CJK Compatibility Ideographs

This block, despite its name, contains a number of unified CJK ideographs. Each is also individually identified by an annotation.
Subheaders identifying sources for subranges do not indicate required usage or preclude mappings to other sources. For example, many pronunciation variants from KS X 1001:1998 are also mapped to a J source.

Pronunciation variants from KS X 1001:1998

F900 豈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F900
  8C48 豈
F901 更 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F901
  66F4 更
F902 車 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F902
  8ECA 車
F903 賈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F903
  8CC8 賈
F904 滑 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F904
  6ED1 滑
F905 串 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F905
  4E32 串
F906 句 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F906
  53E5 句
F907 龜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F907
  9F9C 龜
F908 龜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F908
  9F9C 龜
F909 契 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F909
  5951 契
F90A 金 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F90A
  91D1 金
F90B 喇 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F90B
  5587 喇
F90C 奈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F90C
  5948 奈
F90D 懶 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F90D
  61F6 懶
F90E 癩 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F90E
  7669 癩
F90F 羅 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F90F
  7F85 羅
F910 蘿 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F910
  863F 蘿
F911 螺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F911
  87BA 螺
F912 裸 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F912
  88F8 裸
F913 邏 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F913
  908F 邏
F914 樂 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F914
  6A02 樂
F915 洛 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F915
  6D1B 洛
F916 烙 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F916
  70D9 烙
F917 珞 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F917
  73DE 珞
F918 落 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F918
  843D 落
F919 酪 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F919
  916A 酪
F91A 駱 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F91A
  99F1 駱
F91B 亂 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F91B
  4E82 亂
F91C 卵 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F91C
  5375 卵
F91D 欄 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F91D
  6B04 欄
F91E 爛 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F91E
  721B 爛
F91F 蘭 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F91F
  862D 蘭
F920 鸞 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F920
  9E1E 鸞
F921 嵐 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F921
  5D50 嵐
F922 濫 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F922
  6FEB 濫
F923 藍 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F923
  85CD 藍
F924 襤 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F924
  8964 襤
F925 拉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F925
  62C9 拉
F926 臘 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F926
  81D8 臘
F927 蠟 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F927
  881F 蠟
F928 廊 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F928
  5ECA 廊
F929 朗 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F929
  6717 朗
F92A 浪 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F92A
  6D6A 浪
F92B 狼 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F92B
  72FC 狼
F92C 郎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F92C
  a mapping change removed the original K0 source
  90DE 郞
  FA2E 郞 cjk compatibility ideograph-FA2E 郞
  90CE 郎
F92D 來 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F92D
  4F86 來
F92E 冷 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F92E
  51B7 冷
F92F 勞 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F92F
  52DE 勞
F930 擄 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F930
  64C4 擄
F931 櫓 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F931
  6AD3 櫓
F932 爐 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F932
  7210 爐
F933 盧 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F933
  76E7 盧
F934 老 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F934
  8001 老
F935 蘆 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F935
  8606 蘆
F936 虜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F936
  865C 虜
F937 路 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F937
  8DEF 路
F938 露 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F938
  9732 露
F939 魯 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F939
  9B6F 魯
F93A 鷺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F93A
  9DFA 鷺
F93B 碌 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F93B
  788C 碌
F93C 祿 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F93C
  797F 祿
F93D 綠 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F93D
  7DA0 綠
F93E 菉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F93E
  83C9 菉
F93F 錄 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F93F
  9304 錄
F940 鹿 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F940
  9E7F 鹿
F941 論 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F941
  8AD6 論
F942 壟 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F942
  58DF 壟
F943 弄 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F943
  5F04 弄
F944 籠 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F944
  7C60 籠
F945 聾 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F945
  807E 聾
F946 牢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F946
  7262 牢
F947 磊 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F947
  78CA 磊
F948 賂 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F948
  8CC2 賂
F949 雷 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F949
  96F7 雷
F94A 壘 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F94A
  58D8 壘
F94B 屢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F94B
  5C62 屢
F94C 樓 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F94C
  6A13 樓
F94D 淚 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F94D
  6DDA 淚
F94E 漏 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F94E
  6F0F 漏
F94F 累 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F94F
  7D2F 累
F950 縷 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F950
  7E37 縷
F951 陋 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F951
  964B 陋
F952 勒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F952
  52D2 勒
F953 肋 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F953
  808B 肋
F954 凜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F954
  51DC 凜
F955 凌 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F955
  51CC 凌
F956 稜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F956
  7A1C 稜
F957 綾 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F957
  7DBE 綾
F958 菱 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F958
  83F1 菱
F959 陵 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F959
  9675 陵
F95A 讀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F95A
  8B80 讀
F95B 拏 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F95B
  62CF 拏
F95C 樂 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F95C
  6A02 樂
F95D 諾 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F95D
  8AFE 諾
F95E 丹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F95E
  4E39 丹
F95F 寧 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F95F
  5BE7 寧
F960 怒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F960
  6012 怒
F961 率 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F961
  7387 率
F962 異 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F962
  7570 異
F963 北 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F963
  5317 北
F964 磻 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F964
  78FB 磻
F965 便 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F965
  4FBF 便
F966 復 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F966
  5FA9 復
F967 不 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F967
  4E0D 不
F968 泌 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F968
  6CCC 泌
F969 數 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F969
  6578 數
F96A 索 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F96A
  7D22 索
F96B 參 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F96B
  53C3 參
F96C 塞 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F96C
  585E 塞
F96D 省 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F96D
  7701 省
F96E 葉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F96E
  8449 葉
F96F 說 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F96F
  8AAA 說
F970 殺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F970
  6BBA 殺
F971 辰 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F971
  8FB0 辰
F972 沈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F972
  6C88 沈
F973 拾 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F973
  62FE 拾
F974 若 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F974
  82E5 若
F975 掠 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F975
  63A0 掠
F976 略 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F976
  7565 略
F977 亮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F977
  4EAE 亮
F978 兩 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F978
  5169 兩
F979 凉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F979
  51C9 凉
F97A 梁 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F97A
  6881 梁
F97B 糧 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F97B
  7CE7 糧
F97C 良 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F97C
  826F 良
F97D 諒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F97D
  8AD2 諒
F97E 量 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F97E
  91CF 量
F97F 勵 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F97F
  52F5 勵
F980 呂 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F980
  5442 呂
F981 女 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F981
  5973 女
F982 廬 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F982
  5EEC 廬
F983 旅 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F983
  65C5 旅
F984 濾 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F984
  6FFE 濾
F985 礪 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F985
  792A 礪
F986 閭 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F986
  95AD 閭
F987 驪 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F987
  9A6A 驪
F988 麗 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F988
  9E97 麗
F989 黎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F989
  9ECE 黎
F98A 力 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F98A
  529B 力
F98B 曆 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F98B
  66C6 曆
F98C 歷 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F98C
  6B77 歷
F98D 轢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F98D
  8F62 轢
F98E 年 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F98E
  5E74 年
F98F 憐 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F98F
  6190 憐
F990 戀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F990
  6200 戀
F991 撚 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F991
  649A 撚
F992 漣 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F992
  6F23 漣
F993 煉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F993
  7149 煉
F994 璉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F994
  7489 璉
F995 秊 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F995
  79CA 秊
F996 練 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F996
  7DF4 練
F997 聯 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F997
  806F 聯
F998 輦 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F998
  8F26 輦
F999 蓮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F999
  84EE 蓮
F99A 連 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F99A
  9023 連
F99B 鍊 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F99B
  934A 鍊
F99C 列 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F99C
  5217 列
F99D 劣 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F99D
  52A3 劣
F99E 咽 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F99E
  54BD 咽
F99F 烈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F99F
  70C8 烈
F9A0 裂 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A0
  88C2 裂
F9A1 說 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A1
  8AAA 說
F9A2 廉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A2
  5EC9 廉
F9A3 念 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A3
  5FF5 念
F9A4 捻 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A4
  637B 捻
F9A5 殮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A5
  6BAE 殮
F9A6 簾 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A6
  7C3E 簾
F9A7 獵 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A7
  7375 獵
F9A8 令 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A8
  4EE4 令
F9A9 囹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9A9
  56F9 囹
F9AA 寧 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Aa
  5BE7 寧
F9AB 嶺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ab
  5DBA 嶺
F9AC 怜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ac
  601C 怜
F9AD 玲 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ad
  73B2 玲
F9AE 瑩 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ae
  7469 瑩
F9AF 羚 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Af
  7F9A 羚
F9B0 聆 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B0
  8046 聆
F9B1 鈴 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B1
  9234 鈴
F9B2 零 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B2
  96F6 零
F9B3 靈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B3
  9748 靈
F9B4 領 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B4
  9818 領
F9B5 例 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B5
  4F8B 例
F9B6 禮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B6
  79AE 禮
F9B7 醴 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B7
  91B4 醴
F9B8 隸 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B8
  a mapping change removed the original K0 source
  96B7 隷
  FA2F 隷 cjk compatibility ideograph-FA2F 隷
  96B8 隸
F9B9 惡 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9B9
  60E1 惡
F9BA 了 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ba
  4E86 了
F9BB 僚 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Bb
  50DA 僚
F9BC 寮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Bc
  5BEE 寮
F9BD 尿 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Bd
  5C3F 尿
F9BE 料 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Be
  6599 料
F9BF 樂 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Bf
  6A02 樂
F9C0 燎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C0
  71CE 燎
F9C1 療 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C1
  7642 療
F9C2 蓼 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C2
  84FC 蓼
F9C3 遼 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C3
  907C 遼
F9C4 龍 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C4
  9F8D 龍
F9C5 暈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C5
  6688 暈
F9C6 阮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C6
  962E 阮
F9C7 劉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C7
  5289 劉
F9C8 杻 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C8
  677B 杻
F9C9 柳 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9C9
  67F3 柳
F9CA 流 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ca
  6D41 流
F9CB 溜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Cb
  6E9C 溜
F9CC 琉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Cc
  7409 琉
F9CD 留 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Cd
  7559 留
F9CE 硫 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ce
  786B 硫
F9CF 紐 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Cf
  7D10 紐
F9D0 類 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D0
  985E 類
F9D1 六 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D1
  516D 六
F9D2 戮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D2
  622E 戮
F9D3 陸 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D3
  9678 陸
F9D4 倫 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D4
  502B 倫
F9D5 崙 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D5
  5D19 崙
F9D6 淪 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D6
  6DEA 淪
F9D7 輪 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D7
  8F2A 輪
F9D8 律 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D8
  5F8B 律
F9D9 慄 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9D9
  6144 慄
F9DA 栗 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Da
  6817 栗
F9DB 率 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Db
  7387 率
F9DC 隆 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Dc
  9686 隆
F9DD 利 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Dd
  5229 利
F9DE 吏 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9De
  540F 吏
F9DF 履 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Df
  5C65 履
F9E0 易 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E0
  6613 易
F9E1 李 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E1
  674E 李
F9E2 梨 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E2
  68A8 梨
F9E3 泥 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E3
  6CE5 泥
F9E4 理 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E4
  7406 理
F9E5 痢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E5
  75E2 痢
F9E6 罹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E6
  7F79 罹
F9E7 裏 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E7
  88CF 裏
F9E8 裡 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E8
  88E1 裡
F9E9 里 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9E9
  91CC 里
F9EA 離 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ea
  96E2 離
F9EB 匿 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Eb
  533F 匿
F9EC 溺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ec
  6EBA 溺
F9ED 吝 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ed
  541D 吝
F9EE 燐 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ee
  71D0 燐
F9EF 璘 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ef
  7498 璘
F9F0 藺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F0
  85FA 藺
F9F1 隣 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F1
  96A3 隣
F9F2 鱗 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F2
  9C57 鱗
F9F3 麟 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F3
  9E9F 麟
F9F4 林 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F4
  6797 林
F9F5 淋 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F5
  6DCB 淋
F9F6 臨 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F6
  81E8 臨
F9F7 立 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F7
  7ACB 立
F9F8 笠 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F8
  7B20 笠
F9F9 粒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9F9
  7C92 粒
F9FA 狀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Fa
  72C0 狀
F9FB 炙 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Fb
  7099 炙
F9FC 識 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Fc
  8B58 識
F9FD 什 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Fd
  4EC0 什
F9FE 茶 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Fe
  8336 茶
F9FF 刺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-F9Ff
  523A 刺
FA00 切 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa00
  5207 切
FA01 度 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa01
  5EA6 度
FA02 拓 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa02
  62D3 拓
FA03 糖 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa03
  7CD6 糖
FA04 宅 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa04
  5B85 宅
FA05 洞 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa05
  6D1E 洞
FA06 暴 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa06
  66B4 暴
FA07 輻 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa07
  8F3B 輻
FA08 行 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa08
  884C 行
FA09 降 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa09
  964D 降
FA0A 見 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa0A
  898B 見
FA0B 廓 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa0B
  5ED3 廓

Duplicate characters from Big 5

FA0C 兀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa0C
  5140 兀
FA0D 嗀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa0D
  55C0 嗀

The IBM 32 compatibility ideographs

This section contains twelve characters that are CJK unified ideographs. Each CJK unified ideograph is annotated as such.
FA0E 﨎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa0E
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA0F 﨏 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa0F
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA10 塚 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa10
  585A 塚
FA11 﨑 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa11
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA12 晴 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa12
  6674 晴
FA13 﨓 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa13
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA14 﨔 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa14
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA15 凞 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa15
  51DE 凞
FA16 猪 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa16
  732A 猪
FA17 益 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa17
  76CA 益
FA18 礼 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa18
  793C 礼
FA19 神 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa19
  795E 神
FA1A 祥 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa1A
  7965 祥
FA1B 福 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa1B
  798F 福
FA1C 靖 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa1C
  9756 靖
FA1D 精 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa1D
  7CBE 精
FA1E 羽 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa1E
  7FBD 羽
FA1F 﨟 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa1F
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA20 蘒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa20
  8612 蘒
FA21 﨡 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa21
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA22 諸 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa22
  8AF8 諸
FA23 﨣 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa23
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA24 﨤 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa24
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA25 逸 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa25
  9038 逸
FA26 都 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa26
  90FD 都
FA27 﨧 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa27
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA28 﨨 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa28
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA29 﨩 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa29
  a CJK unified ideograph
FA2A 飯 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa2A
  98EF 飯
FA2B 飼 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa2B
  98FC 飼
FA2C 館 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa2C
  9928 館
FA2D 鶴 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa2D
  9DB4 鶴

Korean compatibility ideographs

FA2E 郞 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa2E
  90DE 郞
FA2F 隷 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa2F
  96B7 隷

JIS X 0213 compatibility ideographs

FA30 侮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa30
  4FAE 侮
FA31 僧 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa31
  50E7 僧
FA32 免 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa32
  514D 免
FA33 勉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa33
  52C9 勉
FA34 勤 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa34
  52E4 勤
FA35 卑 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa35
  5351 卑
FA36 喝 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa36
  559D 喝
FA37 嘆 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa37
  5606 嘆
FA38 器 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa38
  5668 器
FA39 塀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa39
  5840 塀
FA3A 墨 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa3A
  58A8 墨
FA3B 層 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa3B
  5C64 層
FA3C 屮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa3C
  5C6E 屮
FA3D 悔 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa3D
  6094 悔
FA3E 慨 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa3E
  6168 慨
FA3F 憎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa3F
  618E 憎
FA40 懲 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa40
  61F2 懲
FA41 敏 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa41
  654F 敏
FA42 既 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa42
  65E2 既
FA43 暑 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa43
  6691 暑
FA44 梅 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa44
  6885 梅
FA45 海 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa45
  6D77 海
FA46 渚 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa46
  6E1A 渚
FA47 漢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa47
  6F22 漢
FA48 煮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa48
  716E 煮
FA49 爫 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa49
  722B 爫
FA4A 琢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa4A
  7422 琢
FA4B 碑 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa4B
  7891 碑
FA4C 社 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa4C
  793E 社
FA4D 祉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa4D
  7949 祉
FA4E 祈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa4E
  7948 祈
FA4F 祐 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa4F
  7950 祐
FA50 祖 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa50
  7956 祖
FA51 祝 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa51
  795D 祝
FA52 禍 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa52
  798D 禍
FA53 禎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa53
  798E 禎
FA54 穀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa54
  7A40 穀
FA55 突 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa55
  7A81 突
FA56 節 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa56
  7BC0 節
FA57 練 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa57
  7DF4 練
FA58 縉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa58
  7E09 縉
FA59 繁 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa59
  7E41 繁
FA5A 署 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa5A
  7F72 署
FA5B 者 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa5B
  8005 者
FA5C 臭 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa5C
  81ED 臭
FA5D 艹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa5D
  8279 艹
FA5E 艹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa5E
  8279 艹
FA5F 著 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa5F
  8457 著
FA60 褐 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa60
  8910 褐
FA61 視 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa61
  8996 視
FA62 謁 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa62
  8B01 謁
FA63 謹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa63
  8B39 謹
FA64 賓 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa64
  8CD3 賓
FA65 贈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa65
  8D08 贈
FA66 辶 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa66
  8FB6 辶
FA67 逸 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa67
  9038 逸
FA68 難 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa68
  96E3 難
FA69 響 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa69
  97FF 響
FA6A 頻 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa6A
  983B 頻

ARIB compatibility ideographs

FA6B 恵 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa6B
  6075 恵
FA6C 𤋮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa6C
  242EE 𤋮
FA6D 舘 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa6D
  8218 舘

DPRK compatibility ideographs

FA70 並 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa70
  4E26 並
FA71 况 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa71
  51B5 况
FA72 全 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa72
  5168 全
FA73 侀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa73
  4F80 侀
FA74 充 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa74
  5145 充
FA75 冀 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa75
  5180 冀
FA76 勇 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa76
  52C7 勇
FA77 勺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa77
  52FA 勺
FA78 喝 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa78
  559D 喝
FA79 啕 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa79
  5555 啕
FA7A 喙 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa7A
  5599 喙
FA7B 嗢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa7B
  55E2 嗢
FA7C 塚 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa7C
  585A 塚
FA7D 墳 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa7D
  58B3 墳
FA7E 奄 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa7E
  5944 奄
FA7F 奔 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa7F
  5954 奔
FA80 婢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa80
  5A62 婢
FA81 嬨 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa81
  5B28 嬨
FA82 廒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa82
  5ED2 廒
FA83 廙 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa83
  5ED9 廙
FA84 彩 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa84
  5F69 彩
FA85 徭 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa85
  5FAD 徭
FA86 惘 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa86
  60D8 惘
FA87 慎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa87
  614E 慎
FA88 愈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa88
  6108 愈
FA89 憎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa89
  618E 憎
FA8A 慠 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa8A
  6160 慠
FA8B 懲 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa8B
  61F2 懲
FA8C 戴 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa8C
  6234 戴
FA8D 揄 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa8D
  63C4 揄
FA8E 搜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa8E
  641C 搜
FA8F 摒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa8F
  6452 摒
FA90 敖 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa90
  6556 敖
FA91 晴 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa91
  6674 晴
FA92 朗 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa92
  6717 朗
FA93 望 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa93
  671B 望
FA94 杖 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa94
  6756 杖
FA95 歹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa95
  6B79 歹
FA96 殺 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa96
  6BBA 殺
FA97 流 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa97
  6D41 流
FA98 滛 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa98
  6EDB 滛
FA99 滋 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa99
  6ECB 滋
FA9A 漢 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa9A
  6F22 漢
FA9B 瀞 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa9B
  701E 瀞
FA9C 煮 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa9C
  716E 煮
FA9D 瞧 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa9D
  77A7 瞧
FA9E 爵 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa9E
  7235 爵
FA9F 犯 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fa9F
  72AF 犯
FAA0 猪 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa0
  732A 猪
FAA1 瑱 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa1
  7471 瑱
FAA2 甆 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa2
  7506 甆
FAA3 画 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa3
  753B 画
FAA4 瘝 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa4
  761D 瘝
FAA5 瘟 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa5
  761F 瘟
FAA6 益 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa6
  76CA 益
FAA7 盛 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa7
  76DB 盛
FAA8 直 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa8
  76F4 直
FAA9 睊 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faa9
  774A 睊
FAAA 着 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faaa
  7740 着
FAAB 磌 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faab
  78CC 磌
FAAC 窱 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faac
  7AB1 窱
FAAD 節 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faad
  7BC0 節
FAAE 类 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faae
  7C7B 类
FAAF 絛 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faaf
  7D5B 絛
FAB0 練 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab0
  7DF4 練
FAB1 缾 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab1
  7F3E 缾
FAB2 者 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab2
  8005 者
FAB3 荒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab3
  8352 荒
FAB4 華 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab4
  83EF 華
FAB5 蝹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab5
  8779 蝹
FAB6 襁 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab6
  8941 襁
FAB7 覆 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab7
  8986 覆
FAB8 視 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab8
  8996 視
FAB9 調 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fab9
  8ABF 調
FABA 諸 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faba
  8AF8 諸
FABB 請 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fabb
  8ACB 請
FABC 謁 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fabc
  8B01 謁
FABD 諾 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fabd
  8AFE 諾
FABE 諭 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fabe
  8AED 諭
FABF 謹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fabf
  8B39 謹
FAC0 變 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac0
  8B8A 變
FAC1 贈 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac1
  8D08 贈
FAC2 輸 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac2
  8F38 輸
FAC3 遲 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac3
  9072 遲
FAC4 醙 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac4
  9199 醙
FAC5 鉶 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac5
  9276 鉶
FAC6 陼 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac6
  967C 陼
FAC7 難 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac7
  96E3 難
FAC8 靖 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac8
  9756 靖
FAC9 韛 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fac9
  97DB 韛
FACA 響 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Faca
  97FF 響
FACB 頋 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Facb
  980B 頋
FACC 頻 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Facc
  983B 頻
FACD 鬒 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Facd
  9B12 鬒
FACE 龜 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Face
  9F9C 龜
FACF 𢡊 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Facf
  2284A 𢡊
FAD0 𢡄 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad0
  22844 𢡄
FAD1 𣏕 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad1
  233D5 𣏕
FAD2 㮝 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad2
  3B9D 㮝
FAD3 䀘 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad3
  4018 䀘
FAD4 䀹 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad4
  mapping change removed original source
  2F949 䀹 cjk compatibility ideograph-2F949 䀹
  4039 䀹
FAD5 𥉉 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad5
  25249 𥉉
FAD6 𥳐 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad6
  25CD0 𥳐
FAD7 𧻓 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad7
  27ED3 𧻓
FAD8 齃 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad8
  9F43 齃
FAD9 龎 Cjk Compatibility Ideograph-Fad9
  9F8E 龎