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Feedback on Confusables or Identifier Restriction Data

UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms

You can use one of the following two forms to suggest data additions or modifications for identifier characters in the next version of UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms. For the latest version, see UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms. A proposed update may be available for review.

Data Formats

On the reporting forms Restrictions and Confusables, you can specify characters either with hex codes or literal characters. Where you specify a string of multiple characters, please separate them by spaces. For example:

Example Comment
3003 U+3003 DITTO MARK
a c The string "ac"
0061 0063 The same string, with hex codes.

For Restrictions, you can also specify a set of characters. That should use one of the following formats:

Example Comment
a..c All of the characters between a and c, in Unicode order.
0061..0063 The same range, using with hex codes.
[:blk=Greek:] An entire block, or other UnicodeSet.

Bulk Data

If you have a large amount of data that you would like to submit, please request instructions using the Unicode Contact Form.