RE: Unicode Operating Systems

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Jul 16 1997 - 15:08:18 EDT

> Do You know those OS conform which coding schemes (UTF-7, UTF-8 or
> UCS2)?
> William Mar

Windows NT, Windows CE, NeXT OS, Metaphor OS, and Java OS all
use UCS-2 (or technically UTF-16, to the extent they are fully
Unicode 2.0 compliant). OS/2 and AIX Unicode support are
UCS-2 based, though I don't know yet whether it could be claimed
that they are Unicode OS's in the same sense that Windows NT is.

Plan 9 (a Unix OS) uses UTF-8. Other Unix implementations also
tend to use UTF-8. You could say they are moving towards
"support" of UTF-8, though they are not exactly based on it.
Many Unix system vendors are also moving towards use of UCS-4
as a processing code.

Any clarifications from particular vendors are welcome!

UTF-7 is of very limited use, for data transfer in 7-bit
limited channels. It is not intended for, and is not likely
ever to be used for implementation of an OS.


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