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From: Oliver Christ (oli@trados.com)
Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 07:36:00 EDT


I'm looking for mapping tables from the entity names defined in the
SGML ISO public entity sets to Unicode code points, i.e. something like
ISOlat1.{sgm,ent} with

  <!ENTITY Eacute CDATA "&#x00C9;" -- capital E, acute accent -->

etc. (or in a similar notation) for the "standard" entity sets

 ISOamsa ISOamsn ISObox ISOdia ISOgrk3 ISOlat2 ISOtech
 ISOamsb ISOamso ISOcyr1 ISOgrk1 ISOgrk4 ISOnum
 ISOamsc ISOamsr ISOcyr2 ISOgrk2 ISOlat1 ISOpub

I already looked at dkuug.dk, www.sil.org, ota.ox.ac.uk, info.ex.ac.uk, ftp.ifi.uio.no and
unicode.org - I found the *wsd files on the TEI archive, but I'd prefer a somewhat
simpler format, and there's mappings/obsolete/uni2sgml.txt on unicode.org, but
I'm not sure whether that's up-to-date...

Thanks for any hints!

Cheers, Oli

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