Charts (rough cut)

Marcel Schneider via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Mon Aug 20 16:44:23 CDT 2018

On 20/08/18 20:49, Mark Davis ☕️ via CLDR-Users wrote:
> We are in the process of resolving the data, and I generated an early version of the charts, in case people are interested.

Thanks for the data. I’ve checked some sensitive parts.

> Of course, there are more cleanup/data fixes to be made, but this is a rough cut.

I see that the set of fr punctuation is not fixed. Do you project to give it an extension?

• The single angle quotation marks are still excluded, although they are heavily used in fr-CH AFAIK.
• I’m not advocating the current use of ASCII quotes, but the double one is present while the single one is missing.
• The horizontal bar is specified by Unicode and admitted by experts, as is HYPHEN, that is included though scarcely used AFAIK.

You may wish to refer to an older thread and to ticket #11332 and Xrefs there:


> For the data that changed from v33 to the present, see

> For example, here's the Swedish delta chart:

Thanks for sharing the data in an early production stage.


P.S. The group separator for fr-CA is still U+00A0 instead of preferred U+202F. I guess an inheritance bug. Needs fix.

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