Re: Proper channel for submitting proposed modifications to Unicode?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Jul 24 1997 - 13:11:20 EDT

Christopher Hogan asked:

> Can someone please tell me what the proper method of submitting
> proposals to the Unicode committee is?

Ordinarily a proposal would be routed through a member of the
consortium, or more specifically, through the representative of
a member company who attends the Unicode Technical Committee
meetings. Usually, proposals which attain the sponsorship of
a full or associate member of the consortium carry more weight
in the committee deliberations, but individual expert
contributions are also entertained and discussed on occasion.

If you have an individual contribution to make, you can route
it through the Chair of the Unicode Technical Committee,
Joan Aliprand ( However, the agenda for the
August UTC meeting is now closed, so chances are it would have
to wait until a future meeting for consideration.

Proposals may also benefit from being posted on the open
list first, as that may elicit feedback which would improve
the proposal, or give some indication whether there would be
general consensus that the proposal is a good one, or general
opposition to the proposal.

--Ken Whistler
  Technical Director, Unicode, Inc.

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