bidi, white space and word separator

From: Daniel Glazman (
Date: Tue Jul 29 1997 - 07:15:20 EDT

Good morning,

I am writing this message on the suggestion of Martin Dürst from
Zürich University.

I hope this is not too stupid or obvious...
The HTML WG of W3C is currently preparing HTML version 4.0. It has a
section about what a white space is and clearly warns about its
interpretation in some asiatic languages.
White space being an important character for bidi and justification of
text, here is my concern : in the ISO set, is there a language where
the word separator is not the white space and is not reduced to null ?
Some ancient languages and writings used ":" to separate words or even
"|"... If the answer is uncertain or positive, what is the impact on
BIDI and general text rendering by a Unicode browser ?

Can you please send me a carbone copy of your answers if any, I'm not
in the Unicode mailing-list. Many thanks.

Best regards from a sunny Paris, France.


Electricité de France, R&D Division

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