Re: Seeking Hebrew character 'shuruq'

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Fri Sep 19 1997 - 00:01:34 EDT

At 11:22 AM 9/18/97 -0700, Willy Weisz wrote:

>Since Israel is the only country whose official language is Hebrew, I
>it is their standards institute who should define the designation and
>of Hebrew characters, and the names they give should be taken over by
>bodies. Nobody would expect that the English designations of latin
>should be defined in say China or an Arab country.

It has been a firm policy of JTC1/SC2/WG2 that countries and/or national
standards bodies do not "own" a script simply because that country is the
predominant user of the script. WG2 is an international committee represented
by many countries and user communities. Each voting P-member in ISO is given
equal weight in these matters. In the case of Hebrew script, many countries
have user communities that make use of the script. Your inference that some one
country other than Israel has defined the Hebrew script or the names of its
elements is not correct.

Glenn Adams

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