Supplemental Mathematical Operators

N-ary operators

2A00 ⨀ N-Ary Circled Dot Operator
  2299 ⊙ circled dot operator
  25C9 ◉ fisheye
2A01 ⨁ N-Ary Circled Plus Operator
  2295 ⊕ circled plus
2A02 ⨂ N-Ary Circled Times Operator
  2297 ⊗ circled times
  2B59 ⭙ heavy circled saltire
2A03 ⨃ N-Ary Union Operator With Dot
  228D ⊍ multiset multiplication
2A04 ⨄ N-Ary Union Operator With Plus
  228E ⊎ multiset union
2A05 ⨅ N-Ary Square Intersection Operator
  2293 ⊓ square cap
2A06 ⨆ N-Ary Square Union Operator
  2294 ⊔ square cup
2A07 ⨇ Two Logical And Operator
  2A55 ⩕ two intersecting logical and
2A08 ⨈ Two Logical Or Operator
  2A56 ⩖ two intersecting logical or
2A09 ⨉ N-Ary Times Operator
  00D7 × multiplication sign

Summations and integrals

2A0A ⨊ Modulo Two Sum
  2211 ∑ n-ary summation
2A0B ⨋ Summation With Integral
2A0C ⨌ Quadruple Integral Operator
  222D ∭ triple integral
  222B ∫ 222B ∫ 222B ∫ 222B ∫
2A0D ⨍ Finite Part Integral
2A0E ⨎ Integral With Double Stroke
2A0F ⨏ Integral Average With Slash
2A10 ⨐ Circulation Function
2A11 ⨑ Anticlockwise Integration
2A12 ⨒ Line Integration With Rectangular Path Around Pole
2A13 ⨓ Line Integration With Semicircular Path Around Pole
2A14 ⨔ Line Integration Not Including The Pole
2A15 ⨕ Integral Around A Point Operator
  222E ∮ contour integral
2A16 ⨖ Quaternion Integral Operator
2A17 ⨗ Integral With Leftwards Arrow With Hook
2A18 ⨘ Integral With Times Sign
2A19 ⨙ Integral With Intersection
2A1A ⨚ Integral With Union
2A1B ⨛ Integral With Overbar
  =upper integral
2A1C ⨜ Integral With Underbar
  =lower integral

Miscellaneous large operators

2A1D ⨝ Join
  =large bowtie
  relational database theory
  22C8 ⋈ bowtie
  27D7 ⟗ full outer join
2A1E ⨞ Large Left Triangle Operator
  relational database theory
  25C1 ◁ white left-pointing triangle
2A1F ⨟ Z Notation Schema Composition
  2A3E ⨾ z notation relational composition
2A20 ⨠ Z Notation Schema Piping
  226B ≫ much greater-than
2A21 ⨡ Z Notation Schema Projection
  21BE ↾ upwards harpoon with barb rightwards

Plus and minus sign operators

2A22 ⨢ Plus Sign With Small Circle Above
2A23 ⨣ Plus Sign With Circumflex Accent Above
2A24 ⨤ Plus Sign With Tilde Above
  =positive difference or sum
2A25 ⨥ Plus Sign With Dot Below
  2214 ∔ dot plus
2A26 ⨦ Plus Sign With Tilde Below
  =sum or positive difference
2A27 ⨧ Plus Sign With Subscript Two
2A28 ⨨ Plus Sign With Black Triangle
2A29 ⨩ Minus Sign With Comma Above
2A2A ⨪ Minus Sign With Dot Below
  2238 ∸ dot minus
2A2B ⨫ Minus Sign With Falling Dots
2A2C ⨬ Minus Sign With Rising Dots
2A2D ⨭ Plus Sign In Left Half Circle
2A2E ⨮ Plus Sign In Right Half Circle

Multiplication and division sign operators

2A2F ⨯ Vector Or Cross Product
  00D7 × multiplication sign
2A30 ⨰ Multiplication Sign With Dot Above
2A31 ⨱ Multiplication Sign With Underbar
2A32 ⨲ Semidirect Product With Bottom Closed
2A33 ⨳ Smash Product
2A34 ⨴ Multiplication Sign In Left Half Circle
2A35 ⨵ Multiplication Sign In Right Half Circle
2A36 ⨶ Circled Multiplication Sign With Circumflex Accent
2A37 ⨷ Multiplication Sign In Double Circle
2A38 ⨸ Circled Division Sign

Miscellaneous mathematical operators

2A39 ⨹ Plus Sign In Triangle
2A3A ⨺ Minus Sign In Triangle
2A3B ⨻ Multiplication Sign In Triangle
2A3C ⨼ Interior Product
  230B ⌋ right floor
2A3D ⨽ Righthand Interior Product
  230A ⌊ left floor
  2319 ⌙ turned not sign
2A3E ⨾ Z Notation Relational Composition
  2A1F ⨟ z notation schema composition
2A3F ⨿ Amalgamation Or Coproduct
  2210 ∐ n-ary coproduct

Intersections and unions

2A40 ⩀ Intersection With Dot
  2227 ∧ logical and
  27D1 ⟑ and with dot
2A41 ⩁ Union With Minus Sign
  =z notation bag subtraction
  228E ⊎ multiset union
2A42 ⩂ Union With Overbar
2A43 ⩃ Intersection With Overbar
2A44 ⩄ Intersection With Logical And
2A45 ⩅ Union With Logical Or
2A46 ⩆ Union Above Intersection
2A47 ⩇ Intersection Above Union
2A48 ⩈ Union Above Bar Above Intersection
2A49 ⩉ Intersection Above Bar Above Union
2A4A ⩊ Union Beside And Joined With Union
2A4B ⩋ Intersection Beside And Joined With Intersection
2A4C ⩌ Closed Union With Serifs
  222A ∪ union
2A4D ⩍ Closed Intersection With Serifs
  2229 ∩ intersection
2A4E ⩎ Double Square Intersection
2A4F ⩏ Double Square Union
2A50 ⩐ Closed Union With Serifs And Smash Product

Logical ands and ors

2A51 ⩑ Logical And With Dot Above
2A52 ⩒ Logical Or With Dot Above
2A53 ⩓ Double Logical And
2A54 ⩔ Double Logical Or
2A55 ⩕ Two Intersecting Logical And
  2A07 ⨇ two logical and operator
2A56 ⩖ Two Intersecting Logical Or
  2A08 ⨈ two logical or operator
2A57 ⩗ Sloping Large Or
2A58 ⩘ Sloping Large And
2A59 ⩙ Logical Or Overlapping Logical And
2A5A ⩚ Logical And With Middle Stem
2A5B ⩛ Logical Or With Middle Stem
2A5C ⩜ Logical And With Horizontal Dash
2A5D ⩝ Logical Or With Horizontal Dash
2A5E ⩞ Logical And With Double Overbar
  2306 ⌆ perspective
2A5F ⩟ Logical And With Underbar
2A60 ⩠ Logical And With Double Underbar
  2259 ≙ estimates
2A61 ⩡ Small Vee With Underbar
  225A ≚ equiangular to
2A62 ⩢ Logical Or With Double Overbar
2A63 ⩣ Logical Or With Double Underbar
  225A ≚ equiangular to

Miscellaneous mathematical operators

2A64 ⩤ Z Notation Domain Antirestriction
2A65 ⩥ Z Notation Range Antirestriction
  2332 ⌲ conical taper

Relational operators

2A66 ⩦ Equals Sign With Dot Below
  2250 ≐ approaches the limit
2A67 ⩧ Identical With Dot Above
2A68 ⩨ Triple Horizontal Bar With Double Vertical Stroke
  =identical and parallel to
  22D5 ⋕ equal and parallel to
  29E5 ⧥ identical to and slanted parallel
2A69 ⩩ Triple Horizontal Bar With Triple Vertical Stroke
2A6A ⩪ Tilde Operator With Dot Above
2A6B ⩫ Tilde Operator With Rising Dots
  223B ∻ homothetic
2A6C ⩬ Similar Minus Similar
2A6D ⩭ Congruent With Dot Above
  2245 ≅ approximately equal to
2A6E ⩮ Equals With Asterisk
  225B ≛ star equals
2A6F ⩯ Almost Equal To With Circumflex Accent
2A70 ⩰ Approximately Equal Or Equal To
  2245 ≅ approximately equal to
2A71 ⩱ Equals Sign Above Plus Sign
  black stands slightly better (chess notation)
2A72 ⩲ Plus Sign Above Equals Sign
  white stands slightly better (chess notation)
2A73 ⩳ Equals Sign Above Tilde Operator
2A74 ⩴ Double Colon Equal
  003A : 003A : 003D =
2A75 ⩵ Two Consecutive Equals Signs
  003D = 003D =
2A76 ⩶ Three Consecutive Equals Signs
  003D = 003D = 003D =
2A77 ⩷ Equals Sign With Two Dots Above And Two Dots Below
2A78 ⩸ Equivalent With Four Dots Above
2A79 ⩹ Less-Than With Circle Inside
2A7A ⩺ Greater-Than With Circle Inside
2A7B ⩻ Less-Than With Question Mark Above
2A7C ⩼ Greater-Than With Question Mark Above
2A7D ⩽ Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To
  2264 ≤ less-than or equal to
2A7E ⩾ Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To
  2265 ≥ greater-than or equal to
2A7F ⩿ Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside
2A80 ⪀ Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside
2A81 ⪁ Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above
2A82 ⪂ Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above
2A83 ⪃ Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Right
2A84 ⪄ Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Left
2A85 ⪅ Less-Than Or Approximate
2A86 ⪆ Greater-Than Or Approximate
2A87 ⪇ Less-Than And Single-Line Not Equal To
  2268 ≨ less-than but not equal to
2A88 ⪈ Greater-Than And Single-Line Not Equal To
  2269 ≩ greater-than but not equal to
2A89 ⪉ Less-Than And Not Approximate
2A8A ⪊ Greater-Than And Not Approximate
2A8B ⪋ Less-Than Above Double-Line Equal Above Greater-Than
  22DA ⋚ less-than equal to or greater-than
2A8C ⪌ Greater-Than Above Double-Line Equal Above Less-Than
  22DB ⋛ greater-than equal to or less-than
2A8D ⪍ Less-Than Above Similar Or Equal
2A8E ⪎ Greater-Than Above Similar Or Equal
2A8F ⪏ Less-Than Above Similar Above Greater-Than
2A90 ⪐ Greater-Than Above Similar Above Less-Than
2A91 ⪑ Less-Than Above Greater-Than Above Double-Line Equal
2A92 ⪒ Greater-Than Above Less-Than Above Double-Line Equal
2A93 ⪓ Less-Than Above Slanted Equal Above Greater-Than Above Slanted Equal
2A94 ⪔ Greater-Than Above Slanted Equal Above Less-Than Above Slanted Equal
2A95 ⪕ Slanted Equal To Or Less-Than
  22DC ⋜ equal to or less-than
2A96 ⪖ Slanted Equal To Or Greater-Than
  22DD ⋝ equal to or greater-than
2A97 ⪗ Slanted Equal To Or Less-Than With Dot Inside
2A98 ⪘ Slanted Equal To Or Greater-Than With Dot Inside
2A99 ⪙ Double-Line Equal To Or Less-Than
  22DC ⋜ equal to or less-than
2A9A ⪚ Double-Line Equal To Or Greater-Than
  22DD ⋝ equal to or greater-than
2A9B ⪛ Double-Line Slanted Equal To Or Less-Than
2A9C ⪜ Double-Line Slanted Equal To Or Greater-Than
2A9D ⪝ Similar Or Less-Than
2A9E ⪞ Similar Or Greater-Than
2A9F ⪟ Similar Above Less-Than Above Equals Sign
2AA0 ⪠ Similar Above Greater-Than Above Equals Sign
2AA1 ⪡ Double Nested Less-Than
  =absolute continuity
  226A ≪ much less-than
2AA2 ⪢ Double Nested Greater-Than
  226B ≫ much greater-than
2AA3 ⪣ Double Nested Less-Than With Underbar
2AA4 ⪤ Greater-Than Overlapping Less-Than
2AA5 ⪥ Greater-Than Beside Less-Than
2AA6 ⪦ Less-Than Closed By Curve
2AA7 ⪧ Greater-Than Closed By Curve
2AA8 ⪨ Less-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal
2AA9 ⪩ Greater-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal
2AAA ⪪ Smaller Than
2AAB ⪫ Larger Than
2AAC ⪬ Smaller Than Or Equal To
2AAD ⪭ Larger Than Or Equal To
2AAE ⪮ Equals Sign With Bumpy Above
  224F ≏ difference between
2AAF ⪯ Precedes Above Single-Line Equals Sign
  227C ≼ precedes or equal to
2AB0 ⪰ Succeeds Above Single-Line Equals Sign
  227D ≽ succeeds or equal to
2AB1 ⪱ Precedes Above Single-Line Not Equal To
2AB2 ⪲ Succeeds Above Single-Line Not Equal To
2AB3 ⪳ Precedes Above Equals Sign
2AB4 ⪴ Succeeds Above Equals Sign
2AB5 ⪵ Precedes Above Not Equal To
2AB6 ⪶ Succeeds Above Not Equal To
2AB7 ⪷ Precedes Above Almost Equal To
2AB8 ⪸ Succeeds Above Almost Equal To
2AB9 ⪹ Precedes Above Not Almost Equal To
2ABA ⪺ Succeeds Above Not Almost Equal To
2ABB ⪻ Double Precedes
2ABC ⪼ Double Succeeds

Subset and superset relations

2ABD ⪽ Subset With Dot
2ABE ⪾ Superset With Dot
2ABF ⪿ Subset With Plus Sign Below
2AC0 ⫀ Superset With Plus Sign Below
2AC1 ⫁ Subset With Multiplication Sign Below
2AC2 ⫂ Superset With Multiplication Sign Below
2AC3 ⫃ Subset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above
2AC4 ⫄ Superset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above
2AC5 ⫅ Subset Of Above Equals Sign
2AC6 ⫆ Superset Of Above Equals Sign
2AC7 ⫇ Subset Of Above Tilde Operator
2AC8 ⫈ Superset Of Above Tilde Operator
2AC9 ⫉ Subset Of Above Almost Equal To
2ACA ⫊ Superset Of Above Almost Equal To
2ACB ⫋ Subset Of Above Not Equal To
2ACC ⫌ Superset Of Above Not Equal To
2ACD ⫍ Square Left Open Box Operator
2ACE ⫎ Square Right Open Box Operator
2ACF ⫏ Closed Subset
  2282 ⊂ subset of
2AD0 ⫐ Closed Superset
  2283 ⊃ superset of
2AD1 ⫑ Closed Subset Or Equal To
2AD2 ⫒ Closed Superset Or Equal To
2AD3 ⫓ Subset Above Superset
2AD4 ⫔ Superset Above Subset
2AD5 ⫕ Subset Above Subset
2AD6 ⫖ Superset Above Superset
2AD7 ⫗ Superset Beside Subset
2AD8 ⫘ Superset Beside And Joined By Dash With Subset


2AD9 ⫙ Element Of Opening Downwards
  2208 ∈ element of
  27D2 ⟒ element of opening upwards
2ADA ⫚ Pitchfork With Tee Top
  22D4 ⋔ pitchfork
2ADB ⫛ Transversal Intersection
  22D4 ⋔ pitchfork
2ADC ⫝̸ Forking
  =not independent
  an equational logic symbol, not a computing science symbol
  non-independence (original concept) is related to forking
  2ADD ⫝ 0338 ◌̸
2ADD ⫝ Nonforking
  an equational logic symbol, not a computing science symbol
  independence (original concept) is related to non-forking

Tacks and turnstiles

2ADE ⫞ Short Left Tack
  22A3 ⊣ left tack
2ADF ⫟ Short Down Tack
  22A4 ⊤ down tack
2AE0 ⫠ Short Up Tack
  22A5 ⊥ up tack
2AE1 ⫡ Perpendicular With S
2AE2 ⫢ Vertical Bar Triple Right Turnstile
  =ordinarily satisfies
2AE3 ⫣ Double Vertical Bar Left Turnstile
  22A9 ⊩ forces
2AE4 ⫤ Vertical Bar Double Left Turnstile
  22A8 ⊨ true
2AE5 ⫥ Double Vertical Bar Double Left Turnstile
2AE6 ⫦ Long Dash From Left Member Of Double Vertical
  22A9 ⊩ forces
2AE7 ⫧ Short Down Tack With Overbar
  22A4 ⊤ down tack
  2351 ⍑ apl functional symbol up tack overbar
  3012 〒 postal mark
2AE8 ⫨ Short Up Tack With Underbar
  22A5 ⊥ up tack
  234A ⍊ apl functional symbol down tack underbar
2AE9 ⫩ Short Up Tack Above Short Down Tack
2AEA ⫪ Double Down Tack
2AEB ⫫ Double Up Tack
  probability theory
2AEC ⫬ Double Stroke Not Sign
  00AC ¬ not sign
2AED ⫭ Reversed Double Stroke Not Sign
  2310 ⌐ reversed not sign

Vertical line operators

2AEE ⫮ Does Not Divide With Reversed Negation Slash
  2224 ∤ does not divide
2AEF ⫯ Vertical Line With Circle Above
2AF0 ⫰ Vertical Line With Circle Below
2AF1 ⫱ Down Tack With Circle Below
  =necessarily satisfies
  27DF ⟟ up tack with circle above
2AF2 ⫲ Parallel With Horizontal Stroke
  2226 ∦ not parallel to
  27CA ⟊ vertical bar with horizontal stroke
2AF3 ⫳ Parallel With Tilde Operator
2AF4 ⫴ Triple Vertical Bar Binary Relation
  2980 ⦀ triple vertical bar delimiter
2AF5 ⫵ Triple Vertical Bar With Horizontal Stroke
  27CA ⟊ vertical bar with horizontal stroke

Miscellaneous mathematical operator

2AF6 ⫶ Triple Colon Operator
  205D ⁝ tricolon
  22EE ⋮ vertical ellipsis


2AF7 ⫷ Triple Nested Less-Than
  22D8 ⋘ very much less-than
2AF8 ⫸ Triple Nested Greater-Than
  22D9 ⋙ very much greater-than
2AF9 ⫹ Double-Line Slanted Less-Than Or Equal To
  2266 ≦ less-than over equal to
2AFA ⫺ Double-Line Slanted Greater-Than Or Equal To
  2267 ≧ greater-than over equal to
2AFB ⫻ Triple Solidus Binary Relation
  2AF4 ⫴ triple vertical bar binary relation


2AFC ⫼ Large Triple Vertical Bar Operator
  often n-ary
  2AF4 ⫴ triple vertical bar binary relation
  2980 ⦀ triple vertical bar delimiter
2AFD ⫽ Double Solidus Operator
  2225 ∥ parallel to
2AFE ⫾ White Vertical Bar
  =Dijkstra choice
2AFF ⫿ N-Ary White Vertical Bar
  =n-ary Dijkstra choice