Kamal Mansour - Monotype Typography Inc.

An early multilingual education in Cairo, Egypt, served to stimulate Kamal's curiosity about languages, alphabets, etymology, and typography. Kamal holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science from the University of California, as well as a Diploma in Product Design from Milan, Italy. In his studies, he has also delved into linguistics and a variety of languages. Before joining Monotype Typography in 1996 as Manager of Non-Latin Products, Kamal had worked in various areas of software for over 15 years, including fonts and keyboard software for lesser served languages. At Monotype, his responsibilities includes growing the library of non-Latin scripts, investigating potential products, in-house consulting, as well as assisting customers with font specifications. Kamal is especially fond of projects which bring together linguistics, computer technology, and design. When asked what her father does for a living, Kamal's daughter readily answers that 'he looks at alphabets a whole lot'. When not playing with his two young children, he can often be caught looking up word etymologies in dictionaries.

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