Ordering The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0

From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Fri Jul 18 1997 - 17:21:07 EDT

Unicode Developer,

Wondering where you could get a copy of the new Unicode Standard,
Version 2.0 that's in such great demand? Isn't it time you got the most
recent copy of the Standard? You will find this much expanded
version indispensable and wonder how you ever got along without it. For
a fuller description of The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0, see

Well, you may get your copy of The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0 (ISBN
0-201-48345-9) quickly and easily by ordering directly from Unicode,
Inc. We have an abundant supply.

For all orders placed within the continental US, shipping is free. For
all international orders (Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, India, and
the Middle East) two methods are available when shipping; a courier
service or international surface mail.

The courier service, Airborne Express, promises 3-5 day delivery and we
can track all packages. Shipping and Handling costs are listed below:
                Europe US$16.75
                *Asia US$25.75
                Australia US$26.75
                Canada US$27.75
                India US$32.95
                Middle East US$35.95
(*Includes Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea.)
(Prices listed above are for single book shipments. For orders of 2 or
more, please contact me for the correct costs.)

For a reduced rate on shipping, request International Surface Delivery
instead. Shipping and Handling costs are only US$12.95 but delivery
time is 5-8 weeks and we cannot track your order.

We accept Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover (Novus), Diners Club, JCB,
international money orders, wired monies, or company purchase orders
(PO). If you wish to use a credit card, please provide the card number,
the expiration date, and the name on the card as it appears.

If you wish to wire the money, specify this in advance, when the order
is placed. If you wish to use a company PO, please provide the "Bill
To" address, "Ship To" address, PO #, and know that the terms are Net

The cost for Version 2.0 is US$59.00 (plus shipping and handling.)
[California residents add 8.25% state sales tax.]

You may fax your order in at +1-408-777-3784, or e-mail it to
"unicode-inc@unicode.org". If you have any questions, feel free to
contact us immediately.

Steven A. Greenfield
Office Manager
Unicode, Inc.
        Browse our site at:

"When the world wants to talk, it speaks Unicode!"

==================ORDER FORM==================

                    The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0
                             (ISBN 0-201-48345-9)

      Name: ___________________________________________

      Company: __________________________________________

      Address: ___________________________________________

      City: ________________________ Prov/State: ____________

      Postal/Zip Code: ________________ Country: ____________

      Phone: ______________________________

      Fax: _______________________________

      E-mail: _______________________________

      Number of copies: _______ Total Payment Enclosed: $ _______

      Price per copy: $59. California residents add 8.25% sales tax.

      Make checks/cheques payable to The Unicode Consortium.

      Unicode can accept credit card orders, AMEX, VISA/MC, JCB,
      Discover and Diners Club but advises caution in putting credit
      card numbers in e-mail. Company purchase orders are also

      Credit cards will be billed in US dollars.

      [ ] Check/Cheque [ ] Visa [ ] Mastercard
      [ ] American Express [ ] Discover [ ] Diners Club
      [ ] PO (#_________________________________)

      Credit Card Number Expiration Date

      Name of Cardholder Signature

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