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Updates and Errata

The following is a list of errata noted for The Unicode Standard, Version 15.0, its code charts, annexes, the Unicode Character Database, and the text and data files for other synchronized specifications. It is periodically updated to include corrections to typographic errors and new clarifications of the text. This list also includes errata noted for the text of The Unicode Standard, Version 15.0—Core Specification.

Current Errata Notices

Date  Summary 

Based on research, the existing glyphs for U+A798 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER F WITH STROKE and U+AB5A LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH SHORT RIGHT LEG have been identified as incorrect. The new representative glyph for U+A798 more closely matches the appearance of the character in texts. For U+AB5A, the original glyph was based on the italic style; the new glyph is non-italic. The old glyphs, which appeared in the charts for Unicode Version 7.0 through 15.0, are shown below on the left, and the corrected glyphs appear on the right. The glyphs will be corrected in Version 15.1 of the Unicode Standard.

old A798 on left corrected A798 on right
old AB5A on left corrected AB5A on right

In section 3.2, Conformance Requirements, on page 77 of Version 15.0 of the Unicode Standard, the second paragraph should refer to the Unicode Standard, Version 15.0.0, rather than Version 14.0.0. The corrected version should read as follows:

In addition to this core specification, the Unicode Standard, Version 15.0.0, includes a number of Unicode Standard Annexes (UAXes) and the Unicode Character Database. At the end of this section there is a list of those annexes that are considered an integral part of the Unicode Standard, Version 15.0.0, and therefore covered by these conformance requirements.

Also on page 83 in the same section, the first paragraph under “Unicode Standard Annexes” should refer to the Unicode Standard, Version 15.0.0, rather than Version 14.0.0. The corrected version should read as follows:

The following standard annexes are approved and considered part of Version 15.0 of the Unicode Standard. These annexes may contain either normative or informative material, or both. Any reference to Version 15.0 of the standard automatically includes Version 15.0 of these standard annexes.

There are also index entries on page 1015 and page 1030 that mistakenly refer to Version 14.0, rather than Version 15.0.


Due to a technical glitch, Figure 5-6, Inside-Out Rule, on page 222 of Version 15.0 of the Unicode Standard is incorrect. The correct version of this same figure is shown below and also can be found on page 222 of Version 14.0 of the Unicode Standard.

correct Figure 5-6

Reports of errors in published documents, such as the Unicode Standard itself or Unicode Technical Reports, may be filed using the Unicode Consortium's contact form. If confirmed, and depending on the nature of the reported error, an erratum may be posted on this page, to be fixed in subsequent editions of the Standard or related specifications.

Formal corrigenda notices for the Unicode Standard can be found at Corrigenda to the Unicode Standard. Corrigenda for the Unicode CLDR are posted at Unicode CLDR Corrigenda. Errata notices for Unicode CLDR and its related specification, UTS #35: Locale Data Markup Language (LDML) can be found in the various release notes accessed from the Unicode CLDR Downloads page. For information regarding current bug reports for Unicode CLDR, see Unicode CLDR Bug Tracking Available Reports.

Archived Errata Fixed in Prior Versions

Updates to Prior to Incorporated in
Unicode 14.0 2022-September-12 Unicode 15.0
Unicode 13.0 2021-September-13 Unicode 14.0
Unicode 12.0 2020-March-10 Unicode 13.0
Unicode 11.0 2019-March-05 Unicode 12.0
Unicode 10.0 2018-June-05 Unicode 11.0
Unicode 9.0 2017-June-20 Unicode 10.0
Unicode 8.0 2016-June-21 Unicode 9.0
Unicode 7.0 2015-June-17 Unicode 8.0
Unicode 6.3 2014-June-16 Unicode 7.0
Unicode 6.2 2013-September-26 Unicode 6.3
Unicode 6.1 2012-September-26 Unicode 6.2
Unicode 6.0 2012-January-31 Unicode 6.1
Unicode 5.2 2010-October-11 Unicode 6.0
Unicode 5.1 2009-October-1 Unicode 5.2
Unicode 5.0 2008-March-15 Unicode 5.1
Unicode 4.1 2006-July-14 Unicode 5.0
Unicode 4.0 2005-March-31 Unicode 4.1
Unicode 3.2 2003-April-17 Unicode 4.0
Unicode 3.1 2002-March-25 Unicode 3.2
Unicode 3.0 2001-March-23 Unicode 3.1