Re: Plan 14 Proposal

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Wed Aug 06 1997 - 17:38:40 EDT

At 10:59 AM 8/6/97 -0700, Kent Karlsson wrote:
>I do hope the TUC will not accept the "plane 14" proposal due
>to its restrictive nature: it allows "ordinary" strings in/as tags
>but only allows 7-bit ASCII characters in those strings.

Thank you for your input. The UTC has already taken a decision to
accept the plane 14 proposal, with some additional modifications to
the form of generic tags.

The requirements this propopsal addresses are such that it is highly
desirable to restrict the characters which can appear in markup tags to the
ASCII subset; in particular, this set is adequate for programmatic
usage invisaged by this proposal. This is an intentional restriction
that is not believed to limit the utility of this mechanism.

You are free to advocate use of other markup systems which employ
the full range of Unicode characters within the markup itself, such
as SGML, XML, etc.

Glenn Adams

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