Title: Accessing the ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 CD-ROM

Source: Michael Everson
Status: Expert contribution
Date: 2000-11-08
Action: For information

ITTF published ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000 (E) on a CD-ROM which contains 19 PDF files and one text file. Unfortunately, the filenames given on the CD-ROM bear little relation to the content of those files. The following table provides information which can assist in making use of the CD-ROM. It gives both the actual CD-ROM filename and a suggested name which can be used for files which are downloaded to disk.

Macintosh users will find the filenames in a seriously mangled state, shown as the second line of the "CD-ROM filename" column below. Apple has not included support for the Joliet file system in the Mac OS because Joliet has not been accepted as part of the ISO 9660 standard. Joliet is supported in Windows 95 and later to allow filenames with more than 8 characters + a 3-character extension. When Joliet file system CD-ROMs are used with the Mac OS, only the DOS-version of the filenames is available which, consequently, renders the filenames illegible. It is curious that the CD-ROM published by ITTF uses a non-ISO-9660 file system for distribution of its files.

A solution for the Mac user is to use Thomas Tempelmann's free software "Joliet File System for Mac OS" available from I am using it myself.

Content of fileCD-ROM filenameSuggested filenameSize of fileNo. of pages
i-vi: Table of Contents, Foreward, Introduction
001-019: Text clauses 1-26
019b-211: Clause 26, Non-Han charts U+0000-U+A4CF
C029819e i-211.pdf
000-211-cl-1-26-U000-UA4C.pdf2.1 MB217
212-252: Hangul Syllables U+AC00-U+C82FC029819e 212-252.pdf
212-252-cl-26-UAC0-UC82.pdf4.5 MB41
253-304: Hangul Syllables U+C830-U+D7AF Compatibility Characters U+F900-U+FFFFC029819e 253-304.pdf
253-304-cl-26-UC83-UD7A-UF90-UFFF.pdf4.2 MB52
305-376: CJK Extension A U+3400-U+417FC029819e 305-376.pdf
305-376-cl-27-U340-U417.pdf3.1 MB72
377-436: CJK Extension A U+4180-U+4CBFC029819e 377-436.pdf
377-436-cl-27-U418-U4CB.pdf3.4 MB60
437-486: CJK Extension A & CJK U+4CC0-U+563FC029819e 437-486.pdf
437-486-cl-27-U4CC-U563.pdf3.9 MB50
487-516: CJK U+5640-U+5BDFC029819e 487-516.pdf
487-516-cl-27-U564-U5BD.pdf3.2 MB30
517-546: CJK U+5BE0-U+617FC029819e 517-546.pdf
517-546-cl-27-U5BE-U617.pdf3.1 MB30
547-556: CJK U+6180-U+635FC029819e 547-556.pdf
547-556-cl-27-U618-U635.pdf3.8 MB10
557-596: CJK U+6360-U+6ADFC029819e 557-596.pdf
557-596-cl-27-U636-U6AD.pdf3.9 MB40
597-646: CJK U+6AE0-U+743FC029819e 597-646.pdf
597-646-cl-27-U6AE-U743.pdf4.6 MB50
647-686: CJK U+7440-U+7BBFC029819e 647-686.pdf
647-686-cl-27-U744-U7BB.pdf5.6 MB40
687-716: CJK U+7BC0-U+815FC029819e 687-716.pdf
687-716-cl-27-U7BC-U815.pdf3.6 MB30
717-746: CJK U+8160-U+86FFC029819e 717-746.pdf
717-746-cl-27-U816-U86F.pdf3.4 MB30
747-776: CJK U+8700-U+8C9FC029819e 747-776.pdf
747-776-cl-27-U870-U8C9.pdf5.1 MB30
777-806: CJK U+8CA0-U+923FC029819e 777-806.pdf
777-806-cl-27-U8CA-U923.pdf3.3 MB30
807-846: CJK U+9240-U+99BFC029819e 807-846.pdf
807-846-cl-27-U924-U99B.pdf3.9 MB40
847-878: CJK U+99C0-U+9FBFC029819e 847-878.pdf
847-878-cl-27-U99C-U9FB.pdf3.7 MB32
879-992: Annex A-SC029819e 879-last.pdf

Contents of ISO/IEC ISO/IEC 10646-1 : 2000 (E)
1 Scope 1
2 Conformance 1
3 Normative references 2
4 Definitions 2
5 General structure of the UCS 4
6 Basic structure and nomenclature 4
7 General requirements for the UCS 8
8 The Basic Multilingual plane 8
9 Other planes 8
10 Private use groups, planes, and zones 8
11 Revision and updating of the UCS 9
12 Subsets 9
13 Coded representation forms of the UCS 9
14 Implementation levels 9
15 Use of control functions with the UCS 10
16 Declaration of identification of features 10
17 Structure of the code tables and lists 11
18 Block names 12
19 Characters in bi-directional context 12
20 Special characters 12
21 Presentation forms of characters 13
22 Compatibility characters 13
23 Order of characters 13
24 Combining characters 13
25 Special features of individual scripts 14
26 Code tables and lists of character names 15
27 CJK unified ideographs 304
A Collections of graphic characters for subsets 879
B List of combining characters 885
C Transformation format for 16 planes of Group 00 (UTF-16) 890
D UCS Transformation Format 8 (UTF-8) 893
E Mirrored characters in Arabic bi-directional context 897
F Alternate format characters 899
G Alphabetically sorted list of character names 904
H The use of "signatures" to identify UCS 951
J Recommendation for combined receiving/originating devices with internal storage 952
K Notations of octet value representations 953
L Character naming guidelines 954
M Sources of characters 956
N External references to character repertoires 959
P Additional information on characters 961
Q Code mapping table for Hangul syllables 964
R Names of Hangul syllables 974
S Procedure for the unification and arrangement of CJK ideographs 985

Michael Everson,, Dublin, 2000-11-08