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From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Fri Aug 15 1997 - 12:25:07 EDT

Otto Stolz recently said:
> German ligaturing rules depend on a linguistic analysis,
> And, low!, my copy of the Cassel's German-English
> dictionary (ISBN 0 05 5229206) does all these examples right :-)

I meant "lo!", of course -- no intention to look down upon
that dictionary :-)

On Aug 14, 13:21, Timothy Partridge wrote:
> The book "Hart's Rules for Compositors and Readers at the University
> Press Oxford" [...] mentions that
> ffi and ffl ligatures should never be used in German.

This agrees with the rules given in the Duden "Rechtschreibung" --
though I cannot understand the reason for this particular rule.
As an example for the rule that suffixes starting with an "i"
be ligated to preceding "f" (and to long "s", if used), Duden
gives "affig" (affected, foppish) with a single "f", followed
by an "fi" ligature -- which indeed looks horrible, and contra-
dicts etymo-logic :-) , as it stems from "Affe" (ape) which
has an "ff" ligature.

Needless to say that Cassel's has all these examples complying
with the Duden rules.

Best wishes,
   Otto Stolz

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