Re: Seeking Hebrew character 'shuruq'

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Thu Sep 18 1997 - 03:42:09 EDT

I would like to add that the name we (in Israel) had adopted for 05BC is
"HEBREW POINT DAGESH OR MAPIQ OR SHURUQ". This is the English name in the
Israeli standards, such as SI 1489 (1992) and SI 1311-1 (1996).

I think the name in ISO 10646 and in Unicode should be corrected to avoid
further confusion.


At 04:32 17/09/97 -0700, Bob Rosenschein wrote:
>Chris White wrote:
>> From: (Chris White)
>> Date sent: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 22:01:36 -0700 (PDT)
>> Subject: Hebrew character shuruk
>> Either I have missed the Hebrew character shuruk in the UNICODE
>> Standard v2.0 or it is not there. Can anyone tell me why shuruk
>> is not there? The Hebrew specialists in The British Library suggest
>> it go at 05BA.
>> Chris White, British Library, IS Directorate
>Dear Chris--
>There was some discussion 8 years ago about how distinct the
>'shuruq' character was from a 'dagesh' character. After all,
>a shuruq is just another name for the point (dagesh), when it
>comes after the Hebrew 'vav'. In fact, the note for 05BC HEBREW
>POINT DAGESH OR MAPIQ even says =shuruq.
>The discussions back then included Israel's Academy for the Hebrew
>Language, Israel's Standards Committee (associated with ISO), and
>professors of the Hebrew language from the Hebrew University in
>Jerusalem. Our company, Accent, was an early implementor of the
>encoding, and later worked with Microsoft to use it in Hebrew
>Windows. So I think 'shuruq' should not be added as a new Hebrew
>code point; just use 'dagesh' instead.

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