Re: discontent about Indic scripts and Unicode

From: Ram Viswanadha (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 21:16:48 EDT


"Carl W. Brown" wrote:

> Why was really missing was the pint that Unicode is designed to support
> multi-lingual text.

So is ISCII. Infact Unicode support for Indic scripts is based on ISCII.

> If we use a ISCII how can we support a page that
> contains different Indic scripts?

ISCII has escape sequences which announce the start of a new Indic script.
An ATR char followed by special codepoint forms the escape sequence.
It is possible to support a page that contains different Indic scripts.There are

problems with the standard like, it assumes a default starting language,
which makes sense if the input is from keyboard and language is obtained
from the environment, but notl if data is exchanged between computers.


Ram Viswanadha

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