Re: Communicator Unicode

From: Martin J. Dürst (
Date: Fri Sep 19 1997 - 05:27:52 EDT

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, David Goldsmith wrote:

> John Gardiner Myers ( wrote:
> >On another note, I have requested that RFC 1641 be moved to Historic.
> >Hopefully, there will be a Last Call on this before too long.
> I'm glad someone else got around to this... it's definitely obsolete.
> I was planning to write a new RFC to replace 1641 and register the UTF-16
> character set, but I'm not going to bother until the IANA charset
> registration procedure gets unstuck.

No, please go ahead. First, it won't take as much time anymore for
this procedure to get unstuck as it already took, and we should have
everything prepared. Second, Harald Alvestrand has made some comments
indicating that for really clearcut cases, such as UTF-8/UTF-16/UTF-7,
the "stucking" may have to be bypassed.

Regards, Martin.

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