Re: Thanks for the "FROM" change!

From: Pete Resnick (
Date: Tue Jul 15 1997 - 18:00:37 EDT

On 7/15/97 at 4:18 PM -0500, Tony Harminc wrote:

>I see that the unicode list is now correctly setting the From: and
>Reply-To: lines. Thank you! This makes life a lot easier.

Yes. Let me join Tony in thanking you profusely for this. The mail is now
perfectly readable in my mailbox.

(As you know, I'm inclined *not* to have the Reply-To point back to the
list: I am perfectly capable of hitting reply-all in my mail program to get
it to go back to the list, and it's much easier to reply directly to Tony
(when I want to) if you don't have the Reply-To. I understand the
motivation for the Reply-To, but I still feel it's unnecessary.)

I hope at some point you can fix the Date fields so that they contain the
original sender's date and time zone so that we can tell when the person
actually sent the message in their own local time.

Thanks for the progress.


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