RE: New Name Registry Using Unicode

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 13:13:06 EDT


I was saying that the locale be part of the name so that I would sign on to:


Not only would it localize properly but the request would be routed to the
server handling it_IT names.

If you don't like that then how about if you like it in URLese.
All .it names would follow the Italian rules. This should avoid most of the
problems discussed so far.


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Carl W. Brown wrote:
> It would certainly seem that the optimal solution would be to
> carry the locale.

Not at all, and for a good reasons: I need that, whenever and wherever I
type in a certain string, I reach the same web site.


Imagine that I am a customer of , a (fictionary) Italian bank.

Imagine that I am used to connect to it through URL "" (which, in
Italy, is normalized to the actual address "").

Imagine that, once connected and entered a password, I can perform whatever
operations on my bank account.

Imagine that, while visiting Scandinavia, I want to connect to my bank for a
quick operation, and I use the hotel's computer.

Imagine that I type in my usual "", but in Scandinavia, unlike at
home in Italy, this string normalizes to "".

Now imagine that someone registers a domain "" and built on it a
perfect replica of, with the sole purpose of grabbing passwords
from Italian turists in Scandinavia, to make their bank accounts much

Note: if you think that this scenario is too fictionary, you clearly don't
know my fellow country(wo)men!

_ Marco

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