Arabic letters and Extended Arabic letters

From: Hazem M. Soliman (
Date: Wed Sep 17 1997 - 16:57:38 EDT

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 I don't know the criteria followed to order the letters in Unicode. For
example why are the extended Arabic letters not imbedded within the
Arabic letters. At least Urdu and Persian languages are still living
languages using these letters.
Another question is why is the shaping included (it's even far from the
isolated shape)? Shouldn't that be in the font page or something? I mean
if a (Arabic letter ALEF) is followed by an (Arabic letter BAA) I expect
one shape for the ALEF and one shape for the BAA. So it could be
deducted by the operating system or whatever responsible for rendering.
The same could be said about the digits; why wasn't this left for font
If these are trivial questions tell me where to find answers.
Thanks and Salam
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