Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs

Weather, landscape, and sky symbols

1F300 🌀 Cyclone
  =typhoon, hurricane
1F301 🌁 Foggy
  1F32B 🌫 fog
1F302 🌂 Closed Umbrella
1F303 🌃 Night With Stars
1F304 🌄 Sunrise Over Mountains
1F305 🌅 Sunrise
1F306 🌆 Cityscape At Dusk
  1F3D9 🏙 cityscape
1F307 🌇 Sunset Over Buildings
1F308 🌈 Rainbow
1F309 🌉 Bridge At Night
1F30A 🌊 Water Wave
  =tsunami, tidal wave
1F30B 🌋 Volcano
1F30C 🌌 Milky Way

Globe symbols

1F30D 🌍 Earth Globe Europe-Africa
1F30E 🌎 Earth Globe Americas
1F30F 🌏 Earth Globe Asia-Australia
1F310 🌐 Globe With Meridians
  used to indicate international input source, world clocks with time zones, etc.

Moon, sun, and star symbols

Use of the moon symbols is typically reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, with the waxing shapes used for the waning part of the cycle and vice versa. The character names are not intended for astronomical precision, but simply describe a particular shape displayed.
1F311 🌑 New Moon Symbol
  25CF ● black circle
1F312 🌒 Waxing Crescent Moon Symbol
1F313 🌓 First Quarter Moon Symbol
  =half moon
  25D0 ◐ circle with left half black
  263D ☽ first quarter moon
1F314 🌔 Waxing Gibbous Moon Symbol
  =waxing moon
1F315 🌕 Full Moon Symbol
  25CB ○ white circle
1F316 🌖 Waning Gibbous Moon Symbol
1F317 🌗 Last Quarter Moon Symbol
  25D1 ◑ circle with right half black
  263E ☾ last quarter moon
1F318 🌘 Waning Crescent Moon Symbol
1F319 🌙 Crescent Moon
  may indicate either the first or last quarter moon
  263D ☽ first quarter moon
  263E ☾ last quarter moon
1F31A 🌚 New Moon With Face
1F31B 🌛 First Quarter Moon With Face
1F31C 🌜 Last Quarter Moon With Face
1F31D 🌝 Full Moon With Face
1F31E 🌞 Sun With Face
1F31F 🌟 Glowing Star
  2606 ☆ white star
1F320 🌠 Shooting Star

Weather symbols

1F321 🌡 Thermometer
  =temperature, warm
1F322 🌢 Black Droplet
  1F4A7 💧 droplet
1F323 🌣 White Sun
  2600 ☀ black sun with rays
  263C ☼ white sun with rays
1F324 🌤 White Sun With Small Cloud
  =mostly sunny
  26C5 ⛅ sun behind cloud
1F325 🌥 White Sun Behind Cloud
  =mostly cloudy
1F326 🌦 White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain
1F327 🌧 Cloud With Rain
  2602 ☂ umbrella
1F328 🌨 Cloud With Snow
  =snow, snow showers
1F329 🌩 Cloud With Lightning
  =lightning, thunderstorm
  26C8 ⛈ thunder cloud and rain
1F32A 🌪 Cloud With Tornado
  =tornado, twister
1F32B 🌫 Fog
  1F301 🌁 foggy
1F32C 🌬 Wind Blowing Face

Food symbols

1F32D 🌭 Hot Dog
1F32E 🌮 Taco
1F32F 🌯 Burrito

Plant symbols

1F330 🌰 Chestnut
1F331 🌱 Seedling
1F332 🌲 Evergreen Tree
  1F3DE 🏞 national park
1F333 🌳 Deciduous Tree
1F334 🌴 Palm Tree
  1F3DD 🏝 desert island
1F335 🌵 Cactus
  1F3DC 🏜 desert
1F336 🌶 Hot Pepper
  =hot, spicy
1F337 🌷 Tulip
  2698 ⚘ flower
1F338 🌸 Cherry Blossom
1F339 🌹 Rose
  1F940 🥀 wilted flower
1F33A 🌺 Hibiscus
1F33B 🌻 Sunflower
1F33C 🌼 Blossom
1F33D 🌽 Ear Of Maize
1F33E 🌾 Ear Of Rice
1F33F 🌿 Herb
1F340 🍀 Four Leaf Clover
  2618 ☘ shamrock
1F341 🍁 Maple Leaf
1F342 🍂 Fallen Leaf
1F343 🍃 Leaf Fluttering In Wind
1F344 🍄 Mushroom

Fruit and vegetable symbols

1F345 🍅 Tomato
1F346 🍆 Aubergine
1F347 🍇 Grapes
1F348 🍈 Melon
1F349 🍉 Watermelon
1F34A 🍊 Tangerine
1F34B 🍋 Lemon
1F34C 🍌 Banana
1F34D 🍍 Pineapple
1F34E 🍎 Red Apple
1F34F 🍏 Green Apple
1F350 🍐 Pear
1F351 🍑 Peach
1F352 🍒 Cherries
1F353 🍓 Strawberry

Food symbols

1F354 🍔 Hamburger
  =fast food place
1F355 🍕 Slice Of Pizza
1F356 🍖 Meat On Bone
1F357 🍗 Poultry Leg
1F358 🍘 Rice Cracker
1F359 🍙 Rice Ball
1F35A 🍚 Cooked Rice
  =bowl of rice
1F35B 🍛 Curry And Rice
  =Japanese style curry
1F35C 🍜 Steaming Bowl
  =ramen noodles
1F35D 🍝 Spaghetti
1F35E 🍞 Bread
1F35F 🍟 French Fries
1F360 🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato
1F361 🍡 Dango
  =mochi balls on skewer
1F362 🍢 Oden
  =seafood on skewer
1F363 🍣 Sushi
1F364 🍤 Fried Shrimp
1F365 🍥 Fish Cake With Swirl Design
1F366 🍦 Soft Ice Cream
1F367 🍧 Shaved Ice
1F368 🍨 Ice Cream
1F369 🍩 Doughnut
1F36A 🍪 Cookie
1F36B 🍫 Chocolate Bar
1F36C 🍬 Candy
1F36D 🍭 Lollipop
1F36E 🍮 Custard
1F36F 🍯 Honey Pot
1F370 🍰 Shortcake
1F371 🍱 Bento Box
1F372 🍲 Pot Of Food
1F373 🍳 Cooking
  =frying pan, cooking utensil
1F374 🍴 Fork And Knife
  =restaurant, meal
  glyph may show a fork and spoon
  glyph may show a crossed fork and knife
  1F37D 🍽 fork and knife with plate
  1F944 🥄 spoon

Beverage symbols

1F375 🍵 Teacup Without Handle
  2615 ☕ hot beverage
  26FE ⛾ cup on black square
1F376 🍶 Sake Bottle And Cup
1F377 🍷 Wine Glass
1F378 🍸 Cocktail Glass
  1F6CB 🛋 couch and lamp
  1F943 🥃 tumbler glass
1F379 🍹 Tropical Drink
1F37A 🍺 Beer Mug
1F37B 🍻 Clinking Beer Mugs
  1F942 🥂 clinking glasses
1F37C 🍼 Baby Bottle

Accommodation symbol

1F37D 🍽 Fork And Knife With Plate
  1F374 🍴 fork and knife

Beverage and food symbols

1F37E 🍾 Bottle With Popping Cork
1F37F 🍿 Popcorn

Celebration symbols

1F380 🎀 Ribbon
1F381 🎁 Wrapped Present
  1F4E6 📦 package
1F382 🎂 Birthday Cake
1F383 🎃 Jack-O-Lantern
1F384 🎄 Christmas Tree
1F385 🎅 Father Christmas
  =Santa Claus
  1F936 🤶 mother christmas
1F386 🎆 Fireworks
1F387 🎇 Firework Sparkler
  long, stick-like firework that looks like a burning incense stick
1F388 🎈 Balloon
1F389 🎉 Party Popper
1F38A 🎊 Confetti Ball
1F38B 🎋 Tanabata Tree
  =tanabata tree with wishing papers
1F38C 🎌 Crossed Flags
  Japanese national holiday
1F38D 🎍 Pine Decoration
  Japanese new year's door decoration
1F38E 🎎 Japanese Dolls
  Japanese Hinamatsuri or girls' doll festival
1F38F 🎏 Carp Streamer
1F390 🎐 Wind Chime
1F391 🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony
  Japanese Otsukimi harvest celebration
1F392 🎒 School Satchel
  Japanese school entrance ceremony
1F393 🎓 Graduation Cap
  =mortarboard, education
  graduation ceremony
1F394 🎔 Heart With Tip On The Left
  2665 ♥ black heart suit
1F395 🎕 Bouquet Of Flowers
  1F490 💐 bouquet
1F396 🎖 Military Medal
1F397 🎗 Reminder Ribbon

Musical symbols

1F398 🎘 Musical Keyboard With Jacks
  =midi, midi keyboard, master keyboard with plugs
  1F3B9 🎹 musical keyboard
1F399 🎙 Studio Microphone
  1F3A4 🎤 microphone
1F39A 🎚 Level Slider
  =level control
1F39B 🎛 Control Knobs
  =audio control
1F39C 🎜 Beamed Ascending Musical Notes
  =musical performance
  =music, musical background
  always ascending, unlike 266C ♬
  266C ♬ beamed sixteenth notes
1F39D 🎝 Beamed Descending Musical Notes
  always descending, unlike 266C ♬
  266B ♫ beamed eighth notes

Entertainment symbols

1F39E 🎞 Film Frames
  =film clip
  1F3A5 🎥 movie camera
1F39F 🎟 Admission Tickets
  1F3AB 🎫 ticket
1F3A0 🎠 Carousel Horse
  =amusement park
1F3A1 🎡 Ferris Wheel
  =amusement park
1F3A2 🎢 Roller Coaster
1F3A3 🎣 Fishing Pole And Fish
1F3A4 🎤 Microphone
  1F399 🎙 studio microphone
1F3A5 🎥 Movie Camera
  =film, movies
  1F39E 🎞 film frames
1F3A6 🎦 Cinema
  =movie theater, movie projector
  1F4FD 📽 film projector
1F3A7 🎧 Headphone
1F3A8 🎨 Artist Palette
1F3A9 🎩 Top Hat
  =drama, performing arts, theater
1F3AA 🎪 Circus Tent
1F3AB 🎫 Ticket
  indicates an event
  1F39F 🎟 admission tickets
1F3AC 🎬 Clapper Board
1F3AD 🎭 Performing Arts
  =theater masks, theater

Game symbols

1F3AE 🎮 Video Game
  =video game controller
1F3AF 🎯 Direct Hit
  =archery target, hitting the target
  25CE ◎ bullseye
1F3B0 🎰 Slot Machine
1F3B1 🎱 Billiards
  =magic 8-ball
1F3B2 🎲 Game Die
1F3B3 🎳 Bowling
1F3B4 🎴 Flower Playing Cards
  =flower cards

Musical symbols

1F3B5 🎵 Musical Note
  =music, being in good mood
  266A ♪ eighth note
1F3B6 🎶 Multiple Musical Notes
  =dancing notes, mood, melody
  266B ♫ beamed eighth notes
1F3B7 🎷 Saxophone
1F3B8 🎸 Guitar
1F3B9 🎹 Musical Keyboard
  1F398 🎘 musical keyboard with jacks
1F3BA 🎺 Trumpet
1F3BB 🎻 Violin
1F3BC 🎼 Musical Score
  1D11E 𝄞 musical symbol g clef

Sport symbols

See other sport symbols in the Miscellaneous Symbols block.
1F3BD 🎽 Running Shirt With Sash
  =ekiden (Japanese)
  running shirt with separate sash signifies long-distance relay running
  symbol is generalized to represent athletics
  glyph may be shown with a sash, a stripe, or neither
1F3BE 🎾 Tennis Racquet And Ball
1F3BF 🎿 Ski And Ski Boot
  26F7 ⛷ skier
1F3C0 🏀 Basketball And Hoop
1F3C1 🏁 Chequered Flag
  =motor sports
1F3C2 🏂 Snowboarder
1F3C3 🏃 Runner
  =running, marathon, track and fields
  1FBB2 🮲 left half running man
1F3C4 🏄 Surfer
1F3C5 🏅 Sports Medal
  1F947 🥇 first place medal
1F3C6 🏆 Trophy
1F3C7 🏇 Horse Racing
1F3C8 🏈 American Football
1F3C9 🏉 Rugby Football
1F3CA 🏊 Swimmer
1F3CB 🏋 Weight Lifter
1F3CC 🏌 Golfer
1F3CD 🏍 Racing Motorcycle
  may be depicted as an ordinary motorcycle, especially in emoji presentation
1F3CE 🏎 Racing Car
  =race car
1F3CF 🏏 Cricket Bat And Ball
1F3D0 🏐 Volleyball
1F3D1 🏑 Field Hockey Stick And Ball
1F3D2 🏒 Ice Hockey Stick And Puck
1F3D3 🏓 Table Tennis Paddle And Ball

Building and map symbols

1F3D4 🏔 Snow Capped Mountain
  26F0 ⛰ mountain
1F3D5 🏕 Camping
  =camping site
  26FA ⛺ tent
1F3D6 🏖 Beach With Umbrella
  26F1 ⛱ umbrella on ground
1F3D7 🏗 Building Construction
  =under construction
  1F6A7 🚧 construction sign
1F3D8 🏘 House Buildings
  1F3E1 🏡 house with garden
1F3D9 🏙 Cityscape
  =skyline, city
  1F306 🌆 cityscape at dusk
1F3DA 🏚 Derelict House Building
  =derelict site
1F3DB 🏛 Classical Building
  =public building
1F3DC 🏜 Desert
  1F335 🌵 cactus
1F3DD 🏝 Desert Island
  1F334 🌴 palm tree
1F3DE 🏞 National Park
  by semantic extension has come to connote saving trees, and hence is also used as a symbol meaning "do not print this (email, document)"
  1F332 🌲 evergreen tree
1F3DF 🏟 Stadium
1F3E0 🏠 House Building
1F3E1 🏡 House With Garden
  =home, house with yard
  1F3D8 🏘 house buildings
1F3E2 🏢 Office Building
1F3E3 🏣 Japanese Post Office
  3012 〒 postal mark
1F3E4 🏤 European Post Office
1F3E5 🏥 Hospital
  26E8 ⛨ black cross on shield
1F3E6 🏦 Bank
  1F131 🄱 squared latin capital letter b
1F3E7 🏧 Automated Teller Machine
1F3E8 🏨 Hotel
  1F157 🅗 negative circled latin capital letter h
  1F6CC 🛌 sleeping accommodation
1F3E9 🏩 Love Hotel
1F3EA 🏪 Convenience Store
1F3EB 🏫 School
1F3EC 🏬 Department Store
1F3ED 🏭 Factory
  =industrial production site
  =date of production
  26ED ⛭ gear without hub
1F3EE 🏮 Izakaya Lantern
  =japanese izakaya restaurant
1F3EF 🏯 Japanese Castle
1F3F0 🏰 European Castle
  26EB ⛫ castle

Flag symbols

1F3F1 🏱 White Pennant
  1F6A9 🚩 triangular flag on post
1F3F2 🏲 Black Pennant
1F3F3 🏳 Waving White Flag
  2690 ⚐ white flag
1F3F4 🏴 Waving Black Flag


1F3F5 🏵 Rosette
  2740 ❀ white florette
1F3F6 🏶 Black Rosette
  2741 ❁ eight petalled outlined black florette

Miscellaneous symbol

1F3F7 🏷 Label
  =price, price tag
  1F516 🔖 bookmark

Sport symbols

1F3F8 🏸 Badminton Racquet And Shuttlecock
1F3F9 🏹 Bow And Arrow
  also used for Sagittarius
  2650 ♐ sagittarius

Miscellaneous symbol

1F3FA 🏺 Amphora
  used for Aquarius
  2652 ♒ aquarius
  100E8 𐃨 linear b ideogram vessel b209

Emoji modifiers

1F3FB 🏻 Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2
1F3FC 🏼 Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3
1F3FD 🏽 Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4
1F3FE 🏾 Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5
1F3FF 🏿 Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6

Animal symbols

1F400 🐀 Rat
  first of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F401 🐁 Mouse
  first of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Persia
1F402 🐂 Ox
  second of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F403 🐃 Water Buffalo
  second of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Vietnam
1F404 🐄 Cow
  second of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Persia
  =beef (on menus)
1F405 🐅 Tiger
  third of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F406 🐆 Leopard
  third of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Persia
1F407 🐇 Rabbit
  fourth of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F408 🐈 Cat
  fourth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Vietnam
1F409 🐉 Dragon
  fifth of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F40A 🐊 Crocodile
  fifth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Persia
1F40B 🐋 Whale
  fifth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Persia
1F40C 🐌 Snail
  fifth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Kazakhstan
1F40D 🐍 Snake
  sixth of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F40E 🐎 Horse
  =equestrian sports
  seventh of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F40F 🐏 Ram
  eighth of the signs of the Asian zodiac
  2648 ♈ aries
1F410 🐐 Goat
  eighth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Vietnam
1F411 🐑 Sheep
  eighth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Persia
1F412 🐒 Monkey
  ninth of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F413 🐓 Rooster
  tenth of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F414 🐔 Chicken
  tenth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Persia
  =poultry (on menus)
1F415 🐕 Dog
  eleventh of the signs of the Asian zodiac
1F416 🐖 Pig
  twelfth of the signs of the Asian zodiac
  =pork (on menus)
1F417 🐗 Boar
  twelfth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Japan
1F418 🐘 Elephant
  twelfth of the signs of the Asian zodiac, used in Thailand
1F419 🐙 Octopus
1F41A 🐚 Spiral Shell
1F41B 🐛 Bug
1F41C 🐜 Ant
1F41D 🐝 Honeybee
1F41E 🐞 Lady Beetle
  =ladybird, ladybug, coccinellids
1F41F 🐟 Fish
1F420 🐠 Tropical Fish
1F421 🐡 Blowfish
1F422 🐢 Turtle
  =tortoise, terrapin
1F423 🐣 Hatching Chick
1F424 🐤 Baby Chick
1F425 🐥 Front-Facing Baby Chick
1F426 🐦 Bird
1F427 🐧 Penguin
1F428 🐨 Koala
1F429 🐩 Poodle
1F42A 🐪 Dromedary Camel
  has a single hump
1F42B 🐫 Bactrian Camel
  has two humps
1F42C 🐬 Dolphin

Animal faces

1F42D 🐭 Mouse Face
1F42E 🐮 Cow Face
1F42F 🐯 Tiger Face
1F430 🐰 Rabbit Face
1F431 🐱 Cat Face
  1F63A 😺 smiling cat face with open mouth
1F432 🐲 Dragon Face
1F433 🐳 Spouting Whale
1F434 🐴 Horse Face
1F435 🐵 Monkey Face
1F436 🐶 Dog Face
1F437 🐷 Pig Face
1F438 🐸 Frog Face
1F439 🐹 Hamster Face
1F43A 🐺 Wolf Face
1F43B 🐻 Bear Face
1F43C 🐼 Panda Face
1F43D 🐽 Pig Nose

Animal symbols

1F43E 🐾 Paw Prints
  1F463 👣 footprints
1F43F 🐿 Chipmunk
  =animal, critter
  also used to represent a squirrel

Facial parts symbols

1F440 👀 Eyes
1F441 👁 Eye
1F442 👂 Ear
1F443 👃 Nose
1F444 👄 Mouth
1F445 👅 Tongue

Hand symbols

1F446 👆 White Up Pointing Backhand Index
  261D ☝ white up pointing index
  1F5A2 🖢 black up pointing backhand index
1F447 👇 White Down Pointing Backhand Index
  261F ☟ white down pointing index
  1F597 🖗 white down pointing left hand index
  1F5A3 🖣 black down pointing backhand index
1F448 👈 White Left Pointing Backhand Index
  261C ☜ white left pointing index
  1F59C 🖜 black left pointing backhand index
  1FAF2 🫲 leftwards hand
1F449 👉 White Right Pointing Backhand Index
  261E ☞ white right pointing index
  1F59D 🖝 black right pointing backhand index
  1FAF1 🫱 rightwards hand
1F44A 👊 Fisted Hand Sign
  270A ✊ raised fist
1F44B 👋 Waving Hand Sign
  270B ✋ raised hand
1F44C 👌 Ok Hand Sign
  1F58F 🖏 turned ok hand sign
1F44D 👍 Thumbs Up Sign
  1F592 🖒 reversed thumbs up sign
1F44E 👎 Thumbs Down Sign
  1F593 🖓 reversed thumbs down sign
1F44F 👏 Clapping Hands Sign
1F450 👐 Open Hands Sign

Clothing and accessories

1F451 👑 Crown
1F452 👒 Womans Hat
1F453 👓 Eyeglasses
1F454 👔 Necktie
1F455 👕 T-Shirt
1F456 👖 Jeans
1F457 👗 Dress
1F458 👘 Kimono
1F459 👙 Bikini
1F45A 👚 Womans Clothes
1F45B 👛 Purse
1F45C 👜 Handbag
1F45D 👝 Pouch
1F45E 👞 Mans Shoe
1F45F 👟 Athletic Shoe
  =runner, sneaker, tennis shoe
1F460 👠 High-Heeled Shoe
1F461 👡 Womans Sandal
1F462 👢 Womans Boots
1F463 👣 Footprints
  1F43E 🐾 paw prints

Portrait and role symbols

1F464 👤 Bust In Silhouette
  =guest account
1F465 👥 Busts In Silhouette
1F466 👦 Boy
1F467 👧 Girl
  1F9D2 🧒 child
1F468 👨 Man
1F469 👩 Woman
  1F9D1 🧑 adult
1F46A 👪 Family
  =rated for family
1F46B 👫 Man And Woman Holding Hands
  1F6BB 🚻 restroom
1F46C 👬 Two Men Holding Hands
1F46D 👭 Two Women Holding Hands
1F46E 👮 Police Officer
1F46F 👯 Woman With Bunny Ears
  most popularly depicted as two women dancing
1F470 👰 Bride With Veil
  1F935 🤵 man in tuxedo
1F471 👱 Person With Blond Hair
1F472 👲 Man With Gua Pi Mao
1F473 👳 Man With Turban
  may be shown with or without a beard
1F474 👴 Older Man
1F475 👵 Older Woman
  1F9D3 🧓 older adult
1F476 👶 Baby
1F477 👷 Construction Worker
  the helmet may show a green cross, used as a safety reminder in Japan
  26D1 ⛑ helmet with white cross

Fairy tale symbols

1F478 👸 Princess
  1F934 🤴 prince
  1FAC5 🫅 person with crown
1F479 👹 Japanese Ogre
1F47A 👺 Japanese Goblin
1F47B 👻 Ghost
1F47C 👼 Baby Angel
1F47D 👽 Extraterrestrial Alien
  1F6F8 🛸 flying saucer
1F47E 👾 Alien Monster
  1F916 🤖 robot face
1F47F 👿 Imp
  commonly depicted as a frowning/angry version of 1F608 😈 smiling face with horns
1F480 💀 Skull

Role symbols

1F481 💁 Information Desk Person
  often used to indicate "sassy" or "carefree"
1F482 💂 Guardsman
1F483 💃 Dancer
  also used for "let's party"
  1F57A 🕺 man dancing

Personal care symbols

1F484 💄 Lipstick
1F485 💅 Nail Polish
  =manicure, nail care
1F486 💆 Face Massage
1F487 💇 Haircut
  usually indicates a beauty parlor
1F488 💈 Barber Pole

Medical symbols

1F489 💉 Syringe
1F48A 💊 Pill

Romance symbols

1F48B 💋 Kiss Mark
  1F5E2 🗢 lips
1F48C 💌 Love Letter
1F48D 💍 Ring
1F48E 💎 Gem Stone
1F48F 💏 Kiss
  =two people kissing
1F490 💐 Bouquet
  1F395 🎕 bouquet of flowers
1F491 💑 Couple With Heart
1F492 💒 Wedding
  =wedding chapel
  26AD ⚭ marriage symbol

Heart symbols

1F493 💓 Beating Heart
1F494 💔 Broken Heart
1F495 💕 Two Hearts
1F496 💖 Sparkling Heart
1F497 💗 Growing Heart
1F498 💘 Heart With Arrow
1F499 💙 Blue Heart
  2661 ♡ white heart suit
  2665 ♥ black heart suit
  2764 ❤ heavy black heart
  1F90D 🤍 white heart
  1F9E1 🧡 orange heart
  1FA75 🩵 light blue heart
1F49A 💚 Green Heart
1F49B 💛 Yellow Heart
1F49C 💜 Purple Heart
1F49D 💝 Heart With Ribbon
1F49E 💞 Revolving Hearts
1F49F 💟 Heart Decoration

Comic style symbols

1F4A0 💠 Diamond Shape With A Dot Inside
  =kawaii, cute
  meaning of cuteness is based on association of glyph with shape of a flower
  27D0 ⟐ white diamond with centred dot
1F4A1 💡 Electric Light Bulb
1F4A2 💢 Anger Symbol
1F4A3 💣 Bomb
1F4A4 💤 Sleeping Symbol
1F4A5 💥 Collision Symbol
  1F5F0 🗰 mood bubble
1F4A6 💦 Splashing Sweat Symbol
1F4A7 💧 Droplet
  represents a drop of sweat or drop of water
  1F322 🌢 black droplet
  1FA78 🩸 drop of blood
1F4A8 💨 Dash Symbol
  =running dash, briffits
1F4A9 💩 Pile Of Poo
  =dog dirt
  may be depicted with or without a friendly face
1F4AA 💪 Flexed Biceps
  =strong, muscled
1F4AB 💫 Dizzy Symbol
  =circling stars, squeans
1F4AC 💬 Speech Balloon
  =comic book conversation bubble
1F4AD 💭 Thought Balloon
  1F5ED 🗭 right thought bubble

Japanese school grade symbols

1F4AE 💮 White Flower
  =brilliant homework
  2740 ❀ white florette
1F4AF 💯 Hundred Points Symbol
  =perfect score

Money symbols

1F4B0 💰 Money Bag
  glyph may show any currency symbol instead of a dollar sign
1F4B1 💱 Currency Exchange
1F4B2 💲 Heavy Dollar Sign
  0024 $ dollar sign
1F4B3 💳 Credit Card
1F4B4 💴 Banknote With Yen Sign
1F4B5 💵 Banknote With Dollar Sign
1F4B6 💶 Banknote With Euro Sign
1F4B7 💷 Banknote With Pound Sign
1F4B8 💸 Money With Wings
1F4B9 💹 Chart With Upwards Trend And Yen Sign

Office symbols

1F4BA 💺 Seat
  intended to denote a reserved or ticketed seat, as for an airplane, train, or theater
1F4BB 💻 Personal Computer
  1F5B3 🖳 old personal computer
1F4BC 💼 Briefcase
1F4BD 💽 Minidisc
1F4BE 💾 Floppy Disk
  =flexible disk cartridge, floppy disc, floppy, diskette
  1F5AA 🖪 black hard shell floppy disk
1F4BF 💿 Optical Disc
  1F5B8 🖸 optical disc icon
1F4C0 📀 Dvd
  =digital video/versatile disc
1F4C1 📁 File Folder
  1F5C0 🗀 folder
1F4C2 📂 Open File Folder
  1F5C1 🗁 open folder
1F4C3 📃 Page With Curl
  1F5CF 🗏 page
1F4C4 📄 Page Facing Up
  1F5CE 🗎 document
1F4C5 📅 Calendar
  1F5D2 🗒 spiral note pad
1F4C6 📆 Tear-Off Calendar
  1F5D3 🗓 spiral calendar pad
1F4C7 📇 Card Index
  1F5C2 🗂 card index dividers
1F4C8 📈 Chart With Upwards Trend
  1F5E0 🗠 stock chart
1F4C9 📉 Chart With Downwards Trend
1F4CA 📊 Bar Chart
1F4CB 📋 Clipboard
1F4CC 📌 Pushpin
  1F588 🖈 black pushpin
1F4CD 📍 Round Pushpin
1F4CE 📎 Paperclip
  1F587 🖇 linked paperclips
1F4CF 📏 Straight Ruler
1F4D0 📐 Triangular Ruler
1F4D1 📑 Bookmark Tabs
1F4D2 📒 Ledger
1F4D3 📓 Notebook
1F4D4 📔 Notebook With Decorative Cover
1F4D5 📕 Closed Book
1F4D6 📖 Open Book
  =read operator's manual
  similar to ISO/IEC 7000 瀀-0790 ‎ސ‎ "Read operator's manual"
  1F56E 🕮 book
1F4D7 📗 Green Book
1F4D8 📘 Blue Book
1F4D9 📙 Orange Book
1F4DA 📚 Books
1F4DB 📛 Name Badge
1F4DC 📜 Scroll

Communication symbols

1F4DD 📝 Memo
1F4DE 📞 Telephone Receiver
  commonly oriented rightwards, so that a face emoticon can be positioned to the right
  1F57B 🕻 left hand telephone receiver
  1F57D 🕽 right hand telephone receiver
1F4DF 📟 Pager
1F4E0 📠 Fax Machine
  213B ℻ facsimile sign
  1F57C 🕼 telephone receiver with page
  1F5A8 🖨 printer
  1F5B7 🖷 fax icon
1F4E1 📡 Satellite Antenna
  =position indicator, news
1F4E2 📢 Public Address Loudspeaker
1F4E3 📣 Cheering Megaphone
  1F56C 🕬 bullhorn with sound waves
1F4E4 📤 Outbox Tray
1F4E5 📥 Inbox Tray
1F4E6 📦 Package
  1F381 🎁 wrapped present
1F4E7 📧 E-Mail Symbol
  glyph may show an E instead of an @-sign
  1F584 🖄 envelope with lightning
1F4E8 📨 Incoming Envelope
  2709 ✉ envelope
1F4E9 📩 Envelope With Downwards Arrow Above
  sending mail
  1F585 🖅 flying envelope
1F4EA 📪 Closed Mailbox With Lowered Flag
  =letter box, mail reception
  =empty mailbox
1F4EB 📫 Closed Mailbox With Raised Flag
  =mailbox containing mail
1F4EC 📬 Open Mailbox With Raised Flag
1F4ED 📭 Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag
1F4EE 📮 Postbox
  =mailbox for sending mail
1F4EF 📯 Postal Horn
1F4F0 📰 Newspaper
  1F5DE 🗞 rolled-up newspaper
1F4F1 📱 Mobile Phone
  1F581 🖁 clamshell mobile phone
1F4F2 📲 Mobile Phone With Rightwards Arrow At Left
  making a phone call
1F4F3 📳 Vibration Mode
1F4F4 📴 Mobile Phone Off
1F4F5 📵 No Mobile Phones
1F4F6 📶 Antenna With Bars
  =cellular reception

Audio and video symbols

1F4F7 📷 Camera
1F4F8 📸 Camera With Flash
1F4F9 📹 Video Camera
1F4FA 📺 Television
1F4FB 📻 Radio
1F4FC 📼 Videocassette
1F4FD 📽 Film Projector
  1F3A6 🎦 cinema
1F4FE 📾 Portable Stereo

Religious symbol

1F4FF 📿 Prayer Beads

User interface symbols

1F500 🔀 Twisted Rightwards Arrows
1F501 🔁 Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows
  267B ♻ black universal recycling symbol
1F502 🔂 Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows With Circled One Overlay
  =repeat one item over
1F503 🔃 Clockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows
  1F5D8 🗘 clockwise right and left semicircle arrows
1F504 🔄 Anticlockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows
1F505 🔅 Low Brightness Symbol
1F506 🔆 High Brightness Symbol
  2600 ☀ black sun with rays
  263C ☼ white sun with rays
  26ED ⛭ gear without hub
1F507 🔇 Speaker With Cancellation Stroke
1F508 🔈 Speaker
  =left speaker
  1F568 🕨 right speaker
  1F56B 🕫 bullhorn
1F509 🔉 Speaker With One Sound Wave
1F50A 🔊 Speaker With Three Sound Waves
1F50B 🔋 Battery
  1FAAB 🪫 low battery
1F50C 🔌 Electric Plug
1F50D 🔍 Left-Pointing Magnifying Glass
  1F56C 🕬 bullhorn with sound waves
1F50E 🔎 Right-Pointing Magnifying Glass
  =get more details
1F50F 🔏 Lock With Ink Pen
1F510 🔐 Closed Lock With Key
1F511 🔑 Key
  26BF ⚿ squared key
  1F5DD 🗝 old key
1F512 🔒 Lock
  =padlock in locked position
1F513 🔓 Open Lock
1F514 🔔 Bell
  0FC4 ࿄ tibetan symbol dril bu
  2407 ␇ symbol for bell
  1F56D 🕭 ringing bell
1F515 🔕 Bell With Cancellation Stroke
1F516 🔖 Bookmark
  indicates a bookmark, not a price tag
  1F3F7 🏷 label
1F517 🔗 Link Symbol
1F518 🔘 Radio Button
  2299 ⊙ circled dot operator
  25C9 ◉ fisheye
  25CE ◎ bullseye

Words with arrows

1F519 🔙 Back With Leftwards Arrow Above
  2397 ⎗ previous page
1F51A 🔚 End With Leftwards Arrow Above
1F51B 🔛 On With Exclamation Mark With Left Right Arrow Above
1F51C 🔜 Soon With Rightwards Arrow Above
1F51D 🔝 Top With Upwards Arrow Above
  =top of page

Enclosed alphanumeric symbols

1F51E 🔞 No One Under Eighteen Symbol
1F51F 🔟 Keycap Ten
  20E3 ◌⃣ combining enclosing keycap

User interface input status symbols

1F520 🔠 Input Symbol For Latin Capital Letters
1F521 🔡 Input Symbol For Latin Small Letters
1F522 🔢 Input Symbol For Numbers
1F523 🔣 Input Symbol For Symbols
1F524 🔤 Input Symbol For Latin Letters
  =English input (ABC)

Tool symbols

1F525 🔥 Fire
1F526 🔦 Electric Torch
1F527 🔧 Wrench
1F528 🔨 Hammer
1F529 🔩 Nut And Bolt
1F52A 🔪 Hocho
  =Japanese kitchen knife
  1F5E1 🗡 dagger knife
1F52B 🔫 Pistol
  =handgun, revolver
1F52C 🔬 Microscope
1F52D 🔭 Telescope
1F52E 🔮 Crystal Ball

Miscellaneous symbols

1F52F 🔯 Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot
  2721 ✡ star of david
1F530 🔰 Japanese Symbol For Beginner
1F531 🔱 Trident Emblem

Geometric shapes

1F532 🔲 Black Square Button
1F533 🔳 White Square Button
1F534 🔴 Large Red Circle
  23FA ⏺ black circle for record
  25CF ● black circle
  25EF ◯ large circle
  2B24 ⬤ black large circle
  2B55 ⭕ heavy large circle
  1F7E0 🟠 large orange circle
1F535 🔵 Large Blue Circle
1F536 🔶 Large Orange Diamond
  25C6 ◆ black diamond
1F537 🔷 Large Blue Diamond
1F538 🔸 Small Orange Diamond
  2B29 ⬩ black small diamond
1F539 🔹 Small Blue Diamond

User interface symbols

1F53A 🔺 Up-Pointing Red Triangle
  25B2 ▲ black up-pointing triangle
1F53B 🔻 Down-Pointing Red Triangle
  25BC ▼ black down-pointing triangle
1F53C 🔼 Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle
  =play arrow up
  25B4 ▴ black up-pointing small triangle
1F53D 🔽 Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle
  =play arrow down
  25BE ▾ black down-pointing small triangle

Shadowed geometric shapes

1F53E 🔾 Lower Right Shadowed White Circle
  =circle shadow down
  274D ❍ shadowed white circle
1F53F 🔿 Upper Right Shadowed White Circle

Religious symbols

1F540 🕀 Circled Cross Pommee
  Orthodox typicon symbol for great feast service
1F541 🕁 Cross Pommee With Half-Circle Below
  Orthodox typicon symbol for vigil service
1F542 🕂 Cross Pommee
  Orthodox typicon symbol for Polyeleos
  2722 ✢ four teardrop-spoked asterisk
1F543 🕃 Notched Left Semicircle With Three Dots
  Orthodox typicon symbol for lower rank feast
1F544 🕄 Notched Right Semicircle With Three Dots
  Orthodox typicon symbol for lower rank feast
1F545 🕅 Symbol For Marks Chapter
  Orthodox typicon symbol for difficult sections
1F546 🕆 White Latin Cross
  =cross outline
  271E ✞ shadowed white latin cross
1F547 🕇 Heavy Latin Cross
1F548 🕈 Celtic Cross
1F549 🕉 Om Symbol
  generic symbol independent of Devanagari font
  0950 ॐ devanagari om
1F54A 🕊 Dove Of Peace
1F54B 🕋 Kaaba
1F54C 🕌 Mosque
1F54D 🕍 Synagogue
1F54E 🕎 Menorah With Nine Branches

Miscellaneous symbol

1F54F 🕏 Bowl Of Hygieia
  2695 ⚕ staff of aesculapius

Clock face symbols

1F550 🕐 Clock Face One Oclock
  231A ⌚ watch
  23F0 ⏰ alarm clock
1F551 🕑 Clock Face Two Oclock
1F552 🕒 Clock Face Three Oclock
1F553 🕓 Clock Face Four Oclock
1F554 🕔 Clock Face Five Oclock
1F555 🕕 Clock Face Six Oclock
1F556 🕖 Clock Face Seven Oclock
1F557 🕗 Clock Face Eight Oclock
1F558 🕘 Clock Face Nine Oclock
1F559 🕙 Clock Face Ten Oclock
1F55A 🕚 Clock Face Eleven Oclock
1F55B 🕛 Clock Face Twelve Oclock
1F55C 🕜 Clock Face One-Thirty
1F55D 🕝 Clock Face Two-Thirty
1F55E 🕞 Clock Face Three-Thirty
1F55F 🕟 Clock Face Four-Thirty
1F560 🕠 Clock Face Five-Thirty
1F561 🕡 Clock Face Six-Thirty
1F562 🕢 Clock Face Seven-Thirty
1F563 🕣 Clock Face Eight-Thirty
1F564 🕤 Clock Face Nine-Thirty
1F565 🕥 Clock Face Ten-Thirty
1F566 🕦 Clock Face Eleven-Thirty
1F567 🕧 Clock Face Twelve-Thirty

Communication symbols

1F568 🕨 Right Speaker
  1F508 🔈 speaker
1F569 🕩 Right Speaker With One Sound Wave
1F56A 🕪 Right Speaker With Three Sound Waves
1F56B 🕫 Bullhorn
  =sound off
  1F508 🔈 speaker
1F56C 🕬 Bullhorn With Sound Waves
  =sound on
  1F4E3 📣 cheering megaphone
  1F50A 🔊 speaker with three sound waves

Miscellaneous symbols

1F56D 🕭 Ringing Bell
  1F514 🔔 bell
1F56E 🕮 Book
  1F4D6 📖 open book
1F56F 🕯 Candle
1F570 🕰 Mantelpiece Clock
  23F0 ⏰ alarm clock
1F571 🕱 Black Skull And Crossbones
  2620 ☠ skull and crossbones
1F572 🕲 No Piracy
1F573 🕳 Hole
  =portable hole
1F574 🕴 Man In Business Suit Levitating
1F575 🕵 Sleuth Or Spy
1F576 🕶 Dark Sunglasses

Animal symbols

1F577 🕷 Spider
1F578 🕸 Spider Web

Game symbol

1F579 🕹 Joystick

Role symbol

1F57A 🕺 Man Dancing
  forms a gender pair with 1F483 💃
  1F483 💃 dancer

Communication symbols

1F57B 🕻 Left Hand Telephone Receiver
  1F4DE 📞 telephone receiver
1F57C 🕼 Telephone Receiver With Page
  1F4E0 📠 fax machine
1F57D 🕽 Right Hand Telephone Receiver
  =telephone handset
1F57E 🕾 White Touchtone Telephone
  260F ☏ white telephone
1F57F 🕿 Black Touchtone Telephone
  260E ☎ black telephone
1F580 🖀 Telephone On Top Of Modem
1F581 🖁 Clamshell Mobile Phone
  =cellular phone
  1F4F1 📱 mobile phone
1F582 🖂 Back Of Envelope
  contrasts with 2709 ✉, which shows a seal
  2709 ✉ envelope
1F583 🖃 Stamped Envelope
1F584 🖄 Envelope With Lightning
  1F4E7 📧 e-mail symbol
1F585 🖅 Flying Envelope
  =send message
  1F4E9 📩 envelope with downwards arrow above
1F586 🖆 Pen Over Stamped Envelope
1F587 🖇 Linked Paperclips
  1F4CE 📎 paperclip
1F588 🖈 Black Pushpin
  1F4CC 📌 pushpin
1F589 🖉 Lower Left Pencil
  270E ✎ lower right pencil
1F58A 🖊 Lower Left Ballpoint Pen
  =ballpoint pen
1F58B 🖋 Lower Left Fountain Pen
  =fountain pen
  2711 ✑ white nib
1F58C 🖌 Lower Left Paintbrush
1F58D 🖍 Lower Left Crayon

Hand symbols

1F58E 🖎 Left Writing Hand
  270D ✍ writing hand
1F58F 🖏 Turned Ok Hand Sign
  1F44C 👌 ok hand sign
1F590 🖐 Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed
  270B ✋ raised hand
1F591 🖑 Reversed Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed
1F592 🖒 Reversed Thumbs Up Sign
  1F44D 👍 thumbs up sign
1F593 🖓 Reversed Thumbs Down Sign
  1F44E 👎 thumbs down sign
1F594 🖔 Reversed Victory Hand
  270C ✌ victory hand
1F595 🖕 Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended
1F596 🖖 Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers
  =Vulcan salute
1F597 🖗 White Down Pointing Left Hand Index
  261F ☟ white down pointing index
  1F447 👇 white down pointing backhand index
1F598 🖘 Sideways White Left Pointing Index
  261C ☜ white left pointing index
1F599 🖙 Sideways White Right Pointing Index
  261E ☞ white right pointing index
1F59A 🖚 Sideways Black Left Pointing Index
1F59B 🖛 Sideways Black Right Pointing Index
1F59C 🖜 Black Left Pointing Backhand Index
  1F448 👈 white left pointing backhand index
1F59D 🖝 Black Right Pointing Backhand Index
  1F449 👉 white right pointing backhand index
1F59E 🖞 Sideways White Up Pointing Index
  261D ☝ white up pointing index
1F59F 🖟 Sideways White Down Pointing Index
  261F ☟ white down pointing index
1F5A0 🖠 Sideways Black Up Pointing Index
1F5A1 🖡 Sideways Black Down Pointing Index
1F5A2 🖢 Black Up Pointing Backhand Index
  1F446 👆 white up pointing backhand index
1F5A3 🖣 Black Down Pointing Backhand Index
  1F447 👇 white down pointing backhand index

Heart symbol

1F5A4 🖤 Black Heart
  unequivocally represented as black in all variants
  2665 ♥ black heart suit
  1F90D 🤍 white heart

Computer symbols

1F5A5 🖥 Desktop Computer
  =tower computer
1F5A6 🖦 Keyboard And Mouse
  2328 ⌨ keyboard
1F5A7 🖧 Three Networked Computers
  =computer network
1F5A8 🖨 Printer
  1F4E0 📠 fax machine
1F5A9 🖩 Pocket Calculator
1F5AA 🖪 Black Hard Shell Floppy Disk
  1F4BE 💾 floppy disk
1F5AB 🖫 White Hard Shell Floppy Disk
1F5AC 🖬 Soft Shell Floppy Disk
1F5AD 🖭 Tape Cartridge
1F5AE 🖮 Wired Keyboard
  2328 ⌨ keyboard
1F5AF 🖯 One Button Mouse
1F5B0 🖰 Two Button Mouse
1F5B1 🖱 Three Button Mouse
1F5B2 🖲 Trackball
1F5B3 🖳 Old Personal Computer
  =personal computer
  1F4BB 💻 personal computer
1F5B4 🖴 Hard Disk
1F5B5 🖵 Screen
  20E2 ◌⃢ combining enclosing screen
1F5B6 🖶 Printer Icon
  1F5A8 🖨 printer
1F5B7 🖷 Fax Icon
  1F4E0 📠 fax machine
1F5B8 🖸 Optical Disc Icon
  =compact disc
  1F4BF 💿 optical disc

Office symbols

1F5B9 🖹 Document With Text
1F5BA 🖺 Document With Text And Picture
1F5BB 🖻 Document With Picture
  =graphic document
1F5BC 🖼 Frame With Picture
1F5BD 🖽 Frame With Tiles
1F5BE 🖾 Frame With An X
  =no frames, no picture

User interface symbols

1F5BF 🖿 Black Folder
1F5C0 🗀 Folder
  1F4C1 📁 file folder
  1FBB9 🮹 left half folder
1F5C1 🗁 Open Folder
  1F4C2 📂 open file folder
1F5C2 🗂 Card Index Dividers
  1F4C7 📇 card index
1F5C3 🗃 Card File Box
1F5C4 🗄 File Cabinet
1F5C5 🗅 Empty Note
1F5C6 🗆 Empty Note Page
1F5C7 🗇 Empty Note Pad
1F5C8 🗈 Note
1F5C9 🗉 Note Page
1F5CA 🗊 Note Pad
1F5CB 🗋 Empty Document
1F5CC 🗌 Empty Page
1F5CD 🗍 Empty Pages
1F5CE 🗎 Document
  1F4C4 📄 page facing up
1F5CF 🗏 Page
  1F4C3 📃 page with curl
1F5D0 🗐 Pages
1F5D1 🗑 Wastebasket
1F5D2 🗒 Spiral Note Pad
  =note, empty calendar
  1F4C5 📅 calendar
1F5D3 🗓 Spiral Calendar Pad
  =calendar, day 1
  1F4C6 📆 tear-off calendar
1F5D4 🗔 Desktop Window
1F5D5 🗕 Minimize
1F5D6 🗖 Maximize
1F5D7 🗗 Overlap
  =overlapping offset windows
1F5D8 🗘 Clockwise Right And Left Semicircle Arrows
  1F503 🔃 clockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrows
1F5D9 🗙 Cancellation X
  274C ❌ cross mark
1F5DA 🗚 Increase Font Size Symbol
1F5DB 🗛 Decrease Font Size Symbol
1F5DC 🗜 Compression
  symbol depicts a hand press with a box inside
1F5DD 🗝 Old Key
  1F511 🔑 key

Miscellaneous symbols

1F5DE 🗞 Rolled-Up Newspaper
  1F4F0 📰 newspaper
1F5DF 🗟 Page With Circled Text
1F5E0 🗠 Stock Chart
  1F4C8 📈 chart with upwards trend

Rating symbols

The following symbols are used for ratings. This set also includes 1F46A for family rating.
1F5E1 🗡 Dagger Knife
  =rated for violence
  1F52A 🔪 hocho
1F5E2 🗢 Lips
  =rated for sex
  1F48B 💋 kiss mark
  1FAE6 🫦 biting lip
1F5E3 🗣 Speaking Head In Silhouette
  =rated for strong language

Sound symbols

1F5E4 🗤 Three Rays Above
1F5E5 🗥 Three Rays Below
1F5E6 🗦 Three Rays Left
  269E ⚞ three lines converging right
1F5E7 🗧 Three Rays Right
  269F ⚟ three lines converging left

Bubble symbols

1F5E8 🗨 Left Speech Bubble
1F5E9 🗩 Right Speech Bubble
1F5EA 🗪 Two Speech Bubbles
1F5EB 🗫 Three Speech Bubbles
1F5EC 🗬 Left Thought Bubble
1F5ED 🗭 Right Thought Bubble
  1F4AD 💭 thought balloon
1F5EE 🗮 Left Anger Bubble
  =shout left
1F5EF 🗯 Right Anger Bubble
  =shout right
1F5F0 🗰 Mood Bubble
  1F4A5 💥 collision symbol
1F5F1 🗱 Lightning Mood Bubble
1F5F2 🗲 Lightning Mood
  =lightning bolt
  26A1 ⚡ high voltage sign

Ballot symbols

1F5F3 🗳 Ballot Box With Ballot
  2612 ☒ ballot box with x
1F5F4 🗴 Ballot Script X
  =x mark
  2717 ✗ ballot x
1F5F5 🗵 Ballot Box With Script X
  2612 ☒ ballot box with x
1F5F6 🗶 Ballot Bold Script X
  2718 ✘ heavy ballot x
1F5F7 🗷 Ballot Box With Bold Script X
1F5F8 🗸 Light Check Mark
  2713 ✓ check mark
1F5F9 🗹 Ballot Box With Bold Check
  2611 ☑ ballot box with check

Map symbol

1F5FA 🗺 World Map

Cultural symbols

1F5FB 🗻 Mount Fuji
1F5FC 🗼 Tokyo Tower
1F5FD 🗽 Statue Of Liberty
1F5FE 🗾 Silhouette Of Japan
1F5FF 🗿 Moyai
  Japanese stone statue like Moai on Easter Island