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Lazaros, Chris, et al,

I have a slightly more unusual recommendation. For country-specific units and
similar items, I often look in a/the World Almanac. It's an excellent repository for
this type of information.


Chris Pratley wrote:
> Hi Lazaros. If you need info like this in general, I recommend getting a
> book called Developing International Software, from MS Press, by Nadine
> Kano. There are other books that cover this as well, but this is the one
> I use.
> The Korean Currency symbol is called the "Won", and is a capital W with
> two horizontal lines through it. It is 20A9 in the Unicode book.
> Korean keyboards have latin keycaps as well as Jamos.
> The Won is typically where the backslash is on a US keyboard, farthest
> right on second row, just above the Enter key and below Back Space
> For Japanese:
> The international symbol is the yen symbol (a Y with two horizontal
> lines through it). It is 00A5 in Unicode. The local symbol is the kanji
> for "circle". Unicode 5186.
> Japanese keyboards have latin keycaps and kana.
> The Yen symbol is also in the backslash position.
> For "Chinese", you have to specify the country/region. Some are part of
> China, others just speak Chinese.
> PRC: I believe it is still the RenMinBi (RMB). Also called Yuan - I'm
> not sure what the character is for this.
> Hong Kong: HK$ (Hong Kong Dollars).
> Taiwan: NT$ (New Taiwan Dollars)
> Singapore: S$ (Singapore dollars)
> All four regions tend to use regular Intl English keyboards
> The currency symbols are written using regular latin symbols.
> Probably someone can provide better info that this.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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> Could anybody senf me info on the folowing questions?
> 1)Is there a well established and broadly used currency symbol
> for KOREAN? (KCS)
> 2)Is there a latin plane for normal korean keyboards ? If yes is
> the KCS present. In which position
> 3)In which precise position is the SCS located on Korean keyb
> layouts?
> 4) Could you send a bitmap of the symbol if available?
> Japanese
> Same questions 1-4
> Chinese
> Same questions 1-4
> I'll be grateful for your help
> European Commission
> IT - Department
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> X400 users: G=lazaros ;S=TOSSOUNIDIS ;O=DI ;P=CEC ;A=RTT ;C=BE

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