RE: JIS-to-Unicode shell utility tester(s) wanted

From: Steve Cohen (
Date: Sun Aug 31 1997 - 21:15:10 EDT

Adrian writes:
> One more question: what other free Unicode conversion tools are out
> there? Not a lot of resources about that on the Unicode's homepage...

Funny you should mention this... I was hoping to get this out last week,
but I think we are now ready to announce a legacy codeset conversion
tool that we have been working on for a while. What follows is the
blurb I wrote.


Basis Technology has released a tool for Unicode to legacy character set
conversion. The tool is called Uniconv, and it is free for personal
development use. It is based on a Unicode conversion and development
library called UniLib which we are releasing for sale at the same time.
You can learn more about it and download it from

Here's a quick summary of what uniconv can do -

Conversion between Unicode 1.1 (Unicode 2.0 support available in
September) and these character sets:
  - ISO/IEC 8859-n (Latin-n)
  - JIS X 0201-1976 (Japan)
  - JIS X 0208-1983 (Japan)
  - JIS X 0208-1990 (Japan)
  - JIS X 0212-1990 (Japan)
  - Shift-JIS (Japan)
  - Japanese EUC (J-EUC)
  - Korean EUC (K-EUC)
  - Simplified Chinese EUC (SC-EUC)
  - KS C 5601-1987 (Korea)
  - KS C 5601-1992 (Korea)
  - Big Five (Taiwan)
  - CNS 11643-1986 (Taiwan)
  - GB 2312-80 (China)
or conversion directly between these character sets (eg. Shift-jis to

  - Character classification: alphabetic, numeric, uppercase, lowercase,
    punctuation, Hiragana, Katakana, Han, etc.

  - Character conversions: uppercaselowercase, halfwidth
    (zenkaku), HiraganaKatakana, etc. based on the character

  - String conversions: KanaRomaji (available in September)

Platforms currently supported are:
  - Windows 95 and Windows NT
  - Solaris 2.5
  - HP-UX 10.20

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