Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms

Fullwidth ASCII variants

See ASCII 0020-007E
FF01 ! Fullwidth Exclamation Mark
  <wide> 0021 !
FF02 " Fullwidth Quotation Mark
  <wide> 0022 "
FF03 # Fullwidth Number Sign
  <wide> 0023 #
FF04 $ Fullwidth Dollar Sign
  <wide> 0024 $
FF05 % Fullwidth Percent Sign
  <wide> 0025 %
FF06 & Fullwidth Ampersand
  <wide> 0026 &
FF07 ' Fullwidth Apostrophe
  <wide> 0027 '
FF08 ( Fullwidth Left Parenthesis
  <wide> 0028 (
FF09 ) Fullwidth Right Parenthesis
  <wide> 0029 )
FF0A * Fullwidth Asterisk
  <wide> 002A *
FF0B + Fullwidth Plus Sign
  <wide> 002B +
FF0C , Fullwidth Comma
  in Chinese, indicates a pause
  3001 、 ideographic comma
  <wide> 002C ,
FF0D - Fullwidth Hyphen-Minus
  <wide> 002D -
FF0E . Fullwidth Full Stop
  <wide> 002E .
FF0F / Fullwidth Solidus
  <wide> 002F /
FF10 0 Fullwidth Digit Zero
  <wide> 0030 0
FF11 1 Fullwidth Digit One
  <wide> 0031 1
FF12 2 Fullwidth Digit Two
  <wide> 0032 2
FF13 3 Fullwidth Digit Three
  <wide> 0033 3
FF14 4 Fullwidth Digit Four
  <wide> 0034 4
FF15 5 Fullwidth Digit Five
  <wide> 0035 5
FF16 6 Fullwidth Digit Six
  <wide> 0036 6
FF17 7 Fullwidth Digit Seven
  <wide> 0037 7
FF18 8 Fullwidth Digit Eight
  <wide> 0038 8
FF19 9 Fullwidth Digit Nine
  <wide> 0039 9
FF1A : Fullwidth Colon
  <wide> 003A :
FF1B ; Fullwidth Semicolon
  <wide> 003B ;
FF1C < Fullwidth Less-Than Sign
  <wide> 003C <
FF1D = Fullwidth Equals Sign
  <wide> 003D =
FF1E > Fullwidth Greater-Than Sign
  <wide> 003E >
FF1F ? Fullwidth Question Mark
  <wide> 003F ?
FF20 @ Fullwidth Commercial At
  <wide> 0040 @
FF21 A Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter A
  <wide> 0041 A
  FF41 a fullwidth latin small letter a
FF22 B Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter B
  <wide> 0042 B
  FF42 b fullwidth latin small letter b
FF23 C Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter C
  <wide> 0043 C
  FF43 c fullwidth latin small letter c
FF24 D Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter D
  <wide> 0044 D
  FF44 d fullwidth latin small letter d
FF25 E Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter E
  <wide> 0045 E
  FF45 e fullwidth latin small letter e
FF26 F Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter F
  <wide> 0046 F
  FF46 f fullwidth latin small letter f
FF27 G Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter G
  <wide> 0047 G
  FF47 g fullwidth latin small letter g
FF28 H Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter H
  <wide> 0048 H
  FF48 h fullwidth latin small letter h
FF29 I Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter I
  <wide> 0049 I
  FF49 i fullwidth latin small letter i
FF2A J Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter J
  <wide> 004A J
  FF4A j fullwidth latin small letter j
FF2B K Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter K
  <wide> 004B K
  FF4B k fullwidth latin small letter k
FF2C L Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter L
  <wide> 004C L
  FF4C l fullwidth latin small letter l
FF2D M Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter M
  <wide> 004D M
  FF4D m fullwidth latin small letter m
FF2E N Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter N
  <wide> 004E N
  FF4E n fullwidth latin small letter n
FF2F O Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter O
  <wide> 004F O
  FF4F o fullwidth latin small letter o
FF30 P Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter P
  <wide> 0050 P
  FF50 p fullwidth latin small letter p
FF31 Q Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter Q
  <wide> 0051 Q
  FF51 q fullwidth latin small letter q
FF32 R Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter R
  <wide> 0052 R
  FF52 r fullwidth latin small letter r
FF33 S Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter S
  <wide> 0053 S
  FF53 s fullwidth latin small letter s
FF34 T Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter T
  <wide> 0054 T
  FF54 t fullwidth latin small letter t
FF35 U Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter U
  <wide> 0055 U
  FF55 u fullwidth latin small letter u
FF36 V Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter V
  <wide> 0056 V
  FF56 v fullwidth latin small letter v
FF37 W Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter W
  <wide> 0057 W
  FF57 w fullwidth latin small letter w
FF38 X Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter X
  <wide> 0058 X
  FF58 x fullwidth latin small letter x
FF39 Y Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter Y
  <wide> 0059 Y
  FF59 y fullwidth latin small letter y
FF3A Z Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter Z
  <wide> 005A Z
  FF5A z fullwidth latin small letter z
FF3B [ Fullwidth Left Square Bracket
  <wide> 005B [
FF3C \ Fullwidth Reverse Solidus
  <wide> 005C \
FF3D ] Fullwidth Right Square Bracket
  <wide> 005D ]
FF3E ^ Fullwidth Circumflex Accent
  <wide> 005E ^
FF3F _ Fullwidth Low Line
  <wide> 005F _
FF40 ` Fullwidth Grave Accent
  <wide> 0060 `
FF41 a Fullwidth Latin Small Letter A
  <wide> 0061 a
  FF21 A fullwidth latin capital letter a
FF42 b Fullwidth Latin Small Letter B
  <wide> 0062 b
  FF22 B fullwidth latin capital letter b
FF43 c Fullwidth Latin Small Letter C
  <wide> 0063 c
  FF23 C fullwidth latin capital letter c
FF44 d Fullwidth Latin Small Letter D
  <wide> 0064 d
  FF24 D fullwidth latin capital letter d
FF45 e Fullwidth Latin Small Letter E
  <wide> 0065 e
  FF25 E fullwidth latin capital letter e
FF46 f Fullwidth Latin Small Letter F
  <wide> 0066 f
  FF26 F fullwidth latin capital letter f
FF47 g Fullwidth Latin Small Letter G
  <wide> 0067 g
  FF27 G fullwidth latin capital letter g
FF48 h Fullwidth Latin Small Letter H
  <wide> 0068 h
  FF28 H fullwidth latin capital letter h
FF49 i Fullwidth Latin Small Letter I
  <wide> 0069 i
  FF29 I fullwidth latin capital letter i
FF4A j Fullwidth Latin Small Letter J
  <wide> 006A j
  FF2A J fullwidth latin capital letter j
FF4B k Fullwidth Latin Small Letter K
  <wide> 006B k
  FF2B K fullwidth latin capital letter k
FF4C l Fullwidth Latin Small Letter L
  <wide> 006C l
  FF2C L fullwidth latin capital letter l
FF4D m Fullwidth Latin Small Letter M
  <wide> 006D m
  FF2D M fullwidth latin capital letter m
FF4E n Fullwidth Latin Small Letter N
  <wide> 006E n
  FF2E N fullwidth latin capital letter n
FF4F o Fullwidth Latin Small Letter O
  <wide> 006F o
  FF2F O fullwidth latin capital letter o
FF50 p Fullwidth Latin Small Letter P
  <wide> 0070 p
  FF30 P fullwidth latin capital letter p
FF51 q Fullwidth Latin Small Letter Q
  <wide> 0071 q
  FF31 Q fullwidth latin capital letter q
FF52 r Fullwidth Latin Small Letter R
  <wide> 0072 r
  FF32 R fullwidth latin capital letter r
FF53 s Fullwidth Latin Small Letter S
  <wide> 0073 s
  FF33 S fullwidth latin capital letter s
FF54 t Fullwidth Latin Small Letter T
  <wide> 0074 t
  FF34 T fullwidth latin capital letter t
FF55 u Fullwidth Latin Small Letter U
  <wide> 0075 u
  FF35 U fullwidth latin capital letter u
FF56 v Fullwidth Latin Small Letter V
  <wide> 0076 v
  FF36 V fullwidth latin capital letter v
FF57 w Fullwidth Latin Small Letter W
  <wide> 0077 w
  FF37 W fullwidth latin capital letter w
FF58 x Fullwidth Latin Small Letter X
  <wide> 0078 x
  FF38 X fullwidth latin capital letter x
FF59 y Fullwidth Latin Small Letter Y
  <wide> 0079 y
  FF39 Y fullwidth latin capital letter y
FF5A z Fullwidth Latin Small Letter Z
  <wide> 007A z
  FF3A Z fullwidth latin capital letter z
FF5B { Fullwidth Left Curly Bracket
  <wide> 007B {
FF5C | Fullwidth Vertical Line
  <wide> 007C |
FF5D } Fullwidth Right Curly Bracket
  <wide> 007D }
FF5E ~ Fullwidth Tilde
  301C 〜 wave dash
  <wide> 007E ~

Fullwidth brackets

FF5F ⦅ Fullwidth Left White Parenthesis
  the most commonly occurring glyph variant looks like doubled parentheses
  2E28 ⸨ left double parenthesis
  <wide> 2985 ⦅
FF60 ⦆ Fullwidth Right White Parenthesis
  <wide> 2986 ⦆

Halfwidth CJK punctuation

See CJK punctuation 3000-303F
FF61 。 Halfwidth Ideographic Full Stop
  <narrow> 3002 。
FF62 「 Halfwidth Left Corner Bracket
  <narrow> 300C 「
FF63 」 Halfwidth Right Corner Bracket
  <narrow> 300D 」
FF64 、 Halfwidth Ideographic Comma
  <narrow> 3001 、

Halfwidth Katakana variants

See Katakana 30A0-30FF
FF65 ・ Halfwidth Katakana Middle Dot
  <narrow> 30FB ・
FF66 ヲ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Wo
  <narrow> 30F2 ヲ
FF67 ァ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small A
  <narrow> 30A1 ァ
FF68 ィ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small I
  <narrow> 30A3 ィ
FF69 ゥ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small U
  <narrow> 30A5 ゥ
FF6A ェ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small E
  <narrow> 30A7 ェ
FF6B ォ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small O
  <narrow> 30A9 ォ
FF6C ャ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small Ya
  <narrow> 30E3 ャ
FF6D ュ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small Yu
  <narrow> 30E5 ュ
FF6E ョ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small Yo
  <narrow> 30E7 ョ
FF6F ッ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small Tu
  <narrow> 30C3 ッ
FF70 ー Halfwidth Katakana-Hiragana Prolonged Sound Mark
  <narrow> 30FC ー
FF71 ア Halfwidth Katakana Letter A
  <narrow> 30A2 ア
FF72 イ Halfwidth Katakana Letter I
  <narrow> 30A4 イ
FF73 ウ Halfwidth Katakana Letter U
  <narrow> 30A6 ウ
FF74 エ Halfwidth Katakana Letter E
  <narrow> 30A8 エ
FF75 オ Halfwidth Katakana Letter O
  <narrow> 30AA オ
FF76 カ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ka
  <narrow> 30AB カ
FF77 キ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ki
  <narrow> 30AD キ
FF78 ク Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ku
  <narrow> 30AF ク
FF79 ケ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ke
  <narrow> 30B1 ケ
FF7A コ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ko
  <narrow> 30B3 コ
FF7B サ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Sa
  <narrow> 30B5 サ
FF7C シ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Si
  <narrow> 30B7 シ
FF7D ス Halfwidth Katakana Letter Su
  <narrow> 30B9 ス
FF7E セ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Se
  <narrow> 30BB セ
FF7F ソ Halfwidth Katakana Letter So
  <narrow> 30BD ソ
FF80 タ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ta
  <narrow> 30BF タ
FF81 チ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ti
  <narrow> 30C1 チ
FF82 ツ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Tu
  <narrow> 30C4 ツ
FF83 テ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Te
  <narrow> 30C6 テ
FF84 ト Halfwidth Katakana Letter To
  <narrow> 30C8 ト
FF85 ナ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Na
  <narrow> 30CA ナ
FF86 ニ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ni
  <narrow> 30CB ニ
FF87 ヌ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Nu
  <narrow> 30CC ヌ
FF88 ネ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ne
  <narrow> 30CD ネ
FF89 ノ Halfwidth Katakana Letter No
  <narrow> 30CE ノ
FF8A ハ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ha
  <narrow> 30CF ハ
FF8B ヒ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Hi
  <narrow> 30D2 ヒ
FF8C フ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Hu
  <narrow> 30D5 フ
FF8D ヘ Halfwidth Katakana Letter He
  <narrow> 30D8 ヘ
FF8E ホ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ho
  <narrow> 30DB ホ
FF8F マ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ma
  <narrow> 30DE マ
FF90 ミ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Mi
  <narrow> 30DF ミ
FF91 ム Halfwidth Katakana Letter Mu
  <narrow> 30E0 ム
FF92 メ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Me
  <narrow> 30E1 メ
FF93 モ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Mo
  <narrow> 30E2 モ
FF94 ヤ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ya
  <narrow> 30E4 ヤ
FF95 ユ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Yu
  <narrow> 30E6 ユ
FF96 ヨ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Yo
  <narrow> 30E8 ヨ
FF97 ラ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ra
  <narrow> 30E9 ラ
FF98 リ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ri
  <narrow> 30EA リ
FF99 ル Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ru
  <narrow> 30EB ル
FF9A レ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Re
  <narrow> 30EC レ
FF9B ロ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ro
  <narrow> 30ED ロ
FF9C ワ Halfwidth Katakana Letter Wa
  <narrow> 30EF ワ
FF9D ン Halfwidth Katakana Letter N
  <narrow> 30F3 ン
FF9E ゙ Halfwidth Katakana Voiced Sound Mark
  <narrow> 3099 ◌゙
FF9F ゚ Halfwidth Katakana Semi-Voiced Sound Mark
  <narrow> 309A ◌゚

Halfwidth Hangul variants

See Hangul Compatibility Jamo 3130-318F
FFA0  Halfwidth Hangul Filler
  <narrow> 3164 
  1160  hangul jungseong filler
FFA1 ᄀ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Kiyeok
  <narrow> 3131 ㄱ
  1100 ᄀ hangul choseong kiyeok
FFA2 ᄁ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangkiyeok
  <narrow> 3132 ㄲ
  1101 ᄁ hangul choseong ssangkiyeok
FFA3 ᆪ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Kiyeok-Sios
  <narrow> 3133 ㄳ
  11AA ᆪ hangul jongseong kiyeok-sios
FFA4 ᄂ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Nieun
  <narrow> 3134 ㄴ
  1102 ᄂ hangul choseong nieun
FFA5 ᆬ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Nieun-Cieuc
  <narrow> 3135 ㄵ
  11AC ᆬ hangul jongseong nieun-cieuc
FFA6 ᆭ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Nieun-Hieuh
  <narrow> 3136 ㄶ
  11AD ᆭ hangul jongseong nieun-hieuh
FFA7 ᄃ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Tikeut
  <narrow> 3137 ㄷ
  1103 ᄃ hangul choseong tikeut
FFA8 ᄄ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangtikeut
  <narrow> 3138 ㄸ
  1104 ᄄ hangul choseong ssangtikeut
FFA9 ᄅ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul
  <narrow> 3139 ㄹ
  1105 ᄅ hangul choseong rieul
FFAA ᆰ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-Kiyeok
  <narrow> 313A ㄺ
  11B0 ᆰ hangul jongseong rieul-kiyeok
FFAB ᆱ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-Mieum
  <narrow> 313B ㄻ
  11B1 ᆱ hangul jongseong rieul-mieum
FFAC ᆲ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-Pieup
  <narrow> 313C ㄼ
  11B2 ᆲ hangul jongseong rieul-pieup
FFAD ᆳ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-Sios
  <narrow> 313D ㄽ
  11B3 ᆳ hangul jongseong rieul-sios
FFAE ᆴ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-Thieuth
  <narrow> 313E ㄾ
  11B4 ᆴ hangul jongseong rieul-thieuth
FFAF ᆵ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-Phieuph
  <narrow> 313F ㄿ
  11B5 ᆵ hangul jongseong rieul-phieuph
FFB0 ᄚ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-Hieuh
  <narrow> 3140 ㅀ
  111A ᄚ hangul choseong rieul-hieuh
FFB1 ᄆ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Mieum
  <narrow> 3141 ㅁ
  1106 ᄆ hangul choseong mieum
FFB2 ᄇ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Pieup
  <narrow> 3142 ㅂ
  1107 ᄇ hangul choseong pieup
FFB3 ᄈ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangpieup
  <narrow> 3143 ㅃ
  1108 ᄈ hangul choseong ssangpieup
FFB4 ᄡ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Pieup-Sios
  <narrow> 3144 ㅄ
  1121 ᄡ hangul choseong pieup-sios
FFB5 ᄉ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Sios
  <narrow> 3145 ㅅ
  1109 ᄉ hangul choseong sios
FFB6 ᄊ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangsios
  <narrow> 3146 ㅆ
  110A ᄊ hangul choseong ssangsios
FFB7 ᄋ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ieung
  <narrow> 3147 ㅇ
  110B ᄋ hangul choseong ieung
FFB8 ᄌ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Cieuc
  <narrow> 3148 ㅈ
  110C ᄌ hangul choseong cieuc
FFB9 ᄍ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangcieuc
  <narrow> 3149 ㅉ
  110D ᄍ hangul choseong ssangcieuc
FFBA ᄎ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Chieuch
  <narrow> 314A ㅊ
  110E ᄎ hangul choseong chieuch
FFBB ᄏ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Khieukh
  <narrow> 314B ㅋ
  110F ᄏ hangul choseong khieukh
FFBC ᄐ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Thieuth
  <narrow> 314C ㅌ
  1110 ᄐ hangul choseong thieuth
FFBD ᄑ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Phieuph
  <narrow> 314D ㅍ
  1111 ᄑ hangul choseong phieuph
FFBE ᄒ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Hieuh
  <narrow> 314E ㅎ
  1112 ᄒ hangul choseong hieuh
FFC2 ᅡ Halfwidth Hangul Letter A
  <narrow> 314F ㅏ
  1161 ᅡ hangul jungseong a
FFC3 ᅢ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ae
  <narrow> 3150 ㅐ
  1162 ᅢ hangul jungseong ae
FFC4 ᅣ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ya
  <narrow> 3151 ㅑ
  1163 ᅣ hangul jungseong ya
FFC5 ᅤ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Yae
  <narrow> 3152 ㅒ
  1164 ᅤ hangul jungseong yae
FFC6 ᅥ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Eo
  <narrow> 3153 ㅓ
  1165 ᅥ hangul jungseong eo
FFC7 ᅦ Halfwidth Hangul Letter E
  <narrow> 3154 ㅔ
  1166 ᅦ hangul jungseong e
FFCA ᅧ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Yeo
  <narrow> 3155 ㅕ
  1167 ᅧ hangul jungseong yeo
FFCB ᅨ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ye
  <narrow> 3156 ㅖ
  1168 ᅨ hangul jungseong ye
FFCC ᅩ Halfwidth Hangul Letter O
  <narrow> 3157 ㅗ
  1169 ᅩ hangul jungseong o
FFCD ᅪ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Wa
  <narrow> 3158 ㅘ
  116A ᅪ hangul jungseong wa
FFCE ᅫ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Wae
  <narrow> 3159 ㅙ
  116B ᅫ hangul jungseong wae
FFCF ᅬ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Oe
  <narrow> 315A ㅚ
  116C ᅬ hangul jungseong oe
FFD2 ᅭ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Yo
  <narrow> 315B ㅛ
  116D ᅭ hangul jungseong yo
FFD3 ᅮ Halfwidth Hangul Letter U
  <narrow> 315C ㅜ
  116E ᅮ hangul jungseong u
FFD4 ᅯ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Weo
  <narrow> 315D ㅝ
  116F ᅯ hangul jungseong weo
FFD5 ᅰ Halfwidth Hangul Letter We
  <narrow> 315E ㅞ
  1170 ᅰ hangul jungseong we
FFD6 ᅱ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Wi
  <narrow> 315F ㅟ
  1171 ᅱ hangul jungseong wi
FFD7 ᅲ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Yu
  <narrow> 3160 ㅠ
  1172 ᅲ hangul jungseong yu
FFDA ᅳ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Eu
  <narrow> 3161 ㅡ
  1173 ᅳ hangul jungseong eu
FFDB ᅴ Halfwidth Hangul Letter Yi
  <narrow> 3162 ㅢ
  1174 ᅴ hangul jungseong yi
FFDC ᅵ Halfwidth Hangul Letter I
  <narrow> 3163 ㅣ
  1175 ᅵ hangul jungseong i

Fullwidth symbol variants

See Latin-1 00A0-00FF
FFE0 ¢ Fullwidth Cent Sign
  <wide> 00A2 ¢
FFE1 £ Fullwidth Pound Sign
  <wide> 00A3 £
FFE2 ¬ Fullwidth Not Sign
  <wide> 00AC ¬
FFE3  ̄ Fullwidth Macron
  sometimes treated as fullwidth overline
  203E ‾ overline
  <wide> 00AF ¯
  0020  + 0304 ◌̄
FFE4 ¦ Fullwidth Broken Bar
  <wide> 00A6 ¦
FFE5 ¥ Fullwidth Yen Sign
  <wide> 00A5 ¥
FFE6 ₩ Fullwidth Won Sign
  <wide> 20A9 ₩

Halfwidth symbol variants

FFE8 │ Halfwidth Forms Light Vertical
  <narrow> 2502 │
FFE9 ← Halfwidth Leftwards Arrow
  <narrow> 2190 ←
FFEA ↑ Halfwidth Upwards Arrow
  <narrow> 2191 ↑
FFEB → Halfwidth Rightwards Arrow
  <narrow> 2192 →
FFEC ↓ Halfwidth Downwards Arrow
  <narrow> 2193 ↓
FFED ■ Halfwidth Black Square
  <narrow> 25A0 ■
FFEE ○ Halfwidth White Circle
  <narrow> 25CB ○