Re: Communicator Unicode

Date: Tue Sep 16 1997 - 05:36:24 EDT

John Gardiner Myers schrieb:

>The IANA character-sets registration process is being redone. I suspect
>but have not confirmed that the IANA is deferring new charset
>registrations until this new process is in place, and that the
>registration of the "utf-7" charset label is caught in this process.

Does the IANA currently discriminate between _character set_ and _content
transfer encoding_ in a way similar as MIME does? IN my feeling, there is
only one underlying charter set (Unicode/ISO 10646), but there are several
content transfer encodings:

32bit or UCS-4
16bit or UCS-2 (including UTF-16)

>While RFC 2152 is only of Informational status, my take of the consensus
>of IETF Applications area folks at the Munich meeting is that the
>"utf-7" label is better than any other for this charset. The
>formalities just haven't caught up yet.

It will be very helpful to have different tags for the character set itself
and the transformation format. Otherwise you end up in a product
(ISO-10646 version) * (transformation-format) of different character sets
to be registered -- clearly an uneconomical approach.

--J"Org Knappen

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