Re: Ess-zed (was: Ligaturing)

From: Martin J. Dürst (
Date: Mon Aug 18 1997 - 06:47:29 EDT

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

> Since everyone implementing Unicode has to treat ß specially for
> casing and for collating, it may indeed make sense to add a
> compatibility decomposition to the next edition of the UnicodeData
> file, perhaps with a new tag type. This is, however, a change to
> a normative part of the standard, and would have to get buy-in
> from the Unicode Technical Committee.

Hello Ken,

Do you have any idea how the equivalence and compatibility
decompositions currently in the Unicode spec were arived at?
I started writing a normalization document for the context of
identifiers (URLs,...), and my take for this would be somewhat
between equivalence and compatibility. For this I would like to
know how the current distinction was arived at, and based on what,
and who did it. Any information appreciated. If you think you need
to ask a wider audience, please feel free to post on unicore, or
ask me to do it.

Regards, Martin.

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