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Emoji Articles and Resources

The Unicode Emoji document is the main resource for emoji. Although it has a technical focus, it also discusses the history of emoji, how diversity emoji work, design guidelines for emoji, and other topics of general interest. The Emoji Charts provide a visual layout for all emoji characters, including images from major current vendors and the original Japanese emoji, a timeline for when various emoji were added to Unicode and their sources, and so on. The Unicode Emoji FAQ answers some of the common questions about emoji, while the Unicode press page answers common questions about the Unicode Consortium and how it works.

This page offers a sampling of the many Media Articles about emoji and two sets of slides that explain about emoji.

This page has not been actively maintained since 2017. It is retained for historical interest. Some of the media article links listed below may go dead over time. We recommend general search tools to find current media articles discussing emoji.

Media Articles

Below are some samples of news articles related to emoji (up through February, 2017).

Date Source Title
2017-02-09 Techworm Scientists discover the world’s oldest emoji written 328 years ago
2017-01-21 The Los Angeles Times Emojis are everywhere — including in their own Hollywood movie
2017-01-12 Business Insider Why iPhones are much better for Emojis than Android
2016-12-24 Engadget In 2016, emoji kept it 💯
2016-12-19 The Verge How Emoji goes from pitch to product
2016-12-16 CNET If you are an Emoji, this could be your dreamjob
2016-12-14 CBS News Apple adds hundreds of new emojis
2016-12-11 The Telegraph Flags of England, Wales and Scotland given thumbs up by emoji chiefs
2016-12-09 Digiday The year in emojis, in 5 charts
2016-11-15 TechCrunch Apple brings back the peach butt emoji
2016-11-11 Wired Here are the new emoji to expect in 2017 – from T-rex to exploding heads, breastfeeding and beards
2016-11-10 DailyMail Unicode 10 Emojis hijab, zombies etc are set to become emojis
2016-11-09 University Herald GoDaddy Rolls Out Emoji Based Websites With ASCII Format, Emoji Domains 100% Compatible With All Browsers [VIDEO]
2016-11-06 Time What It's Like Inside the World's First Emoji Convention 😜
2016-10-26 The New York Times Look Who's Smiley Now: MoMA Acquires Original Emoji
2016-10-22 Medium Gender Legibility in Emoji
2016-09-30 The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland Finland emojis win big at Digital Communications Awards in Berlin
2016-09-14 NY Times Muslim Teenager Proposes Emoji of Woman Wearing a Head Scarf
2016-09-06 The Washington Post You can finally vote on new Emojis
2016-08-29 xkcd Unicode
2016-07-20 Quartz There’s now a formal proposal for a rainbow flag emoji
2016-07-17 Chicago Tribune World Emoji Day
2016-07-15 Fortune Google and Emoji Authorities Put Gender Equality on the Fast Track
2016-06-13 MacWorld Ios10 Brings Emoji Suggestions
2016-06-02 Apple Insider Face palm, pregnant woman among 72 new emojis released wit iOS 9
2016-06-01 Fox News OMG! The bible's newest translation is in emoji
2016-05-18 CNET Forget words, you can now google with Emojs
2016-04-19 Wired The Emoji is the birth of a new type of language
2016-03-30 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert The Colbert Emoji Is Good For Almost Every Occasion
2016-03-25 Time The Inside Story of Why the World Is Being Blessed With a 'Colbert Emoji'
2016-02-12 Mercury News Q&A: Mark Davis, president of the Unicode Consortium, on the rise of emojis
2016-02-03 Time Meet the 63-Year-Old in Charge of Approving New Emojis
2015-12-16 The Verge The group that makes emoji wants your help saving the world's smaller languages
2015-12-08 Rhizome Two days with the shadowy emoji overlords
2015-11-17 NBC News It’ll Make You Laugh! It’ll Make You Cry! It’s the Oxford Word of the Year!
2015-11-17 PC Mag Google Has Dropped the Ball on Emoji
2015-11-15 The Guardian Crying with laughter: how we learned how to speak emoji
2015-11-13 Huff Post Tech Why You Have So Many Junk Emojis You’ll Never Use
2015-11-12 edelman.com Emoji Power
2015-11-11 Wired The Emoji Diversity Problem Goes Way Beyond Race
2015-11-09 Tech Times Petition was started to have Unicode Consortium release a beard Emoji
2015-11-05 Mac World Apple’s emoji are the best, but finding them is the worst
2015-10-25 NPR Who Decides Which Emojis Get The Thumbs Up?
2015-10-24 Mashable The complete guide to every single new emoji in iOS 9.1
2015-10-23 The Verge Emoji, emoji everywhere, and not a way to search them
2015-10-22 TechCrunch Tech Companies Reveal Mystery Eye Emoji Is Part Of Anti-Bullying Campaign
2015-10-20 GQ The Guy Who Helps Decide What Emoji to Approve Just Hinted at What’s Next
2015-10-20 The New York Times How Emojis Find Their Way to Phones
2015-10-13 Business 2 Community The Emoji Infographic: Stats to Back Up Your Obsession
2015-10-13 Daily Mail Wrestlers, a gorilla and salad among the new emoji coming to phones next year - but the hunting rifle is stirring controversy
2015-10-05 Adweek Infographic: Emojis Are Becoming a Preferred Communication Tool Across Demographics
2015-10-04 BBC News Finland: Ministry launches 'tongue-in-cheek' emojis
2015-10-01 The Week The upside of emoji
2015-09-27 The New York Times Brands Woo Millennials With a Wink, an Emoji or Whatever It Takes
2015-09-18 Medium Unicode: A story of corruption, connection, and smiling poo
2015-09-18 Newsweek Europe OPINION Are Emojis Becoming the New Universal ‘Language’?
2015-09-15 The Verge Facebook can now vote on emoji standards
2015-09-14 Daily Mail The cheese emoji is on its way! Developers get a sneak peek at the new symbols coming to iOS 9.1 including a taco, robot and a unicorn
2015-09-12 Gizmodo How the Middle Finger Emoji Finally Got the Thumbs Up
2015-09-11 iol scitech Emoji in need of affirmative action
2015-09-10 emojipedia iOS 9.1 includes new emojis
2015-09-10 Huffington Post Here Are Some Of The New Emojis Coming Soon To Your iPhone
2015-09-02 Inquisitor Jimmy Kimmel Emoji-fies Miley Cyrus’ Feud With Nicki Minaj
2015-08-22 Techie News As we await new emojis, Unicode publishes core specification for Version 8.0
2015-08-14 Daily Mail Translators from 11 regions misunderstand ‘universal’ symbols
2015-08-12 Business Insider Why world-renowned Harvard linguist Steven Pinker loves emoji and you should too
2015-08-06 Mirror Online Striking photographs of real-life emojis show digital images in new light
2015-08-03 Business Wire Arika Okrent, Noted Linguist and Author, to Present Keynote at 39th Internationalization and Unicode Conference
2015-07-27 The Guardian I’m sitting next to a weirdo on the bus
2015-07-23 You tube Jimmy Kimmel and Brie Larson Dramatically Read the Emoji Movie Script
2015-07-21 The Economist What emoji are
2015-07-17 The New York Times Letting Our Emojis Get in the Way
2015-07-17 seventeen 38 New emoji are coming and they’re everything you hoped for: Happy #WorldEmojiDay!
2015-07-17 Yahoo Tech 8 reasons you should take emoji seriously
2015-07-17 youtube The History of Emoji
2015-07-16 Wales online Why using emojis is a good thing and can help you build successful relationships
2015-07-14 PR Week From McDonald’s to Ikea, 7 of the best emoji marketing campaigns
2015-07-06 Bustle What Do All The Monster Emoji Mean? All Your Questions Answered About The Best Emoji You Aren’t Using
2015-07-06 The Guardian Emojis have gone mainstream and its time for brands to get involved
2015-07-01 winbeta.org Bing might be adding emoji to its homepage
2015-06-30 Buzz Feed News The World’s Biggest Keyboard App Is About To Help Decide The Future Of Emoji
2015-06-29 NY Daily News Nine emojis that should have been created already
2015-06-25 Bustle Where’s The Rainbow Pride Flag Emoji? Why The Iconic Gay Rights Symbol Should Be On Our Phones
2015-06-24 Wired Emoji—Trendy Slang or a Whole New Language?
2015-06-23 Softpedia Unicode 8.0 Coming to Fedora 23 Linux This Fall
2015-06-23 TNW News The psychology of emojis
2015-06-23 VB News Bill Nye explains climate change in our favorite language: emoji
2015-06-23 SB Nation Mike Francesa does a remarkably good job explaining emoji to a radio caller
2015-06-21 SB Nation Roger Federer is actively campaigning for a popcorn emoji
2015-06-20 Daily Mail Why the world loves emojis: The rise of the cutest form of communication
2015-06-17 Mashable Hold onto your burrito: 37 new emoji are coming to your phone this year
2015-06-17 TechCrunch Line Takes Aims At The U.S. Market With An Emoji Keyboard App For iOS
2015-06-15 Gizmodo Emoji Passwords Are Coming: Harder To Hack And Easier To Remember
2015-06-14 Wired Where to Find That Missing Emoji You Needed
2015-06-12 The Washington Post Sleepy face, sad face or shocked face: The emoji identity crisis.
2015-06-04 The Telegraph Can anyone understand emoji?
2015-06-03 Entrepreneur.com The 100 Most Popular Emoji Hashtags on Instagram (Infographic)
2015-06-02 stern Das steckt hinter den mysteriösen Emojis
2015-05-30 Internet Watch 黄色い絵文字の意図は「ありえない肌の色」 Unicodeコンソーシアム会長、マーク・デイビス博士に聞く
2015-05-30 stern Das bedeuten diese Emojis wirklich
2015-05-25 El País La nariz de Pinocho y el ‘selfie’ quieren ser emoticonos
2015-05-22 the conversation No, the rise of the emoji doesn’t spell the end of language
2015-05-19 WSJ How I Learned to Love Writing With Emojis
2015-05-15 Bustle How To Use Emoji In Google Drive, Because Somewhat Surprisingly, It’s Actually Possible
2015-05-14 TNW News The next emoji update will clarify their meanings: Are you using them right?
2015-05-12 Mashable Finally, adorable emoji for endangered animals can help save them
2015-05-12 The Washington Post Getting all emoji about language
2015-05-08 Instagram Emojineering Part 2: Implementing Hashtag Emoji
2015-05-07 Huffington Post Jimmy Kimmel Finds A Way To Reveal The New Middle Finger Emoji
2015-05-06 The New Yorker How Emoji Got to the White House
2015-05-04 Fusion Emoji just solved our STEM problem
2015-05-04 Quartz Microsoft is the only tech company daring enough to support the middle finger emoji
2015-05-04 TNW News Emoji, the new language of the internet, is improving the way we communicate online
2015-05-04 CNET Thumbs-up: Bill Nye explains ‘Star Wars’ holograms using emoji
2015-05-04 nachrichten.de Bei Windows 10: Microsoft erlaubt das Mittelfinger-Emoji und überholt Apple
2015-05-04 NPR As Emoji Spread Beyond Texts, Many Remain [Confounded Face] [Interrobang]
2015-05-04 WinBeta Windows 10 emojis will include more skin tones, middle fingers and a Vulcan greeting
2015-05-01 Instagram Engineering Blog Emojineering Part 1: Machine Learning for Emoji Trends
2015-05-01 UPROXX Jimmy Kimmel Points Out The Absurdity Of Instagram’s Eggplant Emoji Hashtag Ban
2015-04-30 Search Engine Land Expedia Adds Emoji To Its Title Tags To Increase Click Through Rates In Google
2015-04-28 NY Magazine Obama Thanks Japan for Its Most Important Export: Emoji
2015-04-28 Quartz Emoji hashtags are helping same-sex marriage organizers rally support
2015-04-28 CNET 15 cool emojis coming to a phone near you
2015-04-27 D4News branded emojis ‘emoticons’ are the future of messaging marketing?
2015-04-27 TechCrunch Instagram Gets Emoji Hashtags And 3 New Filters, Future Filters To Arrive Faster
2015-04-26 Huffington Post 15 Crucial Emojis That Are Still Missing
2015-04-23 NBC News Emoji Use Around the World
2015-04-22 Huffington Post These Are Each Country’s Favorite Emojis
2015-04-20 Inside Intercom Emoji and stickers are just the beginning
2015-04-13 La Nacîon Los 5 emojis que lideran la carrera para llegar a tu celular
2015-04-13 Neue Züricher Zeitung Vom Siegeszug der Emoticons: Sie lachen, sie küssen, und sie weinen
2015-04-10 CNET Unlock the secret Spock emoji in iOS 8.3
2015-04-09 Asahi iPhoneの人型絵文字、肌は5色 人種多様性に配慮
2015-04-04 Westdeutscher Rundfunk Emojis als Sprache der Zukunft?
2015-04-03 New York Times Should Grown Men Use Emoji?
2015-03-27 stern Diese Emojis benutzen Sie ganz sicher falsch
2015-03-13 El Pais ¿De verdad puede haber un emoji de paella?
2015-03-12 El Diario Un torrelaveguense tras la iniciativa de ‘Paella emoji’
2015-03-09 VentureBeat The emoji is the future of texting on the Apple Watch
2015-03-07 The New York Times America Needs Its Own Emojis
2015-03-05 Tuairisc ‘Ná déan dearmad orainne’, a deir lucht na gruaige rua le Apple
2015-02-26 Mashable How the new Apple emoji got their skin tones: It’s not what you think
2015-02-25 mediatelecom Apple respalda la diversidad racial y sexual con nuevos emojis multiculturales
2015-02-24 Le Monde Apple ethnicise ses émoticônes
2015-02-24 Huffington Post Gay Families Are Coming To The Emoji Keyboard
2015-02-24 Der Spiegel Smileys für alle
2015-02-24 stern Apple entwickelt politisch korrekte Emojis
2015-02-24 The Washington Post Are Apple’s new ‘yellow face’ emoji racist?
2015-02-23 The Washington Post The surprisingly complex reason you never see emoji URLs
2015-02-21 Der Spiegel Invasion der Emojis
2015-02-21 Mashable Coke is using emoji web addresses in its latest ad campaign
2015-02-19 Bustle 2015 Oscar Predictions In Emojis, Because Nothing Describes Your Feelings About This Awards Show Better
2015-02-19 MediaPost Brands Need To Get Emoji-nal
2015-02-19 Tech Times Coca-Cola Creates Emoji Web Addresses And Gives The Internet A Burst Of Cheer
2015-02-06 CNET Emojis could cost you hundreds on your bill if you have an older phone
2015-02-04 The Atlantic What Do Emojis Mean?
2015-01-28 The New York Times At Silk Road Trial, Lawyers Fight to Include Evidence They Call Vital: Emoji
2015-01-26 news.zol 美国少年不当使用emoji表情遭警方逮捕
2015-01-26 Business Insider An Artist Created These Stunningly Accurate Celebrity Portraits Using Nothing But Emojis
2015-01-15 Internet Watch これからの絵文字の実装指針、UTR #51“Unicode Emoji”とはなにか
2015-01-05 The Los Angeles Times Taco Bell really, really wants a taco emoji
2014-12-30 The Telegraph How 2014 became the year of the emoji (tiny aubergine anyone?)
2014-12-30 Yahoo! Finance (Entrepreneur) For the First Time, an Emoji Has Been Named the Most Popular Word of the Year
2014-12-13 Mashable Bill Nye explains evolution using emoji
2014-11-24 Cosmopolitan Where Do Your Favorite Emoji Come From?
2014-11-23 unwire.hk Unicode 機構選出 37 個候選 Emoji 明年中用得到
2014-11-19 DroidApp.nl 37 nieuwe emoticons die we in 2015 kunnen verwachten
2014-11-18 Mashable The 37 new emoji candidates that we could see next year (including tacos)
2014-11-18 Huffington Post Why We Never Got Those 250 New Emoji We Were Promised
2014-11-18 Die Welt Emoji – Die Entwicklung des Emotionen-Alphabets
2014-11-16 New York Magazine Smile, You’re Speaking EMOJI: The rapid evolution of a wordless tongue
2014-11-06 NPR Coding Diversity Into Keyboards One Emoji At A Time
2014-11-06 Politiken Mobiler får multi-etniske smileyer efter protester
2014-11-05 Bloomberg Businessweek Non-White Emoji Are Finally Coming
2014-11-03 Unicode Blog New Unicode Emoji draft, available for review
2014-10-21 Business Insider Scientists Describe Their Work In Emoji And The Results Are Hilarious
2014-10-17 Business Insider The Entire US Economy Depicted In Emoji
2014-09-08 Spiegel Emoji-Siegeszug: Die Weltsprache unserer Zeit
2014-09-04 Huffington Post You Can Now Use Emojis To Search On Yelp, And It’s Not As Pointless As It Sounds
2014-09-03 Unicode Blog IUC 38 Keynote Presenter Announced [絵文字:🏰, 🎁, and 🚀]
2014-09-03 Mashable Why It’s So Hard to Design New Emoji
2014-08-25 USA Today Emoji: Passing fad or new universal language?
2014-07-25 New York Times The Emoji Have Won the Battle of Words
2014-07-17 Time Here Are Rules of Using Emoji You Didn’t Know You Were Following
2014-07-01 Mashable 14 People Really Mad There’s No Canadian Flag Emoji
2014-06-30 Entertainment Weekly Where Do Emoji Come From?
2014-06-27 Huffington Post How Emoji Get Lost In Translation
2014-06-27 New Republic A Peek Inside the Non-Profit Consortium That Makes Emoji Possible
2014-06-26 jb51 IOS系统手机中Emoji表情文字的前世今生和正确使用方法图文详解
2014-06-25 The Wall Street Journal There’s No Hot Dog Emoji, but New Characters Do Include a Hot Pepper
2014-06-19 Mashable Who Controls Emoji Anyway?
2014-06-17 CBC News 250 new emojis include middle finger, Vulcan salute, no racial diversity
2014-06-17 CommitStrip Unicode 7 et ses nouveaux emoji
2014-06-16 Unicode Blog Announcing The Unicode Standard, Version 7.0
2014-06-16 Yahoo More Than 250 New Emoji, Including a Middle Finger, Are Coming Soon
2014-04-24 CNET Japan 携帯各社、キャリアメールとSMSの絵文字数を共通化--5月から698文字に
2014-04-11 stern Witziges und Nützliches zu “Game of Thrones”
2014-04-02 Wired Game of Thrones Fans, Here’s Your Season Three Recap – In Emoji
2014-04-01 Huffington Post Google Chrome Prank Translates Every Single Word Into Emoji
2014-03-31 The Colbert Report Emoji Ethnicity
2013-08-18 The New York Times Disruptions: Texting Your Feelings, Symbol by Symbol
2013-05-08 Computerphile Characters, Symbols and the Unicode Miracle - Computerphile
2013-03-04 The Verge How emoji conquered the world
2012-09-26 Unicode Blog Announcing The Unicode Standard, Version 6.2
2012-01-31 Unicode Blog Announcing the Unicode Standard, Version 6.1
2010-10-12 Unicode Blog Unicode Version 6.0: Support for Popular Symbols in Asia
2010-03-08 Slate The Big Red Word vs. the Little Green Man
2008-11-21 CNET Japan 絵文字も登場--画像で見るiPhone OS 2.2アップデート
2008-10-24 Google Gmail で絵文字が使えるようになりました
2008-01-28 Google モバイル Gmail が携帯絵文字に対応しました
2003-10-08 JOEL ON SOFTWARE The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)

Unicode Emoji

The following slides provide a brief introduction to Unicode, and an in-depth discussion of how emoji are constructed, and the process for encoding emoji.


“絵文字:🏰, 🎁, and 🚀 (Emoji: Past, Present, and Future)” was the keynote at the 38th Internationalization & Unicode Conference. The videos of the keynote were created live using Hangouts On Air, and split into 3 pieces for uploading.  The slides for the keynote are also accessible—use the gear icon to get the speaker notes.


People have also written online tools for seeing usage of emoji, such as Emoji Tracker and Emoji Stats.  See also the SwiftKey Emoji Report and Instagram’s Emojineering Part 1: Machine Learning for Emoji Trends.

Also see emoji on Youtube, including emoji puzzles.

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