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Many of the FAQ questions and answers have been gathered from the Unicode E-mail Distribution Lists and similar sources. The answers may have been edited considerably from what was originally posted.

To credit the original author of the answer, his or her initials are noted in square brackets at the end of the answer, with a link to this page. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the work of Asmus Freytag for designing the style used in the FAQ section of the web site.

Titles and affiliations of some contributors are provided. Because titles and affiliations often change, there is no guarantee that those listed here still reflect the current status of any particular contributor. Contact us to provide updates or corrections to this list.

AF Asmus Freytag Technical Vice President Emeritus, Unicode Consortium
AJ Apurva Joshi Microsoft
AP Addison Philips Amazon
CW Cathy Wissink Microsoft
CWC Craig Cornelius Google
DB Daniel Biddle  
DA Debbie Anderson Technical Director, Unicode Consortium (UC Berkeley)
DE Doug Ewell  
EH Ed Hart Applied Physics Laboratory (retired)
EM Eric Muller Amazon
GR George Rhoten Apple
JA Joan Aliprand Secretary Emerita, Unicode Consortium
JC John Cowan  
JDA Julie D. Allen Sr. Editor & Project Manager, Unicode Consortium
JJ John Jenkins Apple
JS Jungshik Shin  
KP Karl Pentzlin AC&S Analysis Consulting & Software GmbH
LM Lisa Moore Vice President, Unicode Consortium
MC Marco Cimarosti  
MD Mark Davis President, Unicode Consortium (Google)
MS Markus Scherer Google
MK Mike Ksar Technical Director Emeritus, Unicode Consortium
SO Sandra O'Donnell  
PC Peter Constable Vice President, Unicode Consortium (Microsoft)
RC Richard Cook UC Berkeley
SRL Steven R. Loomis IBM
TO Tet Orita IBM

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