Re: Generic Tagging: A Modest Proposal

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 11:32:31 EDT

At 12:42 PM 7/15/97 -0700, Markus G. Kuhn wrote:
>Kenneth Whistler wrote:
>> The currently
>> active proposal is called the "Plane 14" proposal,
>> and has been in active discussion between the UTC
>> and members of the IETF.
>I hope strongly that these language tags will not become directly part
>of ISO 10646-1, but will be described in a separate document, as this
>sounds clearly like a non charset issue to me.
>Many systems have already their own language tagging mechanism and do
>not need an additional one from Unicode. For instance, in HTML 4.0
><>, you can write things like

While HTML and other application conventions solve the language tagging
problem in particular domains, they do not do so in a way that satisfies
this requirement in plain text domains. The proposed mechanism does not
conflict with the HTML mechanism; indeed, the HTML mechanism would be
preferred in that context. Note that a similar issue arises with respect
to bidirectional overrides and embedding levels. 10646 encodes these
directly as their absence would preclude minimum legibility of many bidi
texts in the plain text context. However, when using a richer representation,
like HTML, these should generally be replaced with markup at the higher
level. Langauge information can be handled similarly.

Glenn Adams

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