[Unicode]  Adopt-a-Character

How to Apply for an Adopt-a-Character Grant

The Adopt-a-Character program supports the core mission of the Unicode Consortium to improve language support and preserve linguistic heritage through its grant program.

General Grant Guidelines and Process

Grant amounts typically range from US$500 to $20,000, and work must be completed in 12 months or less. The overall process includes:

  • Letter of Inquiry. A letter of inquiry sent to the Consortium with a description of the project
  • AAC Response. Response by an officer of the Consortium, typically within six weeks, either requesting a detailed application proposal or notifying the applicant that their project will not be considered at this time
  • Detailed Application Proposal.

Grants are made throughout the year. All approved grants will be assigned one or more project supervisors who will monitor the work. There will be a formal review before payment is made.

If you have an idea for a proposal, please send a letter of inquiry to aac-grants@unicode.org.

Funded Projects

Examples of past grants:

Letter of Inquiry

A letter of inquiry must include a short description of the project, outlining the:

  • Problem to be addressed
  • Approach used
  • Expected outcome and concrete deliverables, if applicable
  • Timeline for the work, including milestones
  • Participants
  • Budget

Detailed Application Proposal

Include the following in your detailed proposal document:

  1. Name of applicant (with attached CV)
  2. Name of proposed project
  3. Description of project
Provide background on the problem to be solved, the concrete steps proposed to approach the problem, and the proposed outcome. Also, describe how the proposed outcome fits with the Adopt-A-Character program goals.
  1. Proposed detailed timeline with concrete milestones
  2. Budget
Break down the project budget into milestones with costs, and justify how the figure for the costs was arrived at. Grant payments will be made upon the completion of specific, planned milestones and a formal review.
  1. Collaborators and identification of any intellectual property (IP) concerns, if applicable
  2. References and letters of recommendation
Provide at least two letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with the applicant and can act as outside references. Include their email contact information.