RE: New Name Registry Using Unicode

Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 12:07:49 EDT

Just to clarify, I have no connection with the XNS project (other than as a
user), but posted the info about it as of possible interest to listees as
an interesting effort to use the Unicode Standard in a limited operational
way over the internet.

The people doing this are and One needs to
visit their sites and read their "white papers" to get a full picture of
what the purpose is and how they are using the standards.

Only time will tell how widely their project becomes accepted by users, and
how well the concept of a namespace that allows the use of such a wide
range of characters will work in practice. As I understand it, the
system's current limitations relate largely to what is supported by Java
1.2 and XML 1.0, plus the state of development of their own XNS software.
One of the people involved said they would intend to move to Unicode 3 when
XML and Java support it.

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