Re: UTF-8, ISO C Am.1, and POSIX

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Date: Tue Aug 19 1997 - 09:49:00 EDT

From: Marion Gunn
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Subject: Re: UTF-8, ISO C Am.1, and POSIX
Date: Tuesday, August 19, 1997 5:21AM

>Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> >>
>> > I think you underestimate both the number of EBCDIC systems extant,
>> > and the number of cars driving on the left. Neither is by any
>> > stretch of the imagination a niche, and neither is going to go away
>> > in the forseeable future.
>> >
> >> Tony H.
>> Fortunately, mainframe gateway protocols confine the former to the
>> mainframes, and Chunnel gateway protocols confine the latter
> >to Britain.
> >--Ken
>Although I don't see the relevance of Ken's bringing up road traffic
>protocols in the context of computing standards, I have to to correct
>him on a point on which he is misinformed.
>The latter, Ken, is not confined to Britain. People also drive on the
>left in my country (Ireland). Are you not aware that lefthand drive
>countries have considerably lower roadkill statistics than the USA?
>Marion Gunn

That's because in the USA we have the "cowboy tradition," not because
we drive on the right (wrong?) side. EX:

What do you call a Texan driving on the Autobahn? ... A serial killer!

Clive Hohberger

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