RE: New Name Registry Using Unicode

Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 07:27:15 EDT

Carl W. Brown wrote:
> It would certainly seem that the optimal solution would be to
> carry the locale.

Not at all, and for a good reasons: I need that, whenever and wherever I
type in a certain string, I reach the same web site.


Imagine that I am a customer of , a (fictionary) Italian bank.

Imagine that I am used to connect to it through URL "" (which, in
Italy, is normalized to the actual address "").

Imagine that, once connected and entered a password, I can perform whatever
operations on my bank account.

Imagine that, while visiting Scandinavia, I want to connect to my bank for a
quick operation, and I use the hotel's computer.

Imagine that I type in my usual "", but in Scandinavia, unlike at
home in Italy, this string normalizes to "".

Now imagine that someone registers a domain "" and built on it a
perfect replica of, with the sole purpose of grabbing passwords
from Italian turists in Scandinavia, to make their bank accounts much

Note: if you think that this scenario is too fictionary, you clearly don't
know my fellow country(wo)men!

_ Marco

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