Heading
0002  <Control>
  =Start Of Text
0003  <Control>
  =End Of Text
0004  <Control>
  =End Of Transmission
0005  <Control>
0006  <Control>
0007  <Control>
0008  <Control>
0009  <Control>
  =Character Tabulation
  =horizontal tabulation (HT)
000A  <Control>
  =Line Feed (Lf)
  =new line (NL)
  =end of line (EOL)
000B  <Control>
  =Line Tabulation
  =vertical tabulation (VT)
000C  <Control>
  =Form Feed (Ff)
000D  <Control>
  =Carriage Return (Cr)
000E  <Control>
  =Shift Out
  known as LOCKING-SHIFT ONE in 8-bit environments
000F  <Control>
  =Shift In
  known as LOCKING-SHIFT ZERO in 8-bit environments
0010  <Control>
  =Data Link Escape
0011  <Control>
  =Device Control One
0012  <Control>
  =Device Control Two
0013  <Control>
  =Device Control Three
0014  <Control>
  =Device Control Four
0015  <Control>
  =Negative Acknowledge
0016  <Control>
  =Synchronous Idle
0017  <Control>
  =End Of Transmission Block
0018  <Control>
0019  <Control>
  =End Of Medium
001A  <Control>
  FFFD � replacement character
001B  <Control>
001C  <Control>
  =Information Separator Four
  =file separator (FS)
001D  <Control>
  =Information Separator Three
  =group separator (GS)
001E  <Control>
  =Information Separator Two
  =record separator (RS)
001F  <Control>
  =Information Separator One
  =unit separator (US)

ASCII punctuation and symbols

Based on ISO/IEC 646.
0020  Space
  sometimes considered a control code
  other space characters: 2000 -200A 
  00A0  no-break space
  200B  zero width space
  202F  narrow no-break space
  2060  word joiner
  3000  ideographic space
  FEFF  zero width no-break space
0021 ! Exclamation Mark
  00A1 ¡ inverted exclamation mark
  01C3 ǃ latin letter retroflex click
  203C ‼ double exclamation mark
  203D ‽ interrobang
  2762 ❢ heavy exclamation mark ornament
0022 " Quotation Mark
  neutral (vertical), used as opening or closing quotation mark
  preferred characters in English for paired quotation marks are 201C “ & 201D ”
  05F4 ‎״‎ is preferred for gershayim when writing Hebrew
  02BA ʺ modifier letter double prime
  030B ◌̋ combining double acute accent
  030E ◌̎ combining double vertical line above
  05F4 ‎״‎ hebrew punctuation gershayim
  2033 ″ double prime
  3003 〃 ditto mark
0023 # Number Sign
  =pound sign, hash, crosshatch, octothorpe
  2114 ℔ l b bar symbol
  2317 ⌗ viewdata square
  266F ♯ music sharp sign
0024 $ Dollar Sign
  =milréis, escudo
  used for many peso currencies in Latin America and elsewhere
  glyph may have one or two vertical bars
  other currency symbol characters start at 20A0 ₠
  00A4 ¤ currency sign
  20B1 ₱ peso sign
  1F4B2 💲 heavy dollar sign
0025 % Percent Sign
  066A ٪ arabic percent sign
  2030 ‰ per mille sign
  2031 ‱ per ten thousand sign
  2052 ⁒ commercial minus sign
0026 & Ampersand
  204A ⁊ tironian sign et
  214B ⅋ turned ampersand
  1F674 🙴 heavy ampersand ornament
0027 ' Apostrophe
  =apostrophe-quote (1.0)
  =APL quote
  neutral (vertical) glyph with mixed usage
  2019 ’ is preferred for apostrophe
  preferred characters in English for paired quotation marks are 2018 ‘ & 2019 ’
  05F3 ‎׳‎ is preferred for geresh when writing Hebrew
  02B9 ʹ modifier letter prime
  02BC ʼ modifier letter apostrophe
  02C8 ˈ modifier letter vertical line
  0301 ◌́ combining acute accent
  05F3 ‎׳‎ hebrew punctuation geresh
  2032 ′ prime
  A78C ꞌ latin small letter saltillo
0028 ( Left Parenthesis
  =opening parenthesis (1.0)
0029 ) Right Parenthesis
  =closing parenthesis (1.0)
  see discussion on semantics of paired bracketing characters
002A * Asterisk
  =star (on phone keypads)
  066D ‎٭‎ arabic five pointed star
  204E ⁎ low asterisk
  2217 ∗ asterisk operator
  26B9 ⚹ sextile
  2731 ✱ heavy asterisk
002B + Plus Sign
  2795 ➕ heavy plus sign
002C , Comma
  =decimal separator
  060C ، arabic comma
  201A ‚ single low-9 quotation mark
  2E41 ⹁ reversed comma
  2E4C ⹌ medieval comma
  3001 、 ideographic comma
002D - Hyphen-Minus
  =hyphen or minus sign
  used for either hyphen or minus sign
  2010 ‐ hyphen
  2011 ‑ non-breaking hyphen
  2012 ‒ figure dash
  2013 – en dash
  2043 ⁃ hyphen bullet
  2212 − minus sign
  10191 𐆑 roman uncia sign
002E . Full Stop
  =period, dot, decimal point
  may be rendered as a raised decimal point in old style numbers
  06D4 ‎۔‎ arabic full stop
  2E3C ⸼ stenographic full stop
  3002 。 ideographic full stop
002F / Solidus
  =slash, virgule
  01C0 ǀ latin letter dental click
  0338 ◌̸ combining long solidus overlay
  2044 ⁄ fraction slash
  2215 ∕ division slash
  2E4A ⹊ dotted solidus

ASCII digits

0030 0 Digit Zero
0031 1 Digit One
0032 2 Digit Two
0033 3 Digit Three
0034 4 Digit Four
0035 5 Digit Five
0036 6 Digit Six
0037 7 Digit Seven
0038 8 Digit Eight
0039 9 Digit Nine

ASCII punctuation and symbols

003A : Colon
  also used to denote division or scale; for that mathematical use 2236 ∶ is preferred
  0589 ։ armenian full stop
  05C3 ‎׃‎ hebrew punctuation sof pasuq
  2236 ∶ ratio
  A789 ꞉ modifier letter colon
003B ; Semicolon
  this, and not 037E ;, is the preferred character for 'Greek question mark'
  037E ; greek question mark
  061B ‎؛‎ arabic semicolon
  204F ⁏ reversed semicolon
003C < Less-Than Sign
  2039 ‹ single left-pointing angle quotation mark
  2329 〈 left-pointing angle bracket
  27E8 ⟨ mathematical left angle bracket
  3008 〈 left angle bracket
003D = Equals Sign
  other related characters: 2241 ≁-2263 ≣
  2260 ≠ not equal to
  2261 ≡ identical to
  A78A ꞊ modifier letter short equals sign
  10190 𐆐 roman sextans sign
003E > Greater-Than Sign
  203A › single right-pointing angle quotation mark
  232A 〉 right-pointing angle bracket
  27E9 ⟩ mathematical right angle bracket
  3009 〉 right angle bracket
003F ? Question Mark
  00BF ¿ inverted question mark
  037E ; greek question mark
  061F ‎؟‎ arabic question mark
  203D ‽ interrobang
  2048 ⁈ question exclamation mark
  2049 ⁉ exclamation question mark
0040 @ Commercial At
  =at sign

Uppercase Latin alphabet

0041 A Latin Capital Letter A
  0061 a latin small letter a
0042 B Latin Capital Letter B
  212C ℬ script capital b
  0062 b latin small letter b
0043 C Latin Capital Letter C
  2102 ℂ double-struck capital c
  212D ℭ black-letter capital c
  0063 c latin small letter c
0044 D Latin Capital Letter D
  0064 d latin small letter d
0045 E Latin Capital Letter E
  2107 ℇ euler constant
  2130 ℰ script capital e
  0065 e latin small letter e
0046 F Latin Capital Letter F
  2131 ℱ script capital f
  2132 Ⅎ turned capital f
  0066 f latin small letter f
0047 G Latin Capital Letter G
  0067 g latin small letter g
0048 H Latin Capital Letter H
  210B ℋ script capital h
  210C ℌ black-letter capital h
  210D ℍ double-struck capital h
  0068 h latin small letter h
0049 I Latin Capital Letter I
  Turkish and Azerbaijani use 0131 ı for lowercase
  0130 İ latin capital letter i with dot above
  0406 І cyrillic capital letter byelorussian-ukrainian i
  04C0 Ӏ cyrillic letter palochka
  2110 ℐ script capital i
  2111 ℑ black-letter capital i
  2160 Ⅰ roman numeral one
  0069 i latin small letter i
004A J Latin Capital Letter J
  006A j latin small letter j
004B K Latin Capital Letter K
  212A K kelvin sign
  006B k latin small letter k
004C L Latin Capital Letter L
  2112 ℒ script capital l
  006C l latin small letter l
004D M Latin Capital Letter M
  2133 ℳ script capital m
  006D m latin small letter m
004E N Latin Capital Letter N
  2115 ℕ double-struck capital n
  006E n latin small letter n
004F O Latin Capital Letter O
  006F o latin small letter o
0050 P Latin Capital Letter P
  2119 ℙ double-struck capital p
  0070 p latin small letter p
0051 Q Latin Capital Letter Q
  211A ℚ double-struck capital q
  0071 q latin small letter q
0052 R Latin Capital Letter R
  211B ℛ script capital r
  211C ℜ black-letter capital r
  211D ℝ double-struck capital r
  0072 r latin small letter r
0053 S Latin Capital Letter S
  0073 s latin small letter s
0054 T Latin Capital Letter T
  0074 t latin small letter t
0055 U Latin Capital Letter U
  0075 u latin small letter u
0056 V Latin Capital Letter V
  2164 Ⅴ roman numeral five
  0076 v latin small letter v
0057 W Latin Capital Letter W
  0077 w latin small letter w
0058 X Latin Capital Letter X
  0078 x latin small letter x
0059 Y Latin Capital Letter Y
  0079 y latin small letter y
005A Z Latin Capital Letter Z
  2124 ℤ double-struck capital z
  2128 ℨ black-letter capital z
  007A z latin small letter z

ASCII punctuation and symbols

005B [ Left Square Bracket
  =opening square bracket (1.0)
  other bracket characters: 27E6 ⟦-27EB ⟫, 2983 ⦃-2998 ⦘, 3008 〈-301B 〛
005C \ Reverse Solidus
  20E5 ◌⃥ combining reverse solidus overlay
  2216 ∖ set minus
005D ] Right Square Bracket
  =closing square bracket (1.0)
005E ^ Circumflex Accent
  this is a spacing character
  02C4 ˄ modifier letter up arrowhead
  02C6 ˆ modifier letter circumflex accent
  0302 ◌̂ combining circumflex accent
  2038 ‸ caret
  2303 ⌃ up arrowhead
005F _ Low Line
  =spacing underscore (1.0)
  this is a spacing character
  02CD ˍ modifier letter low macron
  0331 ◌̱ combining macron below
  0332 ◌̲ combining low line
  2017 ‗ double low line
0060 ` Grave Accent
  this is a spacing character
  02CB ˋ modifier letter grave accent
  0300 ◌̀ combining grave accent
  2035 ‵ reversed prime

Lowercase Latin alphabet

0061 a Latin Small Letter A
  0041 A latin capital letter a
0062 b Latin Small Letter B
  0042 B latin capital letter b
0063 c Latin Small Letter C
  0043 C latin capital letter c
0064 d Latin Small Letter D
  0044 D latin capital letter d
0065 e Latin Small Letter E
  212E ℮ estimated symbol
  212F ℯ script small e
  0045 E latin capital letter e
0066 f Latin Small Letter F
  0046 F latin capital letter f
0067 g Latin Small Letter G
  0261 ɡ latin small letter script g
  210A ℊ script small g
  0047 G latin capital letter g
0068 h Latin Small Letter H
  04BB һ cyrillic small letter shha
  210E ℎ planck constant
  0048 H latin capital letter h
0069 i Latin Small Letter I
  Turkish and Azerbaijani use 0130 İ for uppercase
  0131 ı latin small letter dotless i
  1D6A4 𝚤 mathematical italic small dotless i
  0049 I latin capital letter i
006A j Latin Small Letter J
  0237 ȷ latin small letter dotless j
  1D6A5 𝚥 mathematical italic small dotless j
  004A J latin capital letter j
006B k Latin Small Letter K
  004B K latin capital letter k
006C l Latin Small Letter L
  2113 ℓ script small l
  1D4C1 𝓁 mathematical script small l
  004C L latin capital letter l
006D m Latin Small Letter M
  004D M latin capital letter m
006E n Latin Small Letter N
  207F ⁿ superscript latin small letter n
  004E N latin capital letter n
006F o Latin Small Letter O
  2134 ℴ script small o
  004F O latin capital letter o
0070 p Latin Small Letter P
  0050 P latin capital letter p
0071 q Latin Small Letter Q
  0051 Q latin capital letter q
0072 r Latin Small Letter R
  0052 R latin capital letter r
0073 s Latin Small Letter S
  0053 S latin capital letter s
0074 t Latin Small Letter T
  0054 T latin capital letter t
0075 u Latin Small Letter U
  0055 U latin capital letter u
0076 v Latin Small Letter V
  0056 V latin capital letter v
0077 w Latin Small Letter W
  0057 W latin capital letter w
0078 x Latin Small Letter X
  0058 X latin capital letter x
0079 y Latin Small Letter Y
  0059 Y latin capital letter y
007A z Latin Small Letter Z
  01B6 ƶ latin small letter z with stroke
  005A Z latin capital letter z

ASCII punctuation and symbols

007B { Left Curly Bracket
  =opening curly bracket (1.0)
  =left brace
007C | Vertical Line
  =vertical bar
  used in pairs to indicate absolute value
  01C0 ǀ latin letter dental click
  05C0 ‎׀‎ hebrew punctuation paseq
  2223 ∣ divides
  2758 ❘ light vertical bar
007D } Right Curly Bracket
  =closing curly bracket (1.0)
  =right brace
007E ~ Tilde
  this is a spacing character
  02DC ˜ small tilde
  0303 ◌̃ combining tilde
  2053 ⁓ swung dash
  223C ∼ tilde operator
  FF5E ~ fullwidth tilde

Control character

007F  <Control>