Re: Unicode font for Mac?

From: Vincent DelGobbo (
Date: Wed Aug 20 1997 - 08:26:41 EDT

> David Goldsmith wrote:
> > >The Unicode can be drawn indirectly by converting it to a Mac script and
> > >then drawing *that*, and only Cyberdog does so.
> > >
> > >When UIS is released, the browsers will be able to take advantage of it.
> > >
> > >Just converting the Cyberbit font and installing it won't do any good in
> > >and of itself, because none of the current browsers know how to take
> > >advantage of it.
> >
> > Actually, I think Netscape 4.01 will display pages if the charset is
> > Unicode, but apparently it doesn't handle NCRs properly. I think MSIE 4.0
> > (for Mac) still doesn't handle Unicode; at least, the preview release
> > doesn't.
> No. Netscape did handle NCR properly. The problem is the availability of
> installed Font(of course, also script boundle), and some of the Unicode code
> point is not covered by ANY Macintosh script.
> >
> >
> > David Goldsmith
> > Architect
> > International, Text, and Graphics Group
> > Apple Computer, Inc.
> >
> Frank Tang
> Netscape Communications Corp.

On Windows 95 I had no problems displaying any NCR that I
tried using Netscape Communicator 4.01. The keys were:

  1. Install the Bitstream Cyberbit TT font.
  2. In Preferences, use the above font for encoding "Unicode"
  3. Set the encoding to UTF-8 (I used <META>)

I tried the same thing with the Mac version of Communicator
(after converting the TT font to a Mac font and following
the above steps) the NCRs were not recognized. Maybe this
is a Netscape issue, in which case it should be taken offline.
Perhaps Frank could respond to me personally.

I could not get Cyberdog to work at all. In fact, the only
encodings available from the pulldown were Western (MacOS) and
Western (ISO 8859-1).


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