Re: Proposal to add standardized variation sequences for chess notation

From: Kent Karlsson via Unicode <>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2017 11:16:10 +0200

Den 2017-04-12 06:12, skrev "Garth Wallace" <>:

> Shogi diagrams are uncheckered (as Shogi boards are), with grid-lines to
> separate the spaces; traditionally, chess diagrams use the contrast of dark
> and light squares to distinguish spaces with no grid lines. They may, but do
> not have to, have dots at some intersections (these mark starting and
> promotion zones). Graphical diagrams may show images of pieces (pentagonal,
> with names written in kanji), but typeset diagrams use abbreviations of the
> piece names as CJK ideographs or kana: e.g. the gold general is 金, and the
> promoted pawn is と. Instead of "black" and "white", the pieces belonging to
> the sente player are displayed upright and those belonging to the gote player
> are rotated 180°. Any proposal for Shogi would have to deal with that.


Unicode has (only) these for Shogi pieces:

2616;WHITE SHOGI PIECE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;;
2617;BLACK SHOGI PIECE;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;;

Which seems insufficient...

/Kent K
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