Re: Internet goes UTF-8

From: Markus G. Kuhn (
Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 14:48:58 EDT

"Martin J. Duerst" wrote on 1997-07-15 10:02 UTC:
> USENET is 8-bit clean, and this includes C1. Big-5 (traditional Chinese)
> runs nicely on Usenet and contains C1. For newsgroups that want to use
> Unicode, UTF-8 is certainly a better choice, because all the rest of
> the Internet is moving towards UTF-8 (see RFC 2130).

And today, 8-bit encodings work even for email very well.

The RFC 2130 <> that you mentioned
makes me quite optimistic that at least some people have understood where
the way is going:

              The Report of the IAB Character Set Workshop
                    held 29 February - 1 March, 1996

   This report recommends the use of ISO 10646 as the default Coded
   Character Set, and UTF-8 as the default Character Encoding Scheme in
   the creation of new protocols or new version of old protocols which
   transmit text. These defaults do not deprecate the use of other
   character sets when and where they are needed; they are simply
   intended to provide guidance and a specification for


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