Re: XML and ISO 10646 planes beyond the BMP

From: Christian Wittern (
Date: Sun Aug 17 1997 - 14:26:57 EDT

> Though SGML's 8-digit limit may be under review, I don't think we can wait
> for that process to run to completion, and so believe we must treat it as
> an absolute constraint. In that case, we have a choice of two numbers for
> the slot after the "160" below:

I'm not an SGML expert, but in the SGML-Handbook, on p346 numbers are
introduced as a special case of a name token. On p 347 it is stated
explicitly stated that the length of numbers thus is limited by the
NAMELEN, which defaults to 8, but can be overriden (and usually is)
in the SGML-declaration. So where is the problem?


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