Re: ?: double-byte font editor for Mac

From: Richard S. Cook (
Date: Sat Jul 19 1997 - 08:52:53 EDT

Hi all.
Re the results of my previous queries. It seems that there is a PowerPC
native double-byte TT font editor included in the Hong Kong/Taiwan
localized release of the Mac OS (7.6T). This application *will not* run on
68k machines.

I have as yet not been able to test it (on a PPC), nor do I know how it
will function with versions of the CLK other than v.1.3 (see below), and
so my next questions:

Can someone who *has* used it please give a description of what it can do?
Can it be used, by whatever workaround, to modify/create an entire font?
Does it allow the user to assign new chars. to empty codepoints, and if
so, how many (is there an upper limit to the number of Chinese chars.),
and how is wordprocessing input of such new chars. handled?

Can anyone recommend a US vendor selling the Hong Kong/Taiwan localized
release of the Mac OS (7.6T) CD Package?

>> "TrueType Font Editor" from:
>> Apple Asia Chinese Language Kits (AACLK) Version 1.3.
>> (A.k.a. Mac OS 7.6T CD Package. T=Traditional Chinese.
>> The Package can install both CLK only or the full Chinese System.)
>> This AACLK 1.3 was only available in Taiwan, HongKong.

Richard S. Cook, Jr.
Somerville, MA USA 02144

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