From: Markus G. Kuhn (
Date: Fri Aug 01 1997 - 22:31:26 EDT

Gerard Cattin wrote on 1997-08-02 00:40 UTC:
> List Master: Can you stop this kind of email? This is the 10th today...

I just added a filter line to my procmail config file to discard those
messages right after I received the third of those. Then the problem was
gone (for me ;-). Just do the same!

In case you don't have procmail or something equivalent for non-Unix
machines, then I wonder how you can survive on Internet mailing lists
today. You really need filtering software that sorts messages into folders
and redirects junk from other people's sick systems to the junk folder
where it belongs. Procmail: the last line of defense.

The Filtering Mail FAQ:

Mail Filtering with Procmail:


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