Re: Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for chess notation

From: Rebecca T <>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 19:28:12 -0400

> while evidently there are users who need to send BROCCOLI to one another,
> nobody but nobody needs to send an 8 x 8 chessboard matrix in a tweet. Get
> it?

I simply must disagree; sending a textual chessboard sounds awesome! A
bot that plays chess with you and shows you a graphical representation of
board would be great!

Don’t interpret this as an advocation of making chess pieces emoji, however;
although that might be interesting, I’ll leave the actual decision making to
those more experienced in that particular domain — I’m simply saying that I
think there are lots of rad potential applications for putting chessboards
tweets. Oh! We could host tournaments on twitter and merge the discussion
the actual tournament! That would be super cool!
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